Chicsistar Shoes Reviews – Is It A Legit Online Store That You Can Trust Or Another Scam With Customers?

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Chicsistar Shoes Reviews – If you need men’s or women’s shoes and are considering buying them online, you may be curious about the quality, style, and general customer satisfaction of Chicsistar shoes. Are they in good shape? Do they have a lot of different styles to fit different tastes? What do customers say about shopping at Chicsistar, and how long-lasting are the shoes? In this review, we’ll learn more about Chicsistar shoes by looking at customer feedback, their variety of shoes, and the total value for money. Let’s find out if Chicsistar shoes are a step in the right way for your shoe needs.

Chicsistar Shoes Reviews

About Chicsistar Shoes is a business whose goal is to give people things they didn’t even know they wanted. Their team works long hours and even sleeps to ensure they have a wide range of valuable products. Chicsistar fills the gap left by standard suppliers who may need help with sales and management. Their goal is to make shopping more valuable and clear by using data to make intelligent choices that are good for their customers. Chicsistar tries to bring you new and valuable products that make your life easy by updating their stock all the time. They aim to make these things available to as many people as possible so that as many people can use them.

Chicsistar wants to provide excellent service, so they recently opened a warehouse in the United Kingdom to ship directly from there. This move not only helps the local economy by creating jobs but also helps their customers in the United States get their orders faster. Chicsistar is proud to offer excellent goods at reasonable prices so customers worldwide can enjoy their products. Chicsistar wants to improve its customers’ shopping experiences and give them great value by focusing on efficient operations and growing its reach. You can email Chicsistar at to get in touch with them.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

The shipping and delivery strategy of Chicsistar makes sure that your items are sent quickly from their warehouse to where you want them to go. There is free tracked shipping to the United States, Europe, Oceania, South-East Asia, and all other countries. The expected delivery time is between 10 and 30 business days. It’s important to know that shipping usually happens faster than the time frame given.

After an order is made, it goes through a process of verification, tailoring, quality check, and packaging that usually takes 2 to 6 days. Only then does the manufacturer send the order to be shipped. After a short time, Chicsistar sends tracking numbers to your email so you can keep track of your order. If things aren’t received within 14 weeks, which is rare, customers can get a full refund or a new shipment right away. Customers should call Chicsistar’s team for help if they want a refund or a reshipment.

Refund & Exchange Policy

At Chicsistar, they know that buying things for your kids ahead of time can sometimes lead to growth spurts you didn’t expect. Because of this, you have 30 days from the day you get your order to send it back. For a refund or swap, the item must still be in its original packaging and have all its tags attached. It’s important to know that the 30-day free return and exchange policy for domestic orders does not cover final sale things. You can exchange things that are on sale or qualify for free shipping. Chicsistar lets you exchange things for free within the US if they are broken, don’t fit, or are the wrong size. You can email them at if you want to start a trade.

Chicsistar Shoes Reviews

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Features of Chicsistar Shoes

  • Extensive Selection: Chicsistar has an extensive selection of shoes for women, including heels, canvas shoes, boots, slippers, dress shoes, and sandals. Their wide variety of shoes means that women can find the right pair for any event or style.
  • Trendy and Fashionable: Chicsistar keeps up with the latest trends in women’s footwear by providing fashionable choices. Chicsistar’s women’s shoes are meant to keep you in step with fashion, whether you’re looking for trendy high heels to finish off a glamorous outfit or chic canvas shoes for a casual and laid-back look.
  • Comfort and Support: Chicsistar puts comfort and support at the top of their list when making shoes for women. With features like cushioned insoles, arch support, and straps that can be tightened or loosened, they try to ensure that their shoes fit well and are comfortable enough for women to wear for extended amounts of time without feeling pain.
  • High-Quality Materials: Chicsistar is dedicated to making shoes for women that are of high quality. The heels, canvas shoes, boots, and slippers they make are all made of high-quality materials. This care in choosing materials helps ensure that the product will last and that the customer will be happy with it.
  • Versatile Designs: The Chicsistar collection of women’s shoes has a variety of designs that can be worn in different ways for different situations and tastes. Chicsistar has a variety of styles for women to choose from, so they can show off their unique style through their shoes. This includes beautiful heels for a formal event, casual canvas shoes for everyday wear, and stylish boots for a weekend trip.
Chicsistar Shoes Reviews

Is Chicsistar Shoes A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

From what we know, several things make us worry about how trustworthy is. On the main website, you can find their email address (, but the phone number is hidden, and you need help finding out who owns the website.

This lack of openness makes me wonder how they run their business. Moz also says that the website’s domain trust could be a lot higher at 5, and the website’s scam score of 15 could be better for an e-commerce site. These numbers show that doing business on might come with some risks. Also, Scam Advisor gives this website an average trust score, which is another sign that you should be careful when working with it. keeps a Facebook page with 3.5k fans and an Instagram account with 1637 followers that is always up to date. But, strangely, these social media accounts need to be listed on the main website.

A closer look at shows that the name was registered on 2022-05-17 and will end on 2024-05-17. WHOIS registration, which hides the owner’s name, is done through a paid service. These details make it hard to believe that is genuine and trustworthy when combined with the other red flags. Before making any deals on this website, it’s best to be careful and research because there are signs that might need to be a safe place to do business.

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Chicsistar Shoes Reviews

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Chicsistar Shoes Reviews By Customers

When looking at Chicsistar Shoes Reviews, it’s essential to look at comments from multiple places. Many reviews on the main website only say good things about Chicsistar Shoes. But an internal system might have done these reviews since they all have 5-star ratings and good customer comments. This makes me wonder how genuine and fair these reviews are. On the other hand, external review sites like Scam Advisor offer a different perspective. Two of the Chicsistar Shoes reviews that are available on Scam Advisor are negative and express complaints and dissatisfaction. This opinion difference between the main website and other review sites makes me wonder if Chicsistar Shoes Reviews can be trusted.

Also, there are three Chicsistar Shoes Reviews on Scam Doc. Unfortunately, all three reviews are negative about Chicsistar. The growing doubts about Chicsistar Shoes are exacerbated by these unfavorable customer reviews, which are joined by low ratings of 1 star. Considering what many review sites have said, it’s essential to be careful when thinking about buying from Different platforms’ different Chicsistar Shoes Reviews show little agreement, so it’s best to approach this website with caution and do your research before making any transactions.


  • Verified SSL certificate.
  • This website is rated safe by DNSFilter.
  • Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Trust score 66 out of 100.


  • Fake reviews on the official website.
  • There aren’t many people visiting this website.
  • Moz DA 5 & Spam score 15%.
  • The owner of the website is utilizing a paid service to hide his identity on WHOIS.

Final Decision

Based on a thorough study of, a few things make me worry about the site’s trustworthiness and legitimacy. Even though the company says it has new, valuable goods and wants to be honest, there are a few red flags. The fact that the website owner’s information needs to be listed and the phone number is hidden raises questions about how they run their business. Also, external sites like Scam Advisor say that has a low domain authority, bad scam scores, and an average trust score. This means that doing business on could be risky. All of the Chicsistar Shoes Reviews on their official website are good, but they need more objectivity and variety, making it hard to believe they are real.

On the other hand, negative reviews from review sites outside of Chicsistar Shoes hurt their reputation even more. Considering these differences and worries, it’s best to be careful and not buy anything on When dealing with online retailers, it’s essential to put transparency, reliable customer feedback, and thorough study at the top of your list.

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