Rasney Clothing Reviews – Best Place To Buy Women’s Clothes Or Another Online Scam?

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Rasney Clothing Reviews – If a woman is not fond of shopping, then who would be? Do you want to wear the latest classy outfits? Is your wardrobe decorated with trending clothes or not? If not, but you want it to be filled. Once upon a time, when women used to go to the market and purchase fashionable stuff. They used to buy their favorite clothes after a great effort.

Meanwhile, time changed and the channel of shopping was also modified. Online e-commerce stores are developed and orders are received. People search for their favorite dress and then scroll through various websites to find out the desired outfit and its size. Because there is no physical contact with these online stores, the question of trust and authenticity arises.

 One of the famous clothing sites is rasney.com. Their tops, bottoms, and jackets, two pieces displayed on their website, are attracting customers due to their unique look. But the question of whether it’s a scam or legit is still pending. Thus, Rasney clothing reviews will help you determine whether it’s a scam or not.

Rasney Clothing Reviews

What is Rasney?

Rasney is a USA-based clothing company that makes ready-to-wear dresses, tops, bottoms, two-pieces, shirts, vacation dresses, etc. Their quality of goods is unmatchable. They have a production team with years of experience. They sell their products internationally and offer free shipping on orders above $79 in value.

Is Rasney a Legit or Scam?

At the beginning of eCommerce stores, all was fine. Later, people used this as an opportunity to run scams and steal personal information or money. Therefore, now people find all the required information that verifies that website or store. In the rasney.com case, our Rasney clothing reviews will help you to find out if it is real or not.

Using these checks, we have used them to check trustworthiness:

  • Contact Information: The owner’s contact information for a website or e-store must be shared. so that customers have a way to contact him if a bad thing happens. Fortunately, it is shared by Rasney. All legit websites or e-commerce stores share their personal information.
  • Contact No: +447482875871
  • Physical Address: XBP International Ltd, 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8DL.
  • Social Media Presence: However, Instagram and Facebook accounts are shared. But after research on these accounts, we only see a few reasonable customer reviews to check who they are or what their product quality is.
  • Customer Reviews: After scrolling through all the products, we got customer reviews that were positive about this website. According to them, the quality and service of Rasney are fantastic.
  • HTTP: Its HTTP seems to be valid.
  • Email: service@rasney.com

Rasney Clothing Customer Reviews

After thorough research on the Rasney official website and social accounts, we sum up that Rasney provides valuable products and services that are fast enough to satisfy the customer.

Their rating is about 4.2, which means there is no need to say anything about quality assurance. Rasney clothing reviews by customers show that they love the articles they ordered and what they received.


We observed the following important features:

Rasney Clothing Outstanding Quality

We can’t compromise on the quality of the outerwear. So, whatever you buy from Rasney, you will not regret it. Tops, bottoms, vacation dresses, two-pieces, or something else, everything is produced from a long-lasting and soft material.

Responsive to Customers

Rainey’s support team responds to the queries immediately. Also, their delivery is fast. If you want any information about the shipment or exchange return, just email them.

Rasney Clothing 30-Day Exchange or Return Policy

Mostly, the brands offer 7 to 10 days. Rasney provides its customers with outstanding products and also a long period for exchange or return. It is a great favor to the customer.

Guidance on how to measure

Rasney has shared all the details about the measurements of the body parts. It is important because you can order the outfit according to your size correctly.

Rasney Clothing Shipment or Return Policy

The clothing store has access to shipment access in various countries. The delivery time depends on the method a customer chooses. Its shipment details are as:

  • There is no shipping fee for deliveries over $79.
  • If you select the postal method, the shipment will take 35 business days.
  • Through express shipping, you will receive the package in 35 business days.

When you receive the parcel, you have time to check whether it is the same product or not that you ordered. You can apply for an exchange or return but follow the reasonable steps and cause.

If there’s any quality issue, you will receive an exchange or return. Surely, you have to fulfill the conditions. Contact the Rasney team with the faulty item you want to exchange. They will verify you and give you an exchange track order.

If you are eligible, then they will be bound to give you another product.

Discount Offers

Upon entering the email, you will get 10% off on your first order.

You may also use coupons to enjoy the discounts.

For a 5% discount, use the “save5” coupon.

For a 10% discount, use “save10”.

Pros and Cons of Rasney Clothing


  • Latest fashion products
  • 30-day exchange period
  • Fantastic Quality


  • Shipping to limited countries


Does Rasney offer a catalog?

No, it has no catalog. You can only pick products for an order that are displayed. See all the information about a product before placing an order. Furthermore, you can contact me through email.

Where can I find a size chart for any dress?

When you click on a product, you’ll find a “size guide” option. For custom size availability, contact them directly to see if it is available or not.

If a dress of my choice is not available, how can I order it?

We have our own designers, so contact us via email and tell us details about the stuff you want. We will message you when your order gets ready.

Final Words (Rasney Clothing Reviews)

We have shared the Rasney Clothing Reviews to facilitate you in deciding whether the stuff you want to buy is suitable for you or not, and whether your payment/personal information is safe or not. Although Rasney is a globally-serving e-commerce store, they provide a variety of products. We recommend you research more on the website before placing your order to avoid scams.

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  1. Melodee Ellis

    I have a return to make from a top I bought from Rasney. Please let me know how this can be done. I hope this company is not a Scam.

    1. Geri

      It is a scam. Sorry.

  2. Jeff Bryant

    Still waiting on my order????

  3. Geri

    I just ordered from them only to discover that this company is a SCAM! They say they are located in South Carolina, yet my bank card shows the purchase was in the United Kingdom. When I inquired about my order, I was immediately blocked on messenger and Facebook. Now I am out over $200! I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

  4. Sheila

    This company is a lie, don’t believe their website when they tell you it’s made in the USA they are not. Plus it takes forever to get your order and the quality is just so-so. On Nov. 19th I ordered 5 shirts and it took a month before they even said they were shipping them, and from there it took another month to receive the order. Every time I asked them about it, they would say to just be patient. They give you a bogus shipping number that just says the order has not been shipped yet. When asked why it took so long if it was coming from South Carolina, they told me they have 2 warehouses in the USA and have to ship from them, mine was coming from NY JFK’s airport, it was shipped from somewhere out of the country. I asked because on their website they said that all clothes are made in South Carolina, not true. I got my order and the clothes are not good quality, and one was too large for me, even though it says it’s medium, it is really big. I’m trying to return just 2 shirts, and have asked how I go about returning them, but I get no answer.

  5. Sandra


  6. Sharon

    I purchased three dresses. Non of them fit or did I like. I asked for a return only to be told that they don’t do returns unless they are damaged. Offered me $21.00 refund. Now I’m STUCK with these dresses.
    Anther SCAM online. I hate online shopping because of places like this one!! Oh my order took forever to get delivered so they are NOT in the U.S.


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