Rishakum Reviews – Is It A Legit Online Clothing Store Or Another Online Scam With Customers?

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Rishakum Reviews – Are you searching for an online shop with thousands of products in suitable styles and fashions? Do you want to look stylish and gorgeous by wearing luxurious and colorful things at affordable rates? It is infrequent that you find a website rich in the diverse varieties of various products. If you want to attend an event but are trying to decide where to buy beautiful and uniquely styled dresses, then you are on the right page as we introduce you to Rishakum.com, which is full of clothing, shoes, and other accessories products. Their products are uniquely fashioned and beautiful-looking. They have quick shipping and an easy return policy. In this post, we will share all the necessary details to help you understand the nature of its products and their legal nature.

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Rishakum Reviews

About Rishakum.com

Rishakum.com is a fantastic type of clothing and dress seller. They have well-designed and pure material-made things. Their dresses are in various sizes and multiple colors. The color variety and size measurement have an exact impact on how the body looks. Rishakum offers free shipping and standard shipping in 7 to 15 business days. You can easily apply for a 30-day return. The rating is 5-star on the website’s products and Rishakum reviews, encouraging more customers to buy their products. But have you 100% confirmed that these Rishakum.com reviews are authentic? Let’s read to the end of the paragraph to verify their feedback and ratings.

Rishakum Products

Rishakum.com sells the following items:

  • Cotton & Linen Dresses
  • Bohemian Dress
  • Resort Dress
  • Van Gogh
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Jewellery
  • Denim Outfits

Rishakum Clothing Specifications

Rishakum.com products have gained much attention and traffic due to the following features:

Rishakum Reviews
  • Superb Contrast: Rishakum clothes have excellent contrast in colors and designs. These dresses are not presented in one solid color but in contrast. In a shop’s experience, you create different combinations of colors in good contrasts and combinations.
  • Most Minor To Extra Large Sizes: Different dresses and clothes will fit body measurements. Finding a website with clothing varieties and matching accessories in all size ranges is an intricate part of online shopping. Luckily, Rishakum.com has various clothes and dresses in various colors and sizes. You will remember your wearing time memorably.
  • Affordable Rates: Rishakum.com offers different types of clothes for special events and days to make prices cheap and affordable. For buyers looking for beautiful dresses at cheap rates, then these Rishakum clothes are for you.
  • Easy Return and Fast Shipping: Rishakum facilitates you by providing an easy 30-day return policy, which is not commonly offered. If your event is near and you want quick-shipped dresses, Rishakum is your only option, as they deliver products in 7 to 15 days. They will ship free if you order more than $30.

Is Rishakum A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

Rishakum.com is an online shop, so its verification is necessary. You knew earlier that online scamming is very common these days. To ensure the website’s authenticity, kindly confirm all these factors so you are not deceived.

First of all, check the website’s domain security. Its HTTP is secure, as spamming does not affect its website URL. The SSL certificates are also valid. This website is only three months old, which indicates that reviewers have few points to observe about Rishakum.com. To judge the authenticity of any website, it must have existed for more than one year. In simple words, the domain age of the website must be more than one year.

Then, Rishakum must share their contact details with the customers. If the owner does not reveal their information, it creates significant doubt in the minds of the buyers about the original identity of the buyers.

Rishakum has a Facebook profile which has about 700 followers. But the reviews we saw on the posts could be a better sign for the Rishakum. It is good that websites create many profiles to access customers.

According to Scam Advisor, the website trust score is only one, meaning they have gained zero confidence in Google. There are no Rishakum clothing reviews found on TrustPilot and Scam Advisor. On other extensions, they also have negative feedback and scoring.

Rishakum Reviews

Rishakum Reviews by Customers

It is incredible that the products on the official website have a 5-star rating. People have written excellent and positive Rishakum clothing reviews. In Trustpilot details, there are zero Rishakum.com reviews. On Scam Advisor, the customers have yet to show their feedback. According to other websites like Trustreviews and ScamDocs, Rishakum.com has negative reviews. They need a better reputation and feedback for the website.


  • Thousands of products.
  • 5-star ratings on the website.
  • Good official reviews.
  • Social media accounts have been created.
  • Well-fashioned and stylish products.


  • The owner’s details are kept a secret.
  • Negative reviews were found on social media profiles.
  • One trusts Score.
  • Limited stock for the products.
  • Rishakum Reviews are not created.
  • The website server has been recognized as a scammer many times.
  • The website is young.
  • Traffic is very low.

FAQs (Rishakum Reviews)

Does Rishakum offer free shipping?

Yes, they do. But you must order more than 29 dollars to avail of free shipping.

Can we return the items to Rishakum?

Yes, they offer an easy return policy of 30 days. You have to bear the return or refund fee.

How many days does it take to deliver the products(Rishakum Reviews)?

They process the order within 3-7 days. They usually take 7-15 days for shipment. If you want quick shipping, you’ll have to pay $ 14.99$ to get the order within 3-7 days.

Final Recommendation (Rishakum Reviews)

Rishakum.com sells various fashionable and stylish clothes and dresses online. They sell products like dresses, clothes, shoes, hats, and other accessories. These products are at affordable rates. 

They have yet to share the owner’s details with the buyers. They have fewer followers on Facebook. Harmful and bad reviews are found on Facebook. The website trust score is the only one which is the worst for any domain. There are no Rishakum reviews on Scam Advisor and TrustPilot. On Rishakum.com, they have good reviews and ratings.

We conclude that Rishakum.com is not a legit website. They are new in the market. It will take time to judge the website.

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  1. Victoria Koch

    I ordered over a month ago and still haven’t received my order they said it has been delivered ummm ok then where is it I’m home all the time I receive a lot of packages but this one has not been delivered

  2. Joan Beaubian

    I’m still waiting for three separate orders made at the end of May I have screenshots of confirmations

  3. Cristin Mcclelland

    I have also ordered about a month ago month and a half ago and I have not seen my order. What’s up?

  4. Donna young

    I have not received my order , and I haven’t heard any feedback from you

  5. Kate Guthrie



    I have absolutely no news of my order N° 230530221416897 dated May 30th 2023 … i.e. 28 days ago !!!!

  7. Arlowene Sandau

    I ordered 3 dresses on 5/11/23 @9:02pm. Ordered for a special event. 6/28/23 still have not come CANT GET AHOLD OF THE COMPANY TO COMPLAIN OR KINDLY ASK WERE THEY ARE!!!
    AM I 😠

  8. Vanessa Thompson

    I also ordered a month or more ago order not received can’t even get customer service

  9. Mayra Ramírez

    I have not received my order please help it been over 16 weeks

  10. Mayra Ramírez

    Have not recive order

    1. Davina deBellvue

      You will not get what you ordered, you’re likely to receive a package with your orders tracking number so it shows package was delivered but it will be some useless $1 item, I received a cooling towel in a lanyard type holder…instead of my $80 order, I reached out twice to check on shipping because it had been so long. Then on site it said ships from California, 🤣 we were scammed! I think maybe if we all report these people to Homeland Security as sending the Chinese virus we can maybe land them in some Chinese jail? Idk 🤪 that I fell for it…..

  11. D Shepherd

    I also ordered from this company. They said it was delivered. But l didn’t get anything. They keep saying we will send it again. But now it is lost in shipping. They said they would give me a fraction of what I paid as compensation. They are a scam . Don’t believe or buy from them. Facebook should be made to pay ,as it is on their site.

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