Glamorette Bra Review – Are They The Sell Most Comfortable Bra To Wear Or Another Online Scam?

Are you looking for a comfortable bra that is easy to wear and supports you? Is the Glamorette Cotton Front Closure Bra right for you? With its online presence and various features, this bra might be a fitting addition to your lingerie collection. Are you curious about its quality, fit, and customer satisfaction with it? If you want a detailed review of the Glamorette Bra, keep reading to find out if this cotton bra with a front closing lives up to its promises and meets your expectations.

Glamorette Bra Review

About Glamorette Bra

The Glamorette Cotton Front Closure Bra is a big deal regarding comfort and ease of use. It’s easy to put on and take off because it has a simple front closing. This saves you time and trouble. Not only does it support you well, but it also makes your breasts look better by giving them a noticeable lift and more volume. With its seamless design, this bra goes well with any outfit, so you can feel safe wearing it with a wide range of styles.

This cotton bra fits snugly, so you’ll be as comfortable as possible all day. The soft, breathable cloth feels good against your skin and is a good choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The front closing is solid and safe, so you don’t have to worry about the clasps coming undone. The Cotton Front Closure Bra is the right mix of comfort, style, and support, whether you’re going to work or going out for the night.

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Glamorette Bra Sizes

128 – 3032CD / 34AB / 36A
230-3234CD / 36BC / 38A
332 – 3436D / 38BC / 40B
433 – 3536E/38D / 40CD
535 – 3738E / 42BC / 44B
637 – 3942DE / 44CD
738 – 4044E / 46BCD

Features of Glamorette Bra

  • Anti-sagging: Lifts and pushes armpit fat back toward the breast, giving the appearance of a bigger, perkier breast.
  • Easy front closure: The quick-snap front button design makes it easy to put on and take off, and back hooks are no longer needed.
  • Covering site fat and bulges Prevents ugly bulges and removes awkward side fat when wearing T-shirt bras with narrow side wings.
  • Effective breast gathering: It fits like a glove, groups the breasts for a more flattering look, and keeps them from bulging or getting fat.
  • Back pressure relief: Evenly spreads weight across shoulders and back, improving posture by pulling shoulders up and pushing the chest forward.
Glamorette Bra Review

Discount Offers

Glamorette is giving a huge deal, so don’t miss out! You can get a Glamorette Cotton Front Closure Bra for 80% less than it would typically cost. You used to have to pay $39.99 for it, but now you only have to pay $14.99. Use this great deal to update your lingerie collection and save money at Glamorette.

Is A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

In this part, we look at how reliable is. The site only sells the “Cotton Front Closure Bra.” This bra is sold on other websites for the same price and has the same Glamorette material, which is interesting. But we’re disappointed that the main website doesn’t have an “About Us” page, and even though there’s a “Contact” page, there’s no way to get in touch.

When it comes to Glamorette’s public social media accounts, we have yet to find any. The fact that the website isn’t on social media is a red flag.

To better understand how trustworthy is, we looked up its trust score on Scam Advisor, which gave it a score of 52 out of 100. should have done better than this score, which is a shame. Moz’s rankings for the website could be better, with a low domain authority of 1 and little traffic.

As the last part of our evaluation, we look up the Glamorette website on WHOIS. This shows that it was created and updated on March 2, 2023. This means that Glamorette is a relatively new website, which could make people hesitant to buy from it. Based on our findings, you should be careful and give Glamorette some time to prove itself.

Glamorette Bra Review

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Glamorette Bra Review

In this part, we look at the Glamorette Bra review in more detail. When we first looked at the official website, we found ten reviews that were all good about the Glamorette Bra. But the fact that there are so many positive reviews on the main website makes me wonder if the Glamorette Bra review is genuine. It seems strange and could be fishy.

On the other hand, when we looked for the Glamorette Bra review on well-known review sites, we were surprised to find none. There were no reviews on any of the most trusted review sites. This lack of reviews on different sites is worrying, and it’s another sign that Glamorette might not be an accurate site. You should be careful if you want to buy the Glamorette Bra from this store.


  • Glamorette sells comfortable bras.
  • Discount offer available.
  • 10 reviews are available on the official website.


  • The website trust score is 52 out of hundred.
  • Low website traffic.
  • Website owner details are missing.
  • Contact details are missing.
  • Glamorette website domain authority is one.


Can you trust the Glamorette Bra reviews on the main website?

The fact that there are a lot of good reviews only on the official website makes me wonder if they are real.

Is it worrying that important information, like who owns the site and how to contact them, isn’t on the main website?

Yes, the lack of owner and contact information on Glamorette’s official website is problematic and needs more transparency. This makes it harder to believe that Glamorette is an honest company.

Does Glamorette’s low trust score on Scam Advisor mean there could be problems with it?

Glamorette may not be an excellent place to buy the bra because it has a low trust score of 52 out of 100 on Scam Advisor.

Final Determination

From the beginning to the end, the information gathered shows several red flags about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Glamorette as an online shop. The main website doesn’t have important information like who owns it, how to contact them, or an “About Us” page, which makes people suspicious.

A reputable website is necessary for the company’s reputation to be at risk. Glamorette has a low trust score on Scam Advisor, bad results on Moz, and the website was just registered recently, all of which add to its worries. It is best to be careful and only buy something once there is more proof that the site is accurate and that customers are happy with it.

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  1. Patricia

    This didn’t show on their reviews.
    Wow fell for another rip off China product that took more than a month to arrive. Sizes are Asian 36 bra is a 32 American. Return policy makes the process not worth returning. Waste of money!

  2. Mary

    I ordered a 44 it measures 31. I thought I was ordering from a store in CA. I should have looked a lot closer before ordering. But they are very nice bras if the size was correct, but I find that is with clothes from China. I have no idea how they come to the conclusion what size the items are. It is not measured in inches or metric. I guess they must guess and put a size on it. Never want to order from China again.

  3. Peggy

    My bra did not fit. I am trying to return, one site that took me weeks to find told me I had 5 days to return. Stupid on my part for not realizing the bra was from China. I tried a number of sites. People should NOT order. It would cost a fortune to send back. I thought it was in Canada.

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