Musabela Shoes Reviews – Is It A Legit Brand That You Can Trust or Another Scam With Customers?

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Musabela Shoes Reviews – Do you Want to buy some comfortable and supportive shoes that can be worn longer? Do you want supportive shoes with cushion-like material that is relaxing and easy to walk pain-free? If you have visited several websites and are still researching for the desired shoes, then fortunately, you are at the right article as we come to you with the excellent shoe retailers in the US. Musabela com is an arch-supportive and comfortable footwear commodities retailer, marketing only in the US and Canada. Their shoes have unlimited features installed in them. It means they have a shoe collection to fulfill customers’ desire for beautiful, soft, supportive, and luxurious shoes at affordable rates. In the Musabela shoes reviews assessment, your keenness for buying them will increase. Let us walk with us to the end.

Musabela Shoes Reviews

About is a luxury, pain-free, sportive, and long-term effective shoe seller in the US. They have only shipping areas in the USA and Canada. They sell the shoe variety of women, verified and advised by medical officials. Musabela com is shipping all the products for free this week. They process the order in 2 to 6 days and is delivered within 2 to 4 days. They have a strict cancellation policy, and their return policy allows you to get an exchange return within 30 days. On the official store, there are unlimited numbers of customer feedback which means they work tirelessly to get good reviews from the buyers. To know about the unique features of Musabela shoes, you must read the following highlights very keenly.

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Musabela Shoes Features 

If you are interested in placing an order for their shoes, then you must know that they have the following unique features:

Musabela Shoes Reviews
  • Podiatrists Advised: If you work longer, you just need some medically beneficial shoe varieties. Musabela shoes are designed after discussing with the podiatrists. It means they have all the medical benefits in it.
  • Pain-free walk: Adding four layers in the soles allows you to walk quickly for long distances without feeling pain. Many people complain that they get hurt due to their imperfectly designed shoes. There is good news for them as Musabela Bela shoes are for their pain-free walk.
  • Supportive: These shoes have four layers in the sole. Among these four layers, one is for supporting the customer in walking. Its arch design is for sporting the user while walking and sitting.
  • Comfortable and Easy to Wear: This brand has considered all the customers’ concerns in manufacturing and producing the shoe varieties because they want to attract customer traffic towards them for their extra and useful shoe features. They are comfortable to make your life easy all day long.
  • Miscellaneous characteristics: Musabela shoes also have other features, like these shoes are affordable compared to different shoe varieties. There was style in nature and design to make the feet more comfortable and move quickly. Many color combinations are available in all sizes for people living in the USA and Canada. Due to its unique style and sporting material, you can wear it for your everyday routine or work day.

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Is Musabela Shoes A Legit Website Or Another Scam? 

After assessing its pros and cons on various websites, it was a completely challenging task to find the legality character of the most First of all, we analyzed its domain so that we might find its roots rising. After checking the website on, it was shocking that its domain is six months old with low SSL certificates. Its https are secure. They have yet to disclose the ownership details to the buyers on the official website. Even the phone number for customer services needs to be given. It could be better professional behavior.

According to the website, after searching for their name on social media sites, they appear on a Facebook profile categorized as a clothing brand instead of a shoe brand. On Facebook, there are 300 + followers with bad Musabela reviews on the posts. The official Facebook profile is not created yet. It is a confusing situation that leads this commerce to unidentified and suspicious brands.

After analyzing the website domain on scam advisor, we found that they have 52 trust scores which are more than average, and still, it is assumed as a suspicious website. There are no Musabela shoes reviews on the scam advisor with negative highlights and on the trust pilot. There is an empty report of this brand published; it means they still need to be accessed by the more significant and bigger trust score and reviews checking websites.

Musabela Shoes Reviews

Discount Offers offers up to 40% off on all commodities, which is the best time to avail of the offers. Along with this, they are offering free shipping to you as well.

Musabela Shoes Reviews By Customers

On the official website, there are 11000 Plus Musabela shoe reviews. Among them, the more significant number of reviews favor the band’s overall rating based on all these reviews. Some products have fewer reviews and 4.62 ratings as well. But we are incredibly sorry to say that they have yet to receive Musabela shoe reviews on the trust pilot stem advisor and other online platforms for any e-commerce website; it is assumed that they must get the reviews in the internal review system and the external review system.


  • Their shoes are stylish and comfortable. These shoes give a pain-free walk. Over 22000 satisfied customers. Almost 11000 plus customer feedback. Overall 5-star ratings. Arch-supportive and soft shoes.


  • They have not shared their own details and contact information.
  • There is only an internal review system, but the absence of an external review system.
  • The trust score is suspicious.
  • The main website is young.
  • There are no customer reviews on trust pilot and scam advisor.
  • Their official social media account hasn’t been created.

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For which customers are Musabela shoes beneficial to wear?

The people who work for 8 hours a day, seal pain in their feet while walking or working for longer day hours, have arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, back pain, or flat feet, etc., can buy these and use them for a longer period due to their sustainability and durability factor.

Do Musabela shoes benefit from walking longer distances and wearing them for longer periods?

These shoes are designed in four layers, and among these layers, one layer has some cushion and soft material, and the arch design is sportive in walking. You will feel at ease while walking after wearing these shoes on foot.

Does Musabela ship all over the world?

No, they only ship in the USA and Canada.

How are Musabela shoes designed? 

Their shoes have four layers. It has a wide toe box arch support and cushion containing soft material. The first layer is made up of high moisture-absorbing material so your feet are dry all day and comfortable. In the second layer, they insulted the foam and cushioned it to avoid the shocks. The third layer is designed for arch support and proper foot alignment. It helps in reducing the stress and strains caused by feet.

The last and fourth layer is a wide Cup shape which is beneficial in stabilizing the feet and reducing the chances of ankle sprains.

Final Verdict is an online comfortable and stylish orthopedic shoe for women. These shoes are medically beneficial and super cool to wear. Its design has a wide toe box, arch, and cushion support. Its sole has four layers that function for various benefits. The main website is six months old and secure. According to them, they have many years of experience, but the domain is not explaining their verdict.

They have not shared the social media sites and other phone number information with the customers on the official website and other portals. Traffic on this website is very low; according to the scam advisor, its trust score is 52, which is suspicious. There are no Musabela Shoes reviews found on the trust pilot and scam advisor. They have over 22 satisfied customers and 11000 + positive reviews with 5-star ratings. As a final judgment, we can say that their claims and commitment are not verified on any valid and professional extensions; they have shared fake information with the customers to attract their attention and intention.

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  1. Brenda

    I have ordered a pair and hopefully they are what they say. Hopefully will get them soon.

    1. Susan

      this website is a scam.

  2. J Ruiz

    Worst shoes ever SCAM
    The company is a scam. When I ordered my shoes I was excited to get them. I have a lot of pain i deal with on my feet. However the shoes were not as described. First of all it was sent to me in a bag like you would get with The odor of them were so strong I could small it from the bag. There is no arch support and refunds are awful. I have been trying to return the shoes and although it say you get all your money back . It is not true. T have to pay for shipping to them and they don’t refund you until they arrive back at their company. Although it says it will pay for return and restocking. It is not true. I was offered 11% back and keep the shoes, or I can get 11% and a $25 store credit for the option to return. DONT BUY SHOES. Its a scam. You will not get your money back.

  3. Irma Muzquiz

    I ordered these shoes after seeing the wonderful ads. Well, they charge you before you get them & once you get them them, you feel like a total fool. The smell is horrible & they arrive in a plastic bag, no box. I emailed them for a full refund. They sent me an address in China & will take weeks for refund or I could except a 25% discount & keep the shoes. The material is horrible along with the stitching. They look nothing like the ad. I’ve asked for the 25% but after 3 weeks nothing. It will cost more to ship them back. My next step is to call the US Attorney General on this scam. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! SCAMMERS

  4. Cindy Wilickas

    I have ordered and paid for shoes Sept and its Oct 5 since not here yet.. Their e-mails keep stating 1-3 business days I want a complete refund since I never received them. Who do I report them to believe its a scam.. Will never order anything again from them

  5. Sylvia Abney

    Not satisfied with my order sent incorrect size

  6. Teresa Durrell

    my order #21530 an I haven’t receive my shoes yet where are them? if u can’t send they to me I would like a refund. Teresa Durrell

  7. Carrie

    This is the biggest scam and joke. I ordered my shoes a month ago and I still don’t have them. I will never ever order from this company again. It is a complete joke

  8. Bonnie

    I ordered a pair of shoes from Musabela 19/27/23. I have not received them as of 12/7/23. I received notice that they were on the way 10/30/23. I know shipping is slow but I don’t think it’s that slow. I’m thinking I’ve been scammed.

  9. deanna

    These shoes aren’t that greatest,

    and it says easy return It’s next to impossible to return them do your self a favor and don’t order them.

  10. thomas

    Like many of you I have been scammed out of my money on this evil site

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