Lumishave Reviews – Is It The Best Hair Removal Device For Your Skin Or Waste Of Money?

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Lumishave Reviews – Do you want silky, hair-free skin? Are you tired of using razors and painful hair removal through wax? Do you know that nowadays, various types of painless hair removal devices have been launched to assist women and men? These electrical devices remove hair from the roots of the hair so that it takes longer to grow and has thin growth after every use.

Lumishave is a newly introduced way to remove unwanted hair from various body parts. You can easily use this tiny device on all body parts, like bikini areas. After every use of Lumishave, hair growth will be slower and slower. We have written the product details and its pros & cons in Lumishave reviews and have a keen inspection of all aspects.

Lumishave Reviews

About Lumishave

Lumishave is a fast hair removal device designed to make the skin silky and beautiful. This device uses oscillation technology to eradicate hair. It works faster compared to all other hair removal methods. After regular use, your body hair will grow thinner and slower. You don’t need any second person to use this device. It only takes a few seconds to remove with self-assistance. Further details about Lumishave have been explained below:

What are the shape details of the Lumishave?

Lumishave device is a fantastic device having a length of 5.5 inches. It has an illuminating bulb on its acrylic head that lights up. There is a black plastic handle that the user has to screw off to get off the battery. It has a button which is used for switching modes.

How may a user use Lumishave properly (Lumishave Reviews)?

To use properly, has added a pamphlet with complete instructions for guidance. According to them, it is a simple device with easy and cool use. You only have to switch on the device using the power button. Then, apply this on the desired body part to remove hair completely. Use the acrylic head toward the body parts.

How does Lumishave work (Lumishave Reviews)? is a hair removal device that uses micro oscillation technology to do its task. Oscillation means it uses a periodic cycle for hair removal. It has two blades that cut the hair from the root. Light on the device’s head discharges rays that soften the hair from the root. Using the swing methodology, Lumishave grabs the hair and, after a little effort, erases it painlessly.

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What Are The Characteristics Of The Lumishave Device?

Lumishave has over 45,000 happy clients all over the world. They are loved mainly because of the following specifications installed in their integration.

  • Elimination of Hair from the Roots: They only cut hair from the upper level with ordinary razors or waxes. That’s why they grow faster. But Lumishave tries to eliminate the hair from the roots so that your skin is silkier and growth is slower for the next time.
  • Silky and Smooth Skin: With the regular use of Lumishave, you will see different types of soft and smooth skin. When excessive hair is removed, the skin’s beauty and smoothness increase. As mentioned above, this device eradicates the hair from roots, so the skin’s smoothness and sickness last longer.
  • Gentle and Safe: after reading Lumishave reviews on various platforms, we were convinced of the safety and gentleness of Lumishave. It is entirely safe to use. It cleans the skin gently so you don’t feel pain during hair removal. It is a pain-free hair removal method via Lumishave.
  • One Cost/no Refills: The waxes or razors are not reusable materials. Once you’ve used them, they will expire. But the unique benefit of Lumishave is that you can use it for years, and there are no repair or maintenance costs all the time. Once you’ve purchased this, use it multiple times without bearing any cost.
Lumishave Reviews

Discount Offers

Its sale offer is at its peak. Its original price was $99.95, which has been cut to $29.95 at the present moment.

Is Lumishave a Legit Website or Another Online Scam? is a recently launched website. Its domain age is only one week. It means they still must wait longer to be recognized as legitimate domain age. Lumishave has yet to mention the owner’s name, but the address is mentioned, which is in South Iselin. It is a high-risk country in terms of suspicious websites.

The registrar of the website’s domain is also not secure. They have multiple complaints over the issuing of domains to scammers. Lumishave needs to pay more attention to creating social media profiles. They have yet to create even a single social site. The website’s trust score is only 13, which means its ratings are very low, and the website is suspicious.

When we observe the reviews on the official website, they have only positive Lumishave reviews. Still, no external reviews are found on platforms like TrustedReviews, TrustPilot, social media, etc. This device has a rating of 4.8 stars on

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Lumishave Reviews By Customers

According to, they have over 45,000 customers. Very few reviews are found on the official website. But desperately, no Lumishave reviews are posted on any external platforms. For any legit webpage, there must be an external review system. We were unable to get any reviews on Scam Advisor, TrustPilot, social media handles, or Trusted reviews. On, only three customer reviews are present. Among them, one is not in favor of the


  • Gentle and safe hair removal.
  • Eliminate hair from the roots.
  • No pain or other burning issues.
  • One-time expenditure and lifetime are usable.
  • 45,000 happy clients.


  • Young domain.
  • Low trust score of the website.
  • Negative reviews exist.
  • Social media handles are missing.
  • No owner name details are mentioned.

Final Recommendations (Lumishave Reviews)

Lumishave is a fantastic gadget for hair removal. It uses micro oscillating technology, which is harmless. This device works smoothly, removes hair painlessly, and gives you silky and smooth skin.

The website owner’s details are not shared, and no social media account exists. The website’s trust score is very low, and the domain is very young. The Lumishave reviews are not available from external sources. It needs to get reviews on Scam Advisor, TrustPilot, social media handles, and other related platforms. We recommend that they are unsafe for shopping for the reasons mentioned above.

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    This company is a rip off. I ordered this shaver. It took them a month to deliver, one of 2 that were ordered. They tell me that I can not get a refund. I am still waiting on second device. I am tired of trying to communicate with this company lumishave. I will never and advise others to never purchase from them>

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