Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews – Is It The Best Body Massager Or Waste of Money?

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Are you looking for an excellent way to relax your muscles and get your body back in shape? Are you interested in the Moyess Total Body Massager? Does it do what it says it does? Stop looking! Moyess is an online store that sells a wide range of massage products, such as body massagers, knee massagers, neck massagers, and much more. But does the Moyess Total Body Massager give you a good massage? Are people happy with how well it works? Let’s look at the reviews of the Moyess Total Body Massager to find out the truth and see if it’s right for you.

Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews

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About Moyess Total Body Massager

The Moyess Total Body Massager is a high-tech system approved by the FDA. It is a complete way to improve the health of your lower back and get long-lasting pain relief. With its scientifically tested and pre-set NMES parameters, this highly-rated device is made to use proven electrical stimulation to get to the root of your pain. The Moyess Total Body Massager stands out as an easy-to-use device that can help with back pain and lets you adjust the strength of the massage to your level of ability. Medical professionals recommend it because of how well it works and how well it works. This makes it a good choice for people who want the best pain relief. Experience how the Moyess Total Body Massager can change your life and take charge of your health.

Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews

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Features of Moyess Total Body Massager

The Moyess Total Body Massager offers the following features:

  • End to Chronic Pain in Your Back, Neck, Shoulders, or Legs: In just 15 minutes a day, it removes pain in the affected area and improves the health of muscles and joints.
  • Breakthrough Discovery: By mixing electrical stimulation with frequencies that have been tested in the lab, this method gets to the source of pain.
  • No More Swollen Calves and Ankles: Resets muscles, calms nerves that are tense or overworked, gets rid of pain, helps the body heal, improves strength, flexibility, and mobility, and reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Effective for ALL Muscle and Joint Pain: Reduces and stops muscle and joint pain, Improves the health and function of the musculoskeletal system, Improves posture, and gives you an instant sense of relief and bliss.
  • Nerve Damage Reversing: Stimulates nerves and muscles to strengthen and rehabilitate them, helps with recovery, and cures significant damage to muscles and nerves for long-term relief from pain and muscle soreness.

These features make the Moyess Total Body Massager a powerful tool for effectively managing and alleviating chronic pain.

How To Use Moyess Total Body Massager

Take out the host, charger, USB wire, sticky pads, user guide, quick start guide, and a habit tracker for 90 days.

You may charge it by connecting it to a computer via USB. When the battery is complete, the blue light will go out.

Attach the host to the sticky pad, peel off the transparent film, press the ON button twice, and choose the method you like best.

Put the Moyess Total Body Massager on your body for 15 minutes, and the pain disappears.

Is A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

When looking at how real is, a few things make us suspicious. First of all, the website has an email address,, which is a good thing. But the lack of an apparent phone number and owner information is worrying. This lack of openness makes it hard to believe the website is genuine. Also, their Facebook page has 1,700 fans, but it only has five pictures, and their Instagram page, which has only 286 followers, has only six pictures. This small social media presence makes it harder to believe that is real.

Also, a look at’s trust score on scam advice shows an average score of 57 out of 100. This average score says that the person could be more trustworthy. But when you look at the website’s features, you see another red flag. It was signed up on November 22, 2022, and will end on November 22, 2023. It is strange that the website’s last change date is the same as its registration date. The term “e-commerce” refers to purchasing goods and services from a company. Also, the fact that uses paid services to hide owner information on WHOIS adds to the general doubt about its credibility.

Given these facts, it’s best to be careful and only put some of your trust in once the site can prove its legitimacy with solid proof.

Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews

When you look at the Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews, it becomes clear that they are unreliable.’s main website has a variety of places for customer reviews. Instead, they only show pictures of customer reviews, which makes it hard to know how honest and accurate these reviews are. This is a big red flag because it suggests someone might be trying to change or fake customer feedback.

Also, a review on Moyess’ Facebook page raises more doubts about the product and the business. The customer was unhappy with and its goods, which shows they had a bad experience. Moyess’s Facebook posts also get negative comments from fans, which is another sign that customers are unhappy. When customers complain about the Moyess Total Body Massager on social media, it makes me question how well it works and how good it is.

Also, there aren’t many Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews on Trustpilot. In total, there are only nine reviews. The overall ranking of 2.9 is a clear sign that customers need to be happier or excited enough. This lack of good reviews makes the Moyess Total Body Massager even less trustworthy and reliable.

Based on these results, it’s best to avoid buying the Moyess Total Body Massager based on the few and primarily bad Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews out there.


  • This website is rated safe by DNSFilter.
  • Verified the SSL certificate.
  • Social media accounts are created.


  • Low website trust score.
  • The website’s owner is utilizing a paid service to hide his identity on WHOIS.
  • Bad reviews on trust pilot.
  • This website was recently registered.


Can you find reviews from real customers on the main website for the Moyess Total Body Massager?

No, the official website only shows pictures of customer reviews, which makes me wonder how honest and genuine the reviews are.

How do customers feel about the Moyess Total Body Massager on review sites outside of Moyess?

The overall rating on Trustpilot is 2.9 out of 5, which means customers aren’t too happy with the product or aren’t too happy overall.

Does the website give clear contact information and information about who owns it?

The website only lists an email address ( They have hidden the phone number and owner’s name, which makes it difficult to determine if the company is honest and accurate.

Does the Moyess Total Body Massager have a big social media following and good reviews?

The Moyess Total Body Massager has few followers on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and most of the customer reviews and comments could be better, which suggests that customers aren’t happy with it.

Is the Moyess Total Body Massager a tool you can trust that works?

Based on what we know about the Moyess Total Body Massager, which includes the lack of honesty, mixed customer reviews, and negative feedback, we are still determining if we can trust it or if it works. Before buying the product, it’s a good idea to be careful.


In the end, the Moyess Total Body Massager leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to being honest, trustworthy, and making customers happy. Even though the website has a variety of pain-relieving gadgets, the lack of contact information and customer reviews makes it hard to believe in Coupled with the few and mostly negative reviews on Trustpilot, the limited presence and negative feedback on social media platforms make it harder to trust the product and the business.

The fact that the official website doesn’t have a part for customer reviews and that screenshots were used to change testimonials adds to the overall doubt. is also not trusted because some of its details aren’t clear, like how the owner’s information is hidden, and the site isn’t updated often. Considering these things, it’s best to be careful and not buy the Moyess Total Body Massager, as our information needs to show its legitimacy and effectiveness better.

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