Floatley Bra Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Bra Store Or Another Online Scam?

Do you want the t-shirt wireless cozy bras for your full-figured chest? Do you ever try ultra-soft innerwear products that are comfortable and supportive? If you’re still searching for innerwear outfits, your thirst will be fetched after reading these Floatley bra reviews thoroughly. Floatley.com is one of the best-selling agents of innerwear products that are awarded for their premium quality. They sell products like underwear, panties, bras, and other items. They use nylon and spandex to manufacture these products. We have described this in detail in Floatley.com in the following article. Please read it thoroughly to understand it better and save yourself from scammers.

Floatley Bra Reviews

About Floatley.com

Floatley.com is a unique type of bra-selling and making website for women’s attire. Floatley has t-shirt-type bras that are soft, supportive, and comfortable. They have mentioned in detail their policies. They say they charge a $10 delivery fee if the order is less than $60. For orders over $60, you’ll enjoy free shipping. If you receive the wrong size, problematic bras, or bras of poor quality, you may replace them by returning them within 30 days of the order receipt. Further, they accept payments via different payment channels.

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Floatley Products

The Floatley has the following garment on sale for women:

  • Bras
  • Underwear
  • Panties

Floatley Bra Qualities

Floatley.com bras have the following significant and prominent properties in their bras:

Floatley Bra Reviews
  • Complete Coverage: Floatley bras have full D-cup coverage over the breasts. Due to its full range, it relaxes you and doesn’t distort the shape of the boobs. Full-coverage bras are the ideal option for large bras. These bras have a wide band that doesn’t irritate the shoulders and provides support.
  • Wire-Free: Due to having no wires, women feel more comfortable due to better and improved blood circulation in their breasts. These bras are mainly suitable for women who spend more time at home lounging or sleeping.
  • Super soft brushed fabric: Floatley.com uses super soft brushed fabric in bra manufacturing, along with nylon and spandex. The benefit of soft, brushed fabric is its ability to make bras breathable. The bra becomes breathable due to its creation. Then, due to pores and holes, the air passes through them easily.
  • Lightly lined: Floatley bras are lightly lined. These bras are not padded, thus being supportive and adding shape to the boobs. In hot weather, these thin-layer bras are the best option to utilize.

Is Floatley Bra A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Floatley.com is an online website. They might be spammers or scammers. To check its authenticity, we have to hypothesize its different aspects. They have shared their owner information regarding who owns this website and from where they operate it. Sharing this type of information is essential for digital stores. Floatley has existed for more than three years. It means it has been a long time on the internet. In this aspect, they are legit.

They have only a few hundred followers on the Facebook page, with no buyer response or reaction. It costs a lot in terms of integrity. Only a few posts and followers have yet to show interest in the bras on Instagram. It could be a better sign for Floatley.com. This website has good ratings and Floatley.com reviews on the official site. It is an internal review system in which developers may edit the comments and reviews according to their willingness. But in the external review system, no Floatley reviews are found on Trust Pilot. According to the reports of the Scam Advisor, Floatley.com has an 87 trust score out of 100, which is the trust score of legit websites. Although we also didn’t find any Floatley bra reviews on the Scam Advisor. The website’s SSL and HTTPS certificates are valid.

Floatley Bra Reviews

Floatley Bra Reviews By Customers

In digital purchasing and selling, customer feedback is critical to decision-making power. Negative comments may advise avoiding them, and positive comments may attract you to the online shop. It was a good sight while checking Floatley bra reviews on the official site, as there are good ratings and reviews on all items separately. On Facebook and Instagram, we cannot find any customer testimonials. TrustPilot reports could be better about the Floatley reviews, as zero reviews are found on TrustPilot. On Scam Advisor, although there are no customer reviews available, the website trust score is shown, which is 87, which is more than satisfactory for any e-commerce store.


  • The website’s domain age is old.
  • The website’s trust score is high.
  • Social media accounts are created.
  • Bras are soft, full coverage, soft brushed fabric material, and lightly lined.
  • Customer reviews are available in bulk.
  • The bras rating is high.
  • Valid SSL certificates and secure HTTPS.


  • Website owner details are not shared.
  • Tranco’s rank is higher for this website.
  • Website content is locked for a third party to allow them to analyze the data.

Sum Up

Floatley.com is a digital shop for innerwear garments. These bras have good quality and soft, brushed fabric. These bras are soft, breathable, comfortable, and lightly lined. The website’s product ratings are high, and Floatley bra reviews are favorable. The website traffic is low, but the domain age is older. They have valid SSL certification and secure HTTPS. The website’s trust score is high. We recommend that they have good points and feedback. Still, it would help if you did more research about Floatley.com reviews so that you don’t get deceived by spammers or scammers.

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