Dziowa Clothing Reviews – Is It An Affordable Clothing Store For Women Or Scam?

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Dziowa Clothing Reviews – Are you looking for the best discount offers on new year’s sales for buying formal and event dresses? As you know, there are only a few days left to begin a new year, and every brand has something special for customers at the new year’s event. For selling merchants, they compete with each other to offer more heavily discounted prices to advertise themselves and grab a sufficient number of clients.

We are well informed that you must attend many events and parties in the new year. To glow and beautify, a person, especially a lady, needs fancy and versatile clothing that attracts other people’s attention. To grab the opportunity to get affordable, beautiful, and fancy dresses, we are sharing our thoughts about Dziowa clothing reviews, a famous brand serving customers with all types of dresses.

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Dziowa Clothing Reviews

About Dziowa

Dziowa is an online clothing store that Fadel-Beatty Limited manages. Its registration is in Ireland. Dziowa provides clothes all over the world. They sell women’s outerwear as well as innerwear.

Their shipment is worldwide, and their maximum delivery time is 45 days, including 1-3 processing days. Dziowa charges a shipping fee for some orders. If you receive a damaged, faulty or incomplete parcel, you may contact the dziowa support team via email(, they will review your application and respond to you accordingly.  We will further explore Dziowa’s clothing quality below.

Dziowa Products

Dziowa has the following main categories:

  • Casual Suits
  • Bra
  • PajamasSKI-suits
  • Cuffs & Bracelets
  • Leather Bags

Is Dziowa a Legit Clothing Store or Another Scam?

Before online shopping, there was the custom of physical shopping. Going to the market, choosing the right shop, and then finding the right stuff you want to buy in your favorite color was a challenging task. But the bright point was that there was no risk of scamming; if it existed, it was unremarkable.

As people started shopping online, scammers found another opportunity to get rich. So, digital frauds make people afraid of online scamming, but we suggest you do online shopping just keeping in mind some crucial things that will save you from digital scamming:

  • Domain Age: If a website has been registered for more than one year, then we may have a chance to trust it. But by checking Dziowa’s domain age, it is only three months and a few days old. It was registered on September 20, 2022. It could have more experience. Additionally, the domain age will expire on September 20, 2023.
  • Trustscore: After putting the domain of, the trust score checking websites show very low trust scores for this website. The trust score is high, and then it might be trustworthy for customers; as we told you earlier, due to the currently registered domain, customers and visitors have yet to believe less.
  • Contact List: Contact numbers are essential to check on any website, especially for online sellers. In overviewing the Dziowa, they have yet to share any contact number or address. Contact absence is absolutely a red mark on the credibility of the down.
  • Social Presence: If a contact number is unavailable, people search for other options, like social media forums, email, etc., to reach out to the business support team. And also, social media presence has a good effect on the authenticity of an online clothing shop. Unfortunately, Dziowa has yet to create any social media profiles.

Features of Dziowa Clothing has various kinds of dresses, and they have the following features that they have claimed on the official website:

  • Top-notch quality: Dziowa clothes are made up of good material. The dress color will not fade. Even after washing the dress, its quality doesn’t feel any difference in brightness.
  • Eco-friendly stuff: Dziowa clothes are made up of supernatural things. These are made of cotton, polyester, and many other natural ingredients that don’t damage the environment in any way, even after the clothes are useless.
  • Durable: it is not easy to buy clothes again and again. It would help if you had some durable garments. Dziowa claims to provide durable products that are fancy and stay with you for a long time.
  • Affordable: for people who cannot afford the high prices of clothes and want some affordable, latest, trendy beautiful dress, the Dziowa clothe is for you. You may buy dresses as per your affordability.

Dziowa Clothing Reviews by Customers

Dziowa is an online brand that offers various dressing items for women’s favorites. We have only one method to verify an online shop’s quality and shipment policy: either they provide good stuff or scam and loot the clients via different discount offers.

Good customer reviews represent that digital shopping has considered all the essential points that a customer wants. Bad customer reviews show the lousy image of the digital shop for new customers.

So, we can only rely on the Dziowa clothing reviews that a customer may have left for the next person. By the way, Dziowa has some positive clothing reviews. As a newbie, their thoughts could be better. But these few have rated highly on

Discount Offers

  • The customer will get 10% off on a website subscription on the first order.
  • Free shipping for orders priced more than 39$.
  • For more than five items, 5% will be off.
  • You will get 10% extra off ordering more than eight items.
  • For more than 12 items, you will get an extra 15% off.
  • For ordering more than 15 items, you will get 20% off.
  • For 20-plus items, Dziowa will reduce your cost to 30%.

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Final Recommendations

Dziowa is a versatile dress-selling merchant with affordable prices. They have a lot of clothing. They don’t have any contact information or social presence. The Dziowa domain has been registered recently.

Few Dziowa clothing reviews are favorable to Dziowa. But many negative points show this and verify it as a non-trustable online website. To avoid and save yourself from being scammed, do more research on Dziowa clothing reviews and search for its credibility via different tools.

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  1. Nuria Brady

    I made several orders to Dziowa, since December 22 and nothing has arrived, look for the tracking number and they tell me that they left it in the mailbox, how are they going to leave it there if it is so many clothes, I am doubting its accuracy. read I have sent many emails but no one answers them

  2. Carolyn

    I made an order in December. I have not received anything but a bunch of emails telling me my order was delivered. Well no it hasn’t. I have even contacted the postal service.
    Oh, they got their money but I have nothing.
    They tell me to check my mailbox, outside and ask my neighbors, my neighbors, or my family. No package, nothing but the run around. Now they say it’s getting reshipped, new email today. We can give you back 60%. WTH!!! Give me back all my money or stop scamming me and give me my order.
    Not a happy person right now

  3. Kim

    Nothing but a bunch of scammers and liars….do not order anything from these losers.

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