Sinleystar Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Store or Another Scam With Customers?

Are you looking for postage stamps you can trust? Want to know what Sinleystar has to offer? Find out what people say about Sinleystar, an online store selling postage stamps. Do the designs look as good in person as on the website? Join us as we learn more about Sinleystar, look at sinleystar reviews, and find out how good their postage stamps are. Sinleystar might be the best place to go if you want the best postage stamps.

Sinleystar Reviews

About Sinleystar is a top trade business that sells a wide range of high-quality goods. They make sure that online shopping is quick, easy, and organized for people who like to do it. 

Sinleystar is a significant retail and trading B2C business platform on the internet. It handles the buying process for buyers efficiently by optimizing the supply chain and improving each stage of the trade channel. 

Sinleystar’s email address is, which you can use to contact them. The business’s address is 2455 Helena St. in San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA. Their customer service chat is open from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET during the week and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET on Saturdays.

Sinleystar Reviews

Is A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam Store?

  • Sinleystar Owner Details: We looked at in depth to find out who owns it. On the main website, there needed to be more information about the owner. It is important to note that Sinleystar does not provide owner information to its customers, which may be considered a cause for concern.
  • Contact Information: After looking at the information about the owner, we looked at the contact information for sinleystar. The main website has an email address and a location for the company. But right now, we can’t tell if they are real. We had trouble finding the contact email address, as another online stamp shop already used it. Sinleystar also copied their company address from unrelated websites.
  • Sinleystar Social Media Handles: Then, we turned our attention to finding sinleystar’s social media sites. We checked multiple platforms thoroughly but found no official Sinleystar social media accounts. Sinleystar’s reputation could be better as he doesn’t utilize social media.
  • Website Trust Score: According to “Scam Advisor,” has a 51 out of 100 confidence score. This low trust score is something to worry about. We recommend that you do not believe Sinleystar and do not purchase anything on their website.
Sinleystar Reviews

Sinleystar Reviews By Customers

There are no sinleystar reviews on the official website, which is concerning. It’s a red flag that the website could be fake and try to scam people.

We check Sinleystar shop reviews on reliable review sites to round out our evaluation. We also look at well-known sites like “Trust Pilot.” Surprisingly, none of these reputable sites have any Sinleystar reviews.

This lack of reviews is a clear sign that sinleystar is unreliable and shouldn’t be considered a trustworthy website.


  • They have verified the SSL certificate.
  • According to DNSFilter, this site is safe.
  • 51 trust score out of 100.


  • Low website traffic.
  • No social media accounts.
  • Tranco indicates that this website has a low rank.
  • Poorly designed website.

Final Decision (Sinleystar Reviews)

As a result of our thorough review of Sinleystar, several troubling trends have come to light that make us question whether or not it is real.

Sinleystar is untrustworthy because there is little information about the owner, and the company address is fake.

 It also has a low trust score on “Scam Advisor” and is not on social media. 

No on-site or outside sinleystar reviews have been conducted, indicating that it is unreliable. 

Therefore, treating Sinleystar with extreme caution and avoiding interacting with them to protect against possible scams or illegal activities is essential.

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