Vikrasseth Reviews – Is It Legit or A Scam? All You Need To Know Before Order Women’s Clothes

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Is Vikrasseth an excellent place to find out about the newest fashion styles for women? Can this online clothing shop live up to its claims of style and quality? Does Vikrasseth have clothes for many different fashion tastes, like floral dresses, long, flowy maxi dresses, and even Halloween-themed sweatshirts? Can you trust Vikrasseth Reviews to help you choose the right clothes in this age of online shopping? Let’s learn more about Vikrasseth and see what real customers say about their goods and services.

Vikrasseth Reviews

About Vikrasseth

At Vikrasseth, we sell various women’s clothing styles, including floral dresses, long dresses, midi dresses, and Halloween hoodies. They believe that fashion is a way for people to express themselves, and our goal is to make stylish and high-quality clothing accessible to everyone at affordable prices.

Their commitment to providing our customers with good value is reflected in our diverse product range. They strive to make fashion more accessible to women worldwide, believing that it should not be a luxury but a means of showcasing one’s personality and style.

At Vikrasseth, they have everything you need for fashion, whether preparing for a special event, updating your everyday wardrobe, or searching for comfortable clothes to wear at home.

Their address is 33 Springwell Avenue, Langley Park, Durham, United Kingdom, with the postcode DH7 9XT. You can reach by emailing

Vikrasseth Reviews

Is Vikrasseth com A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

  • Lack of Contact Information: Vikrasseth, a popular online store, only provides an email address ( for customer support. So, this makes me worry about their accessibility and ability to assist customers effectively.
  • Fake Physical Address: Vikrasseth’s address duplicates another website’s address at first glance. So, this raises a critical problem and lowers the trustworthiness of
  • Missing Owner Details: doesn’t list its owners on its official page, which reduces its reliability as a source for purchasing women’s clothing. Usually, a trustworthy website would include information about its owners.
  • No Social Media Presence: It’s suspicious that Vikrasseth isn’t present on any social media platforms, which may indicate that they lack honesty or trustworthiness.
  • Low Website Trust Score: According to “Scam Advisor,” has a very low trust score of 8 out of 100, indicating numerous red flags. It is advised to refrain from making any purchases from this online store.
  • Recent Website Creation: Vikrasseth just launched its website in September 2023. Some scam websites do this, too, to deceive customers for a short while before disappearing, which makes people doubt if the site is legit.

Vikrasseth Reviews By Customers

Let’s focus on Vikrasseth reviews because they are important in online shopping decisions. When we searched for Vikrasseth reviews on the main website, we tried to find them, which indicates that is not a trustworthy source.

Next, we proceeded to the second step, which involved searching for reviews of Vikrasseth on reliable websites like “Trusted Reviews.” Unfortunately, we could not find any reviews of Vikrasseth on these sites.

As a result, customers may need more available information to trust Vikrasseth fully.


  • A valid SSL certificate was found.


  • looks unprofessional.
  • The trust score is very poor.
  • Social media accounts are missing.
  • WHOIS result shows that the website was recently launched.
  • The vikrasseth reviews are not available on the official website.
Vikrasseth Reviews

The Bottom Line

Before making any purchases on Vikrasseth, an online store for women’s clothes, it’s important to consider several red flags that may cause concern. The website lacks complete contact information, has a questionable physical address, and lacks information about the owner.

Additionally, it has no social media presence and has received a very low trust score from “Scam Advisor,” making it unreliable. The fact that the website was just created and has a domain name registered in September 2023 raises further questions.

No Vikrasseth Reviews are available on both the main website and trustworthy sites like “Trusted Reviews,” indicating that customers do not trust the company.

Be carefull if you are considering doing business with Vikrasseth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vikrasseth a trustworthy online women’s clothing store?

Vikrasseth’s credibility is questioned due to red flags like missing contact info, dubious address, and low trust score.

Does Vikrasseth provide customer reviews on their website?

No customer reviews are displayed on Vikrasseth’s main website.

Are there Vikrasseth reviews available on well-known platforms like “Trusted Reviews”?

Unfortunately, no reviews for Vikrasseth are found on reputable websites, suggesting that the site may be new and lacking customer trust.

Does Vikrasseth disclose its owner details on the website?

Vikrasseth does not provide information about the owner, which raises concerns about the clarity and trustworthiness of the platform.

Does Vikrasseth have a presence on social media?

Vikrasseth lacks any social media presence, which reduces its credibility even more.

What can be inferred from Vikrasseth’s low trust score on “Scam Advisor”?

Vikrasseth’s trust score of 8 out of 100 on “Scam Advisor” suggests potential issues. It’s wise to exercise caution when considering purchases from the website.

Vikrasseth Reviews

Tips To Avoid From Scam Websites

  • Verify Website Details: Ensuring you have all the contact information you need, including a physical address and phone number, is a great way to ensure transparency. So, don’t hesitate to double-check and make sure all the details are complete!
  • Research Reviews: Looking for a reliable website to make a purchase or sign up for a service? Remember to check out customer reviews and ratings on reputable platforms. They offer valuable insights to help you determine the website’s trustworthiness and make informed decisions.
  • Owner Information: Legitimate websites generally provide information about their owners. If such information is missing, it may indicate a potential issue.
  • Social Media Presence: It is important to check if the website has active social media accounts, which can enhance its credibility.
  • Check Trust Score: Using tools like “Scam Advisor”, you can easily examine the trust score and red flags associated with any website. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and protect yourself from online scams.
  • Stay Informed: It’s important to stay informed about online security tips and recognize common scam tactics to protect yourself from fraudulent websites.

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