Raincide Reviews – Is It A Legit Place To Buy Wreath Gifts Or Another Online Scam?

Do you want to buy gifts for special events for your loved ones? Do you want to surprise your partners or relatives with the beauty of flower gifts? Presenting gifts to friends and relatives is a tradition in all cultures worldwide. That’s why it is well-groomed and always in peak business. But we needed more websites to buy gifts with fresh flowers. Recently, we experienced a website called Raincide.com, which has many wreath gifts that can be given to people as a sign of love and affection. But we saw some critiques and intended to inform you about Raincide reviews.

Raincide Reviews

About Raincide.com

Raincide.com has a few items for flowers and gifts. It was launched two months ago. They want to solve life’s small and significant problems with clever and unconventional things. Their main aim is to gather people with different ideas on one platform and represent daily routine problem-solving. The customers can access other websites and then buy and pay for them on various web stores; it takes work.

Raincide offers a 14-day return policy and a 10- 22 days shipping policy. On Raincide, They have no discount provided for clients. Raincide also offers free shipping if you spend more than $40. They are delivering the products globally. They claim a global community representing more than 235 countries and territories.

Is Raincide A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

Initially, they are legit stores and good quality product providers whenever you visit a website. But when we dive deeper and check for further information, we realize its value and nature.

When we examine its owner’s name and address, it must be noted that contact information and the owner’s name must be in the text. Scammers use images copied from other websites with anonymous addresses and owner names. But it is not valid if you’re genuine; you must share the original information. Raincide.com has shared an image that needs to be completed.

Secondly, it is our turn to check social media. Raincide has no profile on any social media platform. They used a clever tactic by sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. But the worst thing is that all these shared social handles have links to the official websites, not the Raincide.com e-commerce store. Having no social media profile is the worst, but misleading and false link sharing is unprofessional behaviour. It is another red flag for the credibility of Raincide.com. This website’s trust score is only one. Google’s algorithm and scam advisor factors are not accepting its policies and provided information. There are no Raincide.com reviews found on the ScamAdviser and TrustPilot review checkers.

For e-commerce websites, there must be an internal and external review system. But having no one means that this e-commerce store has no professional nature. Also, Raincide.com is only two months old, which explains its low trust score, and no Raincide reviews are due to its young age.

Discount Offers

There are no discount offers for customers except for free shipping on big orders.

Raincide Reviews

Raincide Reviews By Customers

Raincide.com needs more and more customer feedback. They have no social media handles, so no Raincide reviews exist. They have yet to open the internal review system, which means there are no reviews on the official website. There are no Raincide reviews on Trust Pilot or Scam Advisor. The absence of Raincide.com reviews may be due to the newly launched website.


  • Wreath gifts are beautiful.
  • The website’s outlook is professionally designed.
  • The owner’s name is shown.
  • The policies are well explained.


  • Very low website trust score.
  • Fake address and company name shown.
  • Absence of social media handles.
  • Absence of customer reviews.
  • Misleading social media channel links.

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FAQs of Raincide

Does Raincide accept pre-sale orders?

They accept pre-sale orders but will wait longer for that order’s shipment.

Does Raincide ship to all countries?

Raincide has some restrictions on shipping products in certain areas. Like most, they don’t support delivery countries other than Canada, the USA, Australia, etc.

Does Raincide accept damaged or incorrect products returned after 14 days(Raincide Reviews)?

They only accept returns within 14 days. To return after that, you can contact them via email.

Does Raincide accept payments from Paypal(Raincide Reviews)?

Yes, they do. They also accept payments through VISA and Mastercard.

How much time do they take for shipping and processing?

They take 1-2 days to process and 7–20 days to ship the products.

Final Recommendation(Raincide Reviews)

As a final recommendation, they have created the website professionally. They have a variety of gifts for different events and places. This website has a low trust score and no ratings. The original owner’s name and address must be shared on all platforms. There must be more Raincide reviews on the website, social profiles, Scam Advisor, and Trustpilot. It means they have yet to get many essential components for dominating and establishing themselves online. Kindly avoid them due to their poor performance in sharing truthful information.

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