Olfyh Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Online Clothing Store For Women or Another Scam?

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Olfyh Clothing Reviews – Do you love to wear fancy and stylish sleeveless dresses to look gorgeous? Are you searching for a legal brand with edgy, fashionable apparel for women? If your search is for this, you’re at the right place. 

Olfyh.com is an international dress and clothing marketplace. They have different styles and colors of one-piece dresses, tops, and bottoms all in one place. We have written Olfyh clothing reviews for your convenience and to help you understand the trustworthiness of Olfyh.com.

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Olfyh Clothing Reviews

About Olfyh.com

Olfyh.com is a global product provider and e-commerce store. They have multiple types of dresses and clothes for girls and women. Their main products are tops, blouses, shorts, one-pieces, bottoms, casual attire, and other clothing items. If you love adding more beautiful gowns to your wardrobe collection, then Olfyh clothes are designed for you. They have yet to share any essential information with the buyers from which we may know about the origin and progress of Olyfh, further about their legality read to the end of the post.

Olfyh Clothing Products

The following things are visible on the website header for Olfyh:

  • One piece
  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • Blouses and sweatshirts
  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies
  • Tees
  • Long sleeve Tees
  • Cardigans
  • Printed dresses
  • Causal dresses
  • Two pieces

Olfyh Clothing Characteristics

They have been designed and manufactured by the employees of the company. So their main attributes for its popularity are:

  • Sound Quality: Olfyh clothes are made from natural raw materials like rayon and Elastane. These are organic ingredients. The natural materials add more strength and durability to dresses.
  • Thousands of Patterns and Designs: Olfyh clothes have various styles and fashion types. They have unlimited dress types and patterns to captivate the customers’ attention. These clothes have superb designs in different colors that people love and appreciate when worn.
  • Positive Feedback: in online shopping, we have only one way to trust any e-commerce clothes quality: the buyer’s Feedback. Suppose people give ratings of any element 4 or 5 stars and write appreciating comments.
  • Free Shipping: Olfyh offers free shipping to buyers if they purchase items of prices more than 79$. It is a type of discount for buyers. Also, Olfyh has different hot sales offers for buyers’ convenience.

Discount Offers

  • Free shipping for over 79$ order.
  • Free returning items offer.
  • 10% Extra Off on email subscription to the web store.
  • 40% sitewide off: coupon code is SAVE5.

Is Olfyh a Legit Clothing Website or Another Scam?

As per Olfyh’s claim, they have multiple years of experience. Like they have been working since 2017, most of their employees have worked in other companies. But can we trust just by reading this on their website timeline? Not; we have done enough research on Olfyh clothing reviews to find out the reality. The following points will reveal the whole and clear picture of Olfyh.com in front of you:

  • Contact Details: Olfyh has shared the preliminary information with the customers. But unfortunately, it is a piece of fake information and news copied from other e-commerce stores. It is not a text, but a screenshot captured from any different web store and used to distract the buyers.
  • Social Media Handles: Olfyh has Instagram, and FacebookFacebook accounts with sufficient followers and likes. The buyers’ engagement with these social icons is surprising. The reaction is more astonishing.
  • Trust Score: Olfyh’s trust score is only one despite the good ratings and positive customer feedback. It may also indicate the fake reviews and ratings of Olyfh. It could be a better trust score.
  • Domain Age: Olfyh.com’s domain age is only a few months old. It means that it is very new to write any suggestion or recommendation. The domain was registered in November 2022 and will expire in November 2023.

After the complete analysis and observation, we conclude that this website is not trustworthy at this time. It is because of their false information and fake reviews. 

Olfyh Clothing Reviews

Olyfh.com has only favorable reviews on the official website. The Olyfh clothing reviews are good, and I appreciate the clothes and the customer service. The rating is very high on each item, 5 out of 5.

People have written good comments on Facebook and Instagram and reacted to the liked emojis. This engagement looks like a stunning products and service provider store.

But on checking the internet and Trustpilot, these platforms need data for this company. Due to its new emergence in the marketplace, it will take time to be included in these great review-checking tools.


  • Thousands of designs and fashions.
  • The quality is superb.
  • Contact information shared.
  • Social media handles have excellent engagement.


  • False contact information was shared.
  • Fake Olyfh clothing reviews and ratings.
  • Slow shipping process.
  • Plagiarised content.

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Final Judgement

Olyfh is a designer, clothes manufacturer, and selling merchant for women’s dresses. They have clothes and dresses like one/two pieces, blouses, shirts, hoodies, cardigans, casual, tees, sleeveless shirts, etc., for women and girls only. These clothes are made from Rayon and Elastane. 

Olyfh has shared false addresses and fake social media links to disturbing buyers. They have offered 40% discounts to trap the buyers. After the complete assessment and judgment, we saw that all Olyfh clothing reviews are fake and just for promotion. 

At the end of the article, we recommend that they are scammers and trapping the buyers with incorrect information. Please exercise caution when shopping with them or sharing any confidential information. 

This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. jill azar

    I tried to return my order and I was offered $15. It says easy returns….I dont understand why I cant get a refund It was only 24 hours

  2. Connie Smith

    They never sent me the top I ordered. Scammed me for $57.98. Don’t order from this company it is nothing but a SCAM.

  3. Ingrid H.

    They sent me the clothes but it took forever and was in very poor quality. I kept asking for a return address and sent out seven separate emails. Finally they responded. The website says “ easy returns” – What a bunch of crap! They told me to send it back on my dollar to Dubai because it was too expensive for them to return it. To where? DUBAI. It cost me 28.00 dollars to do the right thing and return it but who knows if I’ll ever get my money back. Well if I don’t then I will have to go further…They don’t know me.

    Should have read Connie’s review before I ordered two outfits. Listen to her and me. Don’t order from this company. Stay away.

    If they do the right thing I will update my review.

  4. Arlene K. Roberts

    I ordered and outfit over 3 months ago. They took my money, but I never received anything. It is a scam company. I think everyone should put it in Facebook

  5. Mary Ellen B

    *********************WARNING DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY EVER**********************

    I ordered a Holiday Top From Them as a Christmas Gift . on December 4, 2023. I got SCAMMED FOR $42.98. Received email that payment was received and confirmed. Still have not received the top. Thank God my card was compromised after this so that this company can not try to use it again..

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