Acutefebruary Bra Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Product or Another Online Scam Store?

Acutefebruary Bra Reviews – Do you want to buy cool lift-up air bras online? Do you want to buy bras online and take advantage of a hot deal like “buy one, get two free”? Surely you will love having three different types of bras at only one bra price. There are multiple sites having deals that attract buyers in no time. Some of them are real, but unfortunately, most are scammers. is an online website that sells bras. They have a unique cool lift-up air bra. Further exploring the AcuteFebruary bra reviews, we found the following consequences.

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Acutefebruary Bra Reviews

About Acutefebruary

Acutefebruary is a fantastic e-commerce store that has particular kinds of bras. They have different categories of products like makeup, garden decorations, household gadgets, etc. 

After thorough research, we didn’t find anything related to them. There is no contact information, address, social media links, or other essential information. But there are 41 Actuefebruary reviews on the particular bra type we are talking about.

Acutefebruary Products 

 Acutefebraury is making efforts to provide a maximum of items to solve the daily routine issues of customers, but they can still sell the following items:

  • Garden Gadgets
  • Household Life Items
  • Bras
  • Beauty & Makeup Kits

In this Acutefebruary reviews, we will only focus on bra reviews.

Acutefebruary Bra Features

Acute-February bras have the following unique features that customers like:

  • Stretchy Design: Acutefebruary bras have no underwire that makes you uncomfortable wearing them. Also, there are no hooks that will harm you in any way. Their material is stretchy, and the design is perfect for shaping.
  • Breast Shaping Style: Acutefebruary bras can be used to shape the breast of women. The material is stretchy and can make shapes like A, B, C, D, E(DD), F(DDD), and G.
  • Buy one get two free: Acutefebruary has a great deal on these bras. You may buy one but get three pieces in different colors. Along with this, many other deals are on fire.
Acutefebruary Bra Reviews

Discount Offers

  • Buy one get two free.
  • Buy two, get four free.

Is Acutefebruary a Legit Website or Another Scam?

Due to our indulging in thousands of online shopping stores, we should be aware of scam alerts. A few points will direct you about the Acutefebruary legality character.

  • Contact Details: needs contact information. The only email address found is 
  • Social Media Accounts: Acutefebruary has no social media account. They have created not even a single profile on any social platform. For professional and legal shopkeepers must have social accounts so that people may find them and write comments. 
  • Plagiarized Content: for legitimate websites, there must be original Content uploaded on the websites. But as per our research, the pictures uploaded on the official websites are copied from other websites. It is a scam of its dignity.

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Acutefebruary Bra Reviews by Customers

On the official site, we found 41 reviews by customers. The experienced clients wrote them. These may be fake. All 41 customers have given five stars to the bra item. They are committing to repurchasing these. 

As you know, the reviews may be fake; we have to see other essential factors to decide whether these reviews are original or auto-generated. After analyzing the Acutefebruary necessary details, we conclude that Acutefebruary bra reviews are fake because this website seems like they need to be more authentic than how these reviews could be genuine.


  • Breathable and cool bras
  • Secure Https and SSL


  • No Social Media Accounts
  • No contact information
  • Shipping and return policies need to be clarified.
  • Acutefebruary has a 1% trust score out of 100.

Sum Up of Acutefebruary Bra

Acutefebruary is an online website that sells innerwear items. They have breathable nifty lift-up air bras. They must still share essential details like contact information, social media accounts, and original reviews. There is copied Content uploaded on the websites. 

We don’t recommend you buy from them as they have hidden their identity from the customers. So we have no reason to trust it.

This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Debbie

    This company is a scam of sorts. I ordered 3 bras (buy one, get two free) from them in December, 2022. I received the item in February, 2023. The quality was ok but they did not fit! I wrote to them asking how to return them for a refund. They did not answer me until I threatened to write a bad review and report them to my credit card co. They wrote back and said I received the correct item. That wasn’t my question! Then they said in another email that I could return them but I’d have to pay for postage and it’s really expensive. Did I still want to return them? They’re based in China. Beware! Do Not Order From This Company!!

    1. Melinda Jones

      I bought them in December 22 . Here it is end of Feb 23 and I haven’t received mine. When will I ever learn 🤑

    2. Rosalia Morales

      I made my order of 3 bras and until now I have not received it, what happens please if you can answer me or return the money, thanks

  2. Laura Thomas

    I also ordered from them. I got them but the sizing is way off. I told this is their fault. So far I’ve gotten them up to $8 back”from her paycheck “. No I’m holding out.

  3. Tj

    Same. Never received. Won’t return money. A scam. Burn in hell assholes

  4. Carol

    I ordered their buy 1 get 2 free special in December and have not received them yet. I emailed them and keep hearing they are contacting the rainstorm company to expedite the order that shows sitting in Rhode Island. They will not honor a refund.

  5. Bobbie Wilson

    I order December 27, 2022, sent an email through PayPal. The reply was that they’re almost here. We’ll see I guess.

  6. Kim

    Ordered in December ’22 and now mid-March I still have not received my order. I asked for a refund, and the next day I had a message with a USPS tracking number from just a label created. My order is STILL not in transit. Oh an I didn’t realize until AFTER ordering that these were coming from Germany. These sites are very slick. They appear to be US companies, but are overseas.

  7. Dawn Charlton

    Yes this company is a scam! I also ordered from them in December 2022 and have yet to receive package. I to have tried to contact them to no avail for refund. Please don’t order from these thief’s. Why can’t something be done with these SCAMMERS?

  8. Bobbie

    ordered mine in Jan. still nothing tracted it up to Lafayette then nothing just disapered! its like a hit and miss world sometimes you get the products ordered then order the same thing again to receive nothing. I get to chalk this one up to bad experiance… sad sad world we live in.

  9. Savannah Fox

    Yeah ordered buy one get 2 free. Supposedly they have been in the US for over a month but I still haven’t received them and they just keep giving me the run around. It’s a SCAM.

  10. Marilyn

    I ordered February 17th and I am still waiting. The so called “shipping co” does answer my email occasionally and the last time I heard was my order was sitting some place in Georgia for the past month. Shipping claims they have contacted ,whoever has it, to expedite my order. Yeah right. They won’t even indulge as to the name of the company who has the item. I, too, did not they were coming from the UK. I never would have ordered them. I notice Acutefebruary doesn’t seem to have a website any longer. The old saying is true: when something seems to god to be true (the price of 3), it usually is.

  11. Karen

    Another sucker here. Ordered on February 19th of this year. Followed the order to Florida and then nothing. They just keep telling me to be patient. This just sucks.

  12. Kim noyes

    I am having the same experience as everyone above. I ordered in Dec 2022. It is now April 23, 2023. They have responded to several emails but is always an apology and order is in Transit. I asked for a refund today. Also made a complaint to BBB. This is robbery!

  13. kay davis

    ordered in march, still waiting

  14. Marsha

    It took me 3mths to get ,then the wrong size. Their sizes aren’t US. Then wanted to return for refund and they said it would cost more fir that. Better off seeing if friend or relative can use. I should have known better but live and learn. Never again. Oh package was said to be in Italy then customs then Bismark forever then lablw says CA. Hummmm

  15. Joyce Aicher

    They do not fit and they would not refund my money only a small credit which I will not use I will not buy anything from them again

  16. Deborah Owens

    Avoid the company like the plague
    The sizes are totally incorrect!!!
    After several emails back and forth to the support I got knowhere, I was told to return at my cost and they would compensate 8USD, which is laughable.
    CHINESE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ruth I

    After a month I finally got my bras, shipping said from Ireland. The bras are nice but not true to size, I had to get 4x. Now I’m stuck with 3 bras I can’t wear, I’d like to replace them or get my money back. If I don’t get my money back or replacement I will contact my cc company. It’s sad that people are treated this way. Can only get a robot.

  18. Mary Hall

    My comment is the same as the above, I ordered buy 1 get 1 free, only 1 delivered. It is totally the wrong size and will not fit. I’m currently sending emails trying to get a refund, so far I’ve been offered 8USD. Do not use this company ever!

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