Wholesale Apparel.shop Reviews – Is It A Legit Online Store For Women’s Clothing Or Another Online Scam?

Wholesale Apparel.shop Reviews – Are you browsing for an online shop for women’s and men’s outfits at reasonable rates? Online shops always have specific apparel categories for gender discrimination and clothing types. Only some brands are the one-stop shop for dresses and clothes for men and women.

A wholesale apparel shop is one of those digital shops for clothes and dress variety. If you have different clothes and dresses, this shop awaits your order. The following article provides a complete description of the shop and its products.

Wholesale Apparel.shop Reviews

About Wholesale Apparel.Shop

Wholesaleapparel.shop is a wholesale supplier of clothing goods. They give you many types of dresses for resale. They use cotton and other materials for item production. Wholesale Apparel ensures customer service and the quality of dresses for buyers. They are among the top 10 wholesale suppliers in North America and Europe.

According to their information, they have skilled labor for the shop to manufacture and design in controlled quality, fast shipment, and a friendly help desk. Huafeng Ting International Trade Co., Ltd. regulates this website, and they are located in Room 6, 12th floor, Guangfa Commercial Center, 48 Guanghua Street, Kowloon Mong Kok. They offer free shipping only on orders with a price of more than 39 dollars. For orders having a lower price, they are charged 11.99 dollars. You may request a return or exchange within 30 days after receipt.

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Wholesale Apparel.shop Products

Their menu contains:

  • Men’s outfits(sweaters, sweatshirt, men’s bottoms, men’s skull style, leather jackets, tees, shorts)
  • Cute Animal printed dresses
  • Women’s jeans & bottoms
  • Down jackets
  • Chic simple set
  • Casual wear
  • Women’s sweater
  • Casual dress
  • Sports series(leggings, sets, sports bra, shorts)
  • Cotton-style
  • Lingerie
  • Hawaii shirt
  • Swimsuits
  • Tops

Wholesale Apparel.shop Products Features

Wholesale apparel is so stunning and attractive that everyone wants to enjoy these dresses simultaneously. The following are the key features of the wholesale apparel shop.

Wholesale Apparel.shop Reviews
  • Stretchy Fabric: They use fabric that makes the outfits stretchy, so customers feel comfortable wearing them. Some dresses have medium stretchiness, and few are elastic enough.
  • Closing points: many dress types require closing points. These closing points must be at the place of the dress, where it should be quickly closed off. Wholesale apparel shops have front-end knots, zips, or buttons that can be easily patched off.
  • One Stop Shop: Wholesaleapparel.shop is a one-stop shop for apparel. They have many types of dresses and clothes for every gender. The person visiting the website will never leave the shop due to the availability of the varieties.
  • Complete Description: This online brand has the unique feature of sharing the size chart and product description in each aspect. It’s an easy purchase as everything is defined.

Discount Offers

As they are unique in every aspect, they are also unique in what they offer. On orders of 59$, 99$, and 159$, you’ll be awarded 10%, 12%, and 15% discounts using the code “SS23”. At the current time, customers may avail of the limited-time offer of buying specific numbers of pieces at a meager fixed price. Free shipping can also be satisfied by placing orders for more than 39 dollars.

Is wholesale Apparel.shop A Legit Website or Scam?

The first excellent news about Wholesaleapparel.shop is that they have shared the owner’s name and address on their official website. It is courageous for legit websites, and customers always welcome it. It increases customer trust in the website.

Scam Advisor has assigned this website a trust score of 1. It is the worst score, indicating that they have zero confidence, have malware or virus-containing content, and report issues. Additionally, there are no wholesale apparel shop reviews on Scam Advisor. The website is only two months old. It could be a more trustworthy period for the E-commerce website.

Wholesale apparel.shop has zero reviews on Trustpilot. They have no thoughts because they are new in the market and not gaining much traffic. 

On Facebook, the wholesale apparel.shop page has 1.2K followers and likes. People’s feedback and comments are available. The website’s SSL is valid, and the HTTPS is secure.

Wholesale Apparel.shop Reviews

WholesaleApparel.shop Reviews By Customers

On the official website, there are no reviews available. On TrustPilot, zero people have left reviews and ratings. The rating of the wholesale apparel shop is 0.0, as there are no reviews or ratings by anyone. Scam Advisor has zero comments about this website. No internal and external reviews describe a lot about Wholesale Apparel.shop. It indicates they have no customer trust, poor quality, and zero experience. It might be possible that this website has malware- or virus-containing content.


  • The owner’s information is available.
  • Variety of dress collections.
  • One-stop shop.
  • Facebook’s page is professionally designed.


  • There are no reviews on any platform.
  • Low customer traffic, according to Tranco reports.
  • Awful trust score.
  • Too young website.

Wrap up

As website analysts, after assessing the following website’s various features and aspects from different points of view, we have concluded that the wholesale apparel shop has a massive collection of outfits for women and men. They designed beautiful dresses. They offer multiple discount offers to buyers to gain their attention.

They ship things within 12 days of receiving an order. When you place an order, it is handled within 24 hours. A wholesale apparel shop offers a 30-day paid return policy—company regulations. The website has revealed the owner’s name, phone number, and address. Wholesale Apparel created a Facebook profile. There is good engagement on Facebook. The website trust score is 1, which is very bad. There is no wholesale apparel—shop reviews on any platform. The website ranking is lower. The website domain is older than two months old. We recommend reading various blogs about this website before ordering to avoid being dumped. They are not legit at all after the necessary assessments and analysis. Please stay away from them until you believe that they are legit.

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    Placed order on 6/4 tracked order stating it was delivered on 7/4 I never received it written several times and no response

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