Pertasun com Reviews – Is It Legit Online Store For Woven Baskets or Another Online Scam?

Do Pertasun woven baskets live up to their reputation? Can this online store offer the quality and style it says it will? Pertasun com Reviews are the key to finding out the truth. Are customers talking about how long-lasting and beautiful these baskets are? Does everyone agree on how the shopping experience and customer service work? Dive into a world of questions as we look at what people say about the woven baskets made by Pertasun.

Pertasun com Reviews

About Pertasun com is an online shop that sells and offers beautiful woven baskets. The main place of business for Pertasun is at 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, United Kingdom, WC1A P. People can call the contact number, 442086385417, to ask questions or get help.

Pertasun com Reviews

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Is Pertasun com A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

  • Owner Information: The owner information is missing from Pertasun’s website, which raises concerns about honesty and trustworthiness. Ignoring this red flag is not an option.
  • Contact Information: The contact information on Pertasun’s website is concerning as it appears to be copied from other sources. So, This suggests that the website may not be legitimate or trustworthy as they do not provide accurate contact details. It is important to be cautious when considering purchasing from Pertasun.
  • Social Media Accounts: It’s a bit worrying that Pertasun doesn’t have any social media accounts that anyone can see. So, This could make people less likely to trust the online store. We should remind customers to be careful when shopping from businesses with a weak online presence.
  • Website Trust Score: Scam-catching websites have flagged Pertasun with a very low trust score due to numerous red flags. So, This indicates that Pertasun cannot be trusted as a website.
  • Domain Details: Someone registered the domain on March 12, 2023. However, the website is new and it could be fake. Therefore, it is recommended that people only trust Pertasun once they provide solid evidence that they are a legitimate website.
  • Content Check: Pertasun has copied text and pictures from other websites, which has damaged its reputation as an online store. Customers should be cautious when using a tool that employs such practices. This lack of creativity in content creation can harm a business’s image.
Pertasun com Reviews

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Pertasun com Reviews By Customers

We checked out to see what customers were saying about it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any pertasun com reviews on their website. Although This may be because Pertasun is a new online shop, It’s difficult to determine if they can be trusted since there is little information available about them yet.

To learn more about, we should search for pertasun com reviews on popular review sites. However, no one has shared their experience with this online shop yet. It appears that people have yet to make any purchases from


  • The SSL certificate is verified.
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  • The social accounts are missing.
  • Low website trust score.
  • The store is recently launched.
  • Pertasun com Reviews are missing on the official website.
  • We found a lot of sites with bad ratings on the same server.
  • The website design is not professional.

Faqs of Pertasun com

Are Pertasun’s Reviews Legitimate?

People are still determining if they can trust Pertasun because the ownership is unclear, the contact information is repeated, and there are no reviews on reliable sites.

Is Pertasun Trustworthy?

Pertasun should be treated with caution because it doesn’t have official social media accounts, has a low trust score, just registered a domain name, and has material that needs to be updated.

Are Customer Reviews Available?

There are no Pertasun reviews on the official website or on well-known review sites, which shows that it is new and that customers aren’t interested in using it.

Should I Trust Pertasun?

Don’t trust Pertasun. There are too many warning signs, like no reviews, unverifiable information, and questionable business practices. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Final Decision

Pertasun, an online store that sells woven baskets, has raised concerns about its openness and legitimacy due to the lack of owner information and duplicated contact information. 

Scam detectors have reported a low trust score for Pertasun’s website, and the absence of an official social media presence further questions its credibility.

Additionally, the fact that Pertasun recently registered its domain name and used recycled materials undermines its authenticity. Pertasun com reviews are noticeably absent from the official website and other well-known review sites. 

Potential customers should be cautious when conducting online business with Pertasun due to these red flags.

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