Altuy Clothing Review – Is It a Legit Store For Women’s Clothing or Another Online Scam?

Altuy Clothing Review – With the rise of e-commerce, shopping for clothes has become more accessible and convenient. However, with so many online clothing websites and options, it can take time to find the right website and clothes.

Are you in search of a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs? Look no further than the Altuy clothing website, which has taken the fashion world by storm. Altuy is a brand where you can access a range of trends and styles.

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Altuy Clothing Review

About Altuy

Altuy is a clothing brand that has been generating a lot of buzz lately, and for a good reason. The website features a wide range of fashionable clothing items for both men and women at affordable prices.

Altuy Clothing Products

Is Altuy Clothing a Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Although digitalization is growing daily, people also want comfort and to buy something unique. Also, online shopping gives you versatility in products. But creating an online website and then scam with other is a cup of tea for anyone. Verily, there are multiple ways to check out the integrity of a website. Concerning, we have gathered the following important information to determine the Altuy nature:

  • Contact Information: has hidden the owner’s identity from the buyers. They have shared the number and Address. But we have seen this Address on many other websites. They have used this copied Address.
  • Social Account Link: Altuy has Instagram and Facebook accounts. But the Instagram link doesn’t direct the customers to any right page. But the Facebook account has almost 31K followers. Although the followers are in thousand numbers, the posts have no buyer feedback. That is not a good thing.
  • Trustpilot Report: According to the trustpilot,’s overall rating is 3.7. 44% of customers give five stars, 20% give four stars, 4% give three stars, 7% give two stars, and 25% offer only 1 star. Having versatility in ratings is a good thing for any online shop.
  • Scam Advisor: The Scam Advisor gives only one trust score out of 100. People are unhappy with the website, and google doesn’t trust it.

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Altuy Clothing Review by Customer

When shopping online, the buyers give their feedback on different portals. Altuy clothing review can be seen on the official website and Facebook. On the official website, we have gathered a lot of thoughts. The overall ratings are superb. In Altuy reviews, buyers have appreciated the website content and products. They are happy with the quick services and shipping policies.

If we see the Facebook account, despite thousands of followers, it is still shocking to see fewer responses. Few have reacted to the posts, which is also in an angry mood.

We observed the reviews and found that the different tools and extensions could be better with They give the lowest score.


  • The positive response is prominent.
  • Social Icons are present.
  • Contact number and Address are available.


  • Fake Address and number.
  • Unnoticeable customer engagement on Facebook.
  • The trust score is low.
  • The owner’s identity is hidden.
  • Plagiarised Content.

Final Verdict

Altuy is a fashion-introducing and manipulating website. It has a lot of dress variety. They sell formal dresses, maxi, midi, mini, sweaters & cardigans, two pieces, and other summer/winter clothes at different prices. They have their manufacturers and designers in their company.

Altuy has hidden the owner’s identity and shared the fake Address and number on the Contact us page. They have Facebook and Instagram account that needs more engagement. The website trust score could be better. The overall ratings are high, and positive Altuy clothing review are dominant.

We recommend that it is not a legit website. So, wait to place an order on this website.

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