Muvez Shoes Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Comfortable Shoes Or Another Online Scam?

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Muvez Shoes Reviews – If are you a travel-loving person to different countries, then you must need some traveling shoes that are comfortable to wear. Also, will you be looking for detachable soles and waterproof shoes in frozen or damp areas? To make your journey more than fun, we share some fantastic brand shoe reviews that will help you throughout your traveling life.

Muvez shoes are famous for their quality, especially traveling shoe-making and selling products. Some of their boots are detachable sole-containing. Not only do they sell shoes but also masks, gift cards, headwear, etc., but we will restrict ourselves to Muvez shoes reviews. In this article, you will learn the quality, shipping, and legitimacy of

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Muvez Shoes Reviews

About is an online shoe-selling merchant with many shoe collections for men, women, and kids. Along with shoes, they have headwear, masks, and gift cards. You can ask them to deliver from any part of the world. Muvez charges nothing to ship and exchange any item.

They are unique from others because of their “wear now, pay later” and pay in installments if you pay with “shop-pay”. Muvez does have six years of experience producing and distributing goods.

MUVEZ 3:AM Dual Sole Slipper

MUVEZ 3:AM Dual Sole Slipper

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Lightweight – experience weightlessness as our shoes are slightly over 1 pound
  • Knit Upper – washing machine friendly, easy to care for and maintain
  • Zero Gravity Foam Footbed – supportive cushioning delivers all day comfort and support

Muvez Shoes

  • Travelling Shoes
  • Waterproof Shoes
  • Detachable sole shoes
  • Headwear
  • Gift Cards
  • Masks
Muvez Shoes Reviews

Is Muvez a Legit Website or Scam?

Everyone is conscious of the legality and scams in digital shopping. It is because scammers use this tactic of creating different websites and apps from where they trap the customers. It happens when you need to be more informed about these scamming techniques. We are sharing some points that will be helpful to you if you are going shopping online:

  • Contact Information: in a physical business, we need to have direct contact with the shopkeeper, and we are aware of that business. So, there is no need to check the contact number or address of the business owner usually. But in online business, it is an essential part of the website legitimacy containing the character. Unluckily, Muvez has yet to share the contact address or number with the clients.
  • Trust Score: Chrome extensions are ready to help you check a website’s trust score. However, they are not ideally suitable but are near. Just copy the URL of the targeted website or brand and paste them on the chrome extension, and they will show you the trust score of that specific brand. Or you may also search “Muvez shoes reviews”, and youtube reviews and chrome extensions will tell you if it is trustable. Fortunately, Muvez has almost positive reviews.
  • Social Media Links:  Online businesses are now growing and expanding their businesses to social media. They are their product images, description, personal information, etc., which boosts the brand’s confidence in customers. Luckily, Muvez has social profiles on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. On Instagram, Muvez has almost 14.7k followers. Seven hundred people have subscribed to the Muvez official. We found positive feedback in the comments on all items.
  • Website Content: website content includes the website structure, images, and text. Original brands and businesses are aware of all professional requirements. After analyzing, they had beautiful designs and genuine photos. It is suitable for Muvez.
  • Domain Age: Domain age has an impact on confidence in digital shopping. Muvez has almost six years of doing business. They have a lot of customers purchasing several times.

Discount Offers

Muvez is offering one discount offer that is on the signing up option. You will get a 30% discount on your next order if you subscribe to the website.

Muvez Shoes Reviews By Customers

The pro-benefit of online shopping is that you see the number of customers who have purchased from them, who reviewed and how much they have received positive feedback. People, when buying from these online websites, leave some comments and give ratings to that shop. If they are satisfied with the services 

Positive and negative reviews have similar effects on the customers’ intent. It is necessary that a business not only have reviews but also should be positive. As we have visited and analyzed the whole website, there are positive Muvez shoes reviews. Muvez has attained almost 4.9 stars ratings. Few customers have reviewed Muvez products. 


  • You may buy sole-detachable and Comfortable shoes
  • Customers have the option of payment in installments.
  • Positive Ratings on Muvez shoes.
  • Wear now, pay later.


  • The shipping policy is not mentioned. 
  • Return days need to be explained better.

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How much does Muvez cost for shipping outside the country?
Muvez has free shipping for all the items. They only charge the product value that is also discounted.

Does Muvez sell worldwide?
Yes, they deliver products all over the world. Further, you may contact them via email and ask them before ordering anything. 

Can I return the damaged items to Muvez?
Yes, you can. Muvez has a free returning policy if you receive damaged or incomplete items. You will return the items without extra cost bearing for your convenience and satisfaction.

What is the exchange process of Returning or exchanging?
For any exchange or return of items, first, you have to email Muvez’s support team will share the company address and the process entirely. The return or exchange process is not mentioned on the official site. 

How can I contact
Muvez’s contact number is not available. You can email them at and DM them on Instagram messaging chat. 

Wrap Up

Muvez is an online shoe shopping store with traveling, sole detachable, comfortable, and waterproof shoes. All products are affordable, and the quality is satisfying. For special occasions, Muvez provides you with gift shoes and cards. Their shipping, exchange, or return days are not mentioned. 

After the analysis, we conclude that Muvez is a genuine website providing services globally. They have social media links, and their trust score is very high. Muvez shoes reviews are incredibly satisfying. However, the contact number and address are not mentioned. But Instagram and youtube customer engagement have resolved the lack of contact information. 

Please read more Muvez shoes reviews and check Muvez’s trust score at your own risk before placement of any order. 

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