Kisjau Shop Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Furniture Items Or Another Online Scam?

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Kisjau Shop Reviews – Do you want to buy something that attracts visitors to your home? is a fashion store for home decoration and comfortable items. They have beautifully categorized the website. Their products come in different varieties, which is why they are lovable. Buyers from online shops must always ensure the legality, nature, and customer reviews about the products before making a purchase due to various reasons.

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Kisjau Shop Reviews

About Kisjau Shop is a luxury item seller. They sell products like sofa sets, recliner chairs, outdoor swings, etc. We have specially designed these items and made them from pure fabric. The primary specialty of these appliances is that they are comfortable and good-looking.

Kisjau ships orders to various countries. Their shipment time varies from country to country. Kisjau costs $6.99 as a shipping fee. For expedited delivery, their time reduces with increasing shipping charges. receives refund or return requests within 30 days after receipt of the order.

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Kisjau Shop Products has not categorized the items. But their main items are listed below:

  • Outdoor swings
  • Seaters
  • Furniture
  • Other home accessories
Kisjau Shop Reviews

Is A Legit Website Or Another Scam?

Analysis of a website, especially the retail stores, requires adequate time for judgment. Scammers may use the same tactics but in different styles. One website might be legit, but certain factors are unintentionally being used. Then the question arises: how do we determine the website’s nature precisely?

First of all, whether the website URL is secure or not Warnings containing URLs are likely to be risky. But is safe this term as their domain is secure. Then, usually in the online field, low-domain-age websites often do scams. Although it is not a final decision for judgment, it does matter in some aspects. The website was registered in April 2023. which means they are very newly registered.

It is better for commercial sites to share their ownership and contact details with the customers. If customers mention it, they trust it more than if they do not mention it. But unfortunately, has not shared the owner’s name, address, and phone number. All legit and large websites always prefer that they link the social media profiles on the website so that customer traffic increases. It goes on many times in a healthy being. Kisjau created a Facebook profile. It has 107 followers, but for the new profile, it is adequate. On Facebook, there are two reviews that rate the website only one star.

The big difference between a scam website and a legit website is the definition of the policy statements. Scammers always copy the policy description from other websites. But if you see the legit website, there will be a unique description. It also demonstrates how professional a legit website’s behavior is. Policy statements include Privacy, terms and conditions, shipping and refund policies, etc.

Some authentic extensions check the website’s trust ranking and other external reviews. Scam Advisor is a reliable tool for analyzing the trust score index and reviews. According to its reports, they have an 81 trust index, which is likely to be a legit website trust score. But we found no Kisjau shop reviews on ScamAdvisor or TrustPilot. According to the scam detector, they have only a 39.9 trust score index, which is also considered a lousy trust ranking index.

Kisjau Shop Reviews

Kisjau Shop Reviews By Customers

When we visit a website, we constantly search for customer feedback. Legit websites always try to convince visitors through different tactics. If there are good reviews and ratings on the official website, it will boost customer interest very much. Kisaju. shop, we are unhappy with the outcomes as we didn’t see a single Kisjau shop review, neither positive nor negative.

According to a scam detector report, has a lower trust score with bad ratings and feedback. On Scam Advisor and TrustPilot, there is complete silence over the Kisjau Shop reviews. It is okay to have some negative reviews, but when we know nothing about what customers have experienced, it will harm the website’s credibility. Many other reviewers have shared their opinion about the Kisjau shop, which is against the seller.

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  • High website trust score
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Secure Https
  • Professional website design.


  • Low trust ranking on Scam Detector
  • Ownership details are not revealed.
  • Social media profiles have less interaction.
  • Poor policy statements, as there is another name, are mentioned.
  • A phone number should be mentioned.
  • Anonymous and hugely unnecessary discounts are offered.


What types of products does Kisjau sell?

They sell products like home appliances, recliner chairs, swings, etc.

Can I track my order?

Yes, after the order is processed and shipment begins. Kisjau will email you the tracking ID for your order. You can track the order every time.

What happens if my order is incorrect or damaged?

If you receive the incorrect or wrong items, then it will be better for you to get a return or refund for the items. You may inform the support team and ask them for return details. Remember that you will only get a refund if you request the return within 30 days.

How many days does Kisjau take for shipment?

It depends on the location from which you are placing the order. Mostly, they take 1 to 3 days for processing and 8 to 15 days for shipping.

Does Kisjau offer free shipping?

Yes, they offer free shipping. If you purchase the items for more than $49.99, then you’ll get free delivery; otherwise, you will have to pay $6.99.

Our Recommendations is a luxury home comfort item seller. They have a diverse variety of products. These items are available at huge discounts. It is a newly launched website.

The website trust score on Scam Advisor is very high, but there are no Kisjau shop reviews. The complete absence of reviews on the official website. The website does not share ownership details. People have not shown any interest in following them on Facebook. We recommend that there are no excellent signs, as negative points are directing the website scammers. So, please stay away from them for a while and then rejudge this website’s legal nature.

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