Jinatix Reviews – Is It A Reliable Online Store Or Another Scam With Customers? Find Out

Are you looking for good teeth-whitening products? Curious about the teeth-whitening items from Jinatix? Stop looking! Are the claims about Jinatix teeth-whitening goods true? Curious about what customers have said about the results? We have you covered with thorough Jinatix reviews. Find out what honest people have said about their teeth-whitening products and how they have used them. Find out if Jinatix can help you get the bright smile you’ve always wanted. Let’s dive into the world of Jinatix teeth whitening and find out what’s going on.

Jinatix Reviews

About Jinatix

Products for teeth whitening are sold exclusively by Jinatix.com, an online retailer. They have many successful ways to make your smile look better. You can call them at +1 (760) 278-1825 or email support@jinatix.com to get in touch. Jinatix’s top-notch teeth whitening choices will give you the confidence of a bright smile.

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Return Policy

Jinatix has a return policy that is easy for customers to use. Orders can be canceled and paid for in full before the goods are shipped or made. Once you ship the object, you cannot change your mind. 

Customers have 14 days from when they get the goods to request a return. The product must stay in its original packaging without being opened to be eligible. It must also have a legal receipt or other proof of purchase. Customers will only have to pay shipping costs once, even if they send something back, and there will be no refund fee. 

Refunds will be handled within a specific time frame and put back on the original way of payment. The jinatix Customer Service can be reached at service@jinatix.com for refund questions or to get the return address.

Jinatix Shipping Policy Reviews

Jinatix has a simple shipping policy that ensures orders are delivered quickly and easily. They ship all orders from their warehouse five business days after placing them. Depending on the service and where the package is going, it usually takes between 10 and 20 business days from the date of shipment for it to arrive. 

Please remember that shipping times may be affected by customs clearing, checks, or delays in service from the carrier. Check your Shipping Confirmation email for a tracking number that you can use on www.17track.net to track your order. Jinatix charges a flat rate of USD 2.99 for shipping to anywhere in the world. 

They ship everywhere, but if their operations do not serve your country, they will immediately let you know and make any necessary changes to your order. You can change your address until 11 p.m. PDT (-7 GMT) the same day you place your order. Contact Jinatix at service@jinatix.com to change your address or ask about shipping to a different address. 

They ship orders on weekdays, Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are dispatched on the next business day, usually Monday.

Jinatix Reviews

Is Jinatix.com A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

  • Owner Details: We looked into Jinatix very carefully to find out who owns it, but we need help finding information about the owner. Jinatix uses paid services to hide who owns it, which is a huge warning sign.
  • Contact Information: Every online business needs to have a way for people to contact them. We looked at jinatix.com to find out how to contact them. The phone number provided is fake, even though the email is associated with Jinatix. It seems like Jinatix took phone numbers from other websites, which suggests that the site might need to be more reliable.
  • Social Media Handles: We looked hard at Jinatix’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media pages to determine how much customers trust the company. But we’re sorry that Jinatix doesn’t have any social media accounts we could find. Jinatix might not be an actual website because it has no social media pages.
  • Website Trust Score: We looked at how trustworthy “Scam Advisor” was as a website and gave it a score of 27 out of 100. With such a low trust number, Jinatix could be trying to scam its customers, which raises even more worries.
  • Domain Details: According to WHOIS, Jinatix created the website on June 21, 2023, and will end it on June 21, 2024. You should not trust this website, especially since they use paid services to hide information and the registration date is recent.
Jinatix Reviews

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Jinatix Reviews By Customers

We thoroughly searched for Jinatix reviews to know what customers thought of their goods. When we looked at the main website, however, we saw another red flag: there were no jinatix.com reviews there.

To better understand what customers thought, we looked for reviews on famous websites like “Trust Pilot” and “Trusted Review.” After carefully looking through these well-known sites, we couldn’t find any customer reviews for Jinatix. 

This fact shows that Jinatix is a website that just started up recently. So, it’s essential to be careful and watchful when working with this online store, as there are a lot of red flags.


  • DNSFilter says that this page is safe.
  • They have verified SSL Certificate.


  • They have recently launched a website.
  • No social media accounts.
  • Low website traffic.
  • Low website trust score.
  • Tranco says that this site’s score is low.

Faqs of Jinatix

Who owns Jinatix, and what do they do?

Jinatix’s owner information needs to be visible because the website uses paid services to hide it. This statement is a matter of worry.

Is Jinatix a site you can trust?

Jinatix doesn’t have important contact information, like an actual phone number, and its information is copied from other websites, making it seem like it might need to be more reliable.

Does Jinatix’s main website have reviews from customers?

There were no customer reviews on the main Jinatix website, which makes it even harder to trust the site.

Does Jinatix have any customer reviews on well-known review sites?

Jinatix lacks customer feedback as major review sites such as “Trust Pilot” and “Trusted Review” have no customer reviews.

Final Judgement (Jinatix Reviews)

Ultimately, our research into Jinatix has turned up several red flags that make us doubt the website’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. 

The company doesn’t give out information about who owns it and uses paid services to hide information. Jinatix’s lack of contact information and social media presence makes it harder to trust. Jinatix is a new website with little trustworthiness. 

This is shown by its low trust score on “Scam Advisor” and the lack of customer reviews on the main website and famous review platforms. 

We strongly suggest being careful when working with Jinatix to avoid possible risks and ensure you can shop online safely.

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