Janeeyrie Bra Reviews – Is It The Most Comfortable Bra Store or Another Online Scam?

Janeeyrie Bra Reviews – Does your breast need a soft, supportive, and comfortable bra? Does your body need sweat-wicking bras? Are you tired of trying to find a temperature-maintaining bra for your breast? All your efforts have produced good results.

Janeeyrie is a fantastic bra-selling online website. They have multiple varieties and collections of bras as per your bras size and compatibility. Whether they are trustworthy or not, you’ll have to go through the whole Janeeryie bras reviews to save your precious money and time.

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Janeeyrie Bra Reviews

About Janeeyrie.com

Janeeryie is an undergarment-selling web store for women. You may buy all types of panties, bras, and other ladies’ underwear. The central claim with their clients is to provide new varieties and introduce new trends. 

The Janeeyrie bras use a material that adds softness and comfort to facilitate the women’s breasts. These bras are supportive, soft, and comfortable to wear. The website owner’s identity is hidden. The trust score is still to be researched. Janeeyrie creates no social media accounts.

Janeeyrie Products

The janeeyrie is manufacturing and retailing the following products:

  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Shapewear

Janeeyrie Bra Features

Janeeyrie’s products have earned fame for the following features in its bras and other innerwear products:

  • Full Coverage and Comfortable: Janeeyrie manufactures bras that cover the whole breast comfortably. Unlike others, its coverage is vast.
  • Moisture Wicking: Unlike other bras selling brands, these bras have the fantastic feature of absorbing moisture or sweat to relax the women all day and night.
  • Antibacterial: Janeeyrie bras have such brilliant quality in their antibacterial mode. The bacteria may produce due to sweetening, but it works as an antibacterial due to its moisture-wicking property.
  • Adjust Temperature: Its material works as a thermal insulator. It avoids being overheated. In severely cold or hot, temperature adjustment is the main problem. So, Janeeyrie has inserted the bra material to maintain the Temperature.
  • Skin Friendly: Janeeyrie makes soft bras so that the women’s skin does feel harsh while wearing them. Most of the other bras are hard and damage the skin.

Is Janeeyrie com a Legit Website or Another Scam?

After observing and assessing the complete website to reach the end notes. We have gathered the following essential points:

  • Contact Information: The basic parameter of a website’s legitimacy is its contact details. Contact details include the owner’s name, address, and phone number. But the bad thing is that Janeeyrie has not unhidden these things publicly.
  • Social Presence: We searched a lot about Janeeyrie’s social media accounts. Social media has become a real-time checking parameter for legitimacy checking. But due to its absence, we may mark Janeeyrie.com as illegal.
  • Trust Score: Janeeyri.com has only a 27 trust score on Scam advisor. Further adding, more is needed to score to be trusted.
  • Domain Age: For a website to be judged, a domain age must be over one year. But www.janeeyrie.com is only one month old. It is too new to be reviewed.

Discount Offers

  • The Women’s Day Sale offer is 50% off.
  • Free shipping for orders above 50$.

Janeeyrie Bra Reviews from Customers

Janeeyrie bra reviews are available on the official website in bulk. They are happy and intend to repurchase the items and refer their friends. Their compliments are for the size, designs, material, and product quality features. Also, they say that the shipping is fast and free.

On Trustpilot, there is pin-drop silence over the Janeeyrie com reviews. Unfortunately, no social media accounts can view the Janeeyrie bra reviews. On the official website, the ratings are almost 4.5 to 4.8.


  • Customer reviews are found.
  • The bras are comfortable, soft, and moisture-wicking.
  • The rating is good.
  • Free shipping.


  • No social media accounts.
  • Low trust score.
  • The owner’s identity is missing.

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Wrap Up (Janeeyrie Bra Reviews)

Janeeyrie is a professional business store that has thousands of happy customers. They sell innerwear items for women. Their shipping places mainly lie in Australia, America, the UK, and other European countries. They offer 30 days for return.

Janeeyrie has hidden the owner’s identity and social media handles. Their website trust score is shallow. The Janeeyrie bra reviews are favorable.

After observing the website’s structure and nature, its crucial points still need to be included. It is too new to be judged ultimately. We recommend not placing any order until its domain age reaches over one year.

This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. DRM

    Janeeyrie Bra: I ordered size 38B and received XXL instead. It took three emails correspondences for someone to respond and in the end informed me that the size ordered was not available and they will refund less than $9.00. I do not believe that a company should send a customer random in stock sizes, instead of cancelling the order upfront and provide a full refund. I am very upset and disappointed with my decision to purchase from this company. I will insist on getting my full refund.

  2. Tina

    Never received my order and can’t track it…😡 Took my $75, never again..!!

  3. Kristin

    Having the same issue, purchased a set for $50 and got a confirmation really fast. It has been about two weeks and no product. And the tracking is all messed up so I cannot track it.

  4. Elizabeth

    Took me a little over a month to receive my product. The cup sizes run very small. I’m a c but it fit like a small b other than that it was comfortable and soft

  5. Suzanne ciccarello

    I ordered a 36 g and got a 38 f!!! Not even close!

  6. La Tina Neely

    I am soooooooo very upset with this company!!!!! I placed an order MONTHS ago and it took forever for my items to come then they sent me the wrong size (their error) and I requested a return and to have the right size sent to me.
    After verifying that they sent the wrong size……they offered to pay me 10.00 on an almost $50.00 payment and that I keep two bras that I can’t wear.
    Now, I’ve sent them numerous emails to no avail because they WON’T reply to any of them!!

  7. Suzanne

    Horrible! Worst company have dealt with in my entire life. Took two months to get my bras and when I received them, they weren’t even close to the right size. Same as other people experienced, try to offer a refund that doesn’t even cover the cost of what I paid. They were stating that they paid the postage when clearly it was on my receipt that I did. Like everyone else, haven’t heard anything back after countless emails. DO NOT BY FROM THEM!

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