Rokediyar Clothing Reviews – Is It A Legit Place To Buy Women’s Clothes Or Another Online Scam?

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Rokediyar Clothing Reviews – Are you curious about wearing some lapel or other unique styles of dresses? Have you heard about the retailer’s name? Purchasing something classy and sexy from an online retailer takes a lot of energy. Although there is the convenience of having less effort put in, the risk makes it more complex than for many online shoppers.

Today, one online shop named is getting more popular every day. They are online retailers of clothes and dresses. These dresses are uniquely designed, glamorous, and have many other special features. In the Rokediyar clothing reviews, you’ll learn about products, quality, styles, prices, discounts, and, most importantly, their scam or legit nature.

Rokediyar Clothing Reviews

About is a retail shop with a focus on party and casual dresses. They manufacture the dresses from raw materials like cotton, linen, polyester, etc. Their superbly styled and beautiful dresses are available in up to plus sizes. Aimark Ltd. is a UK-based private limited company that has created this website and retailed its products. Their registration number is 10853964. interprets innovative designs at significantly discounted prices. They receive payment via various credit and debit cards. Rokediyar has a speedy shipment policy, as they deliver only 5 to 12 days after your order confirmation. They have different shipping rates according to the order price range. Buyers can request a return or refund within 14 days of order receipt.

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Rokediyar Clothing Products

The Rokediyar is involved in retailing the following types of dresses and clothes:

  • Coats
  • Plus size Dress
  • Linen Dress
  • Vacation Dress
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • T-shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Tank Tops
  • Accessories

Rokediyar Clothing Specifications dresses are made of different ingredients. So they have a mixture of properties from all these materials. Have an overview of the clothing features:

Rokediyar Clothing Reviews
  • Superb Absorption: Rokediyar clothing is highly absorbent to moisture. That’s why these can be used in any season. Even after absorbing such a magnificent amount of humidity, the dress can’t get damp, which is the beauty of Rokediyar dresses and clothing.
  • Breathable: Rokediyar dresses have linen and cotton blends. These dresses have micro holes that ease the airflow. These dresses are very breathable.
  • Soft and Comfortable to Wear: Rokediyar has gentle clothing with a micro elasticity factor involved. Due to the micro elasticity and softness, the consumer doesn’t feel discomfort or inconvenience wearing the dresses all day.
  • Seasonal Styles: Unbreakable Chain: If online shops want to exist longer, they must have various dresses and clothes. That’s why, despite the new launch in the market, they have introduced innovative and stylish designs for customers to remain connected with the apparel. Due to the natural material, these dresses can be worn in any season.
  • Gift Order: We rarely see a retail shop that offers you a gift for regular shopping. On Rokediyar, they give you an advantage if you order outfits for more than 37.27 dollars.

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Is Rokediyar Clothing A Legit Website Or Another Scam? 

Roekdiyar is trending on many platforms. They claim that they have been working since 2014. But can we trust them or not? That is the question. Let’s see whether they have features of legit websites or links with scammers or spammers.

We are curious about its ownership when visiting an online shop. But fortunately, it is a good thing that Rokediyar has shared their property details. Aimark Ltd. is a company that deals with this website. Its company has registration number 10853964. They are located in London, UK. It is a green signal for Rokediyar.

All big brands and retailers have found the opportunity to access customers through different social media profiles. But like scammers, Rokediyar has not tried their reach on any social media site. This website domain is only three months old. It is often seen that scammers don’t exist for more than a year due to the high number of reports.

On Trustpilot, reviews are not found. It is an adverse situation because an external review system must exist. On Scam Advisor, it needs to get a higher trust score as they have only one trust index. Having such a low trust index is itself a horrible thing. Then, adding to that, Rokediyar reviews are unavailable on Scam Advisor or any other portal. According to Tranco, its rank needs to be improved. Customer traffic should be higher on this website. This website has valid SSL certificates and secure HTTPS.

Rokediyar Clothing Reviews

Rokediyar Clothing Reviews By Customers

Many factors are considered for any legit website to make it more attractive. On, they have zero Rokediyar clothing reviews. Judging them via social media sites is impossible, as they have zero social media profiles. Then comes the external review system. Again, Rokediyar is unlucky because there are no Rokediyar reviews on any external review systems or websites. It is unsuitable for them, as feedback is the verification code for any e-commerce website.

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  • Dresses are breathable and soft.
  • These clothes are easy to wear and comfortable.
  • They are highly absorbent.
  • They have beautiful designs on their websites.
  • The ownership name of the company is revealed.


  • The website trust score is terrible.
  • They have no contact information.
  • This website needs to be younger.
  • The domain registration address is in China on Whois.
  • Customer traffic is low.
  • There are low ranks on the website, according to Tranco.
  • Website registrar has many complaints of registering spam or scam.


Where does Rokediyar belong?

Rokediyar is regulated by Aimark LTd, present in Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP. But on Whois, their location is mentioned as being in China. It indicates they are controversial.

Which material does Rokediyar use in their dresses?

Rokediyar uses cotton, linen, polyester, spandex, etc.

Which payment methods do they use for accepting money?

The Rokediyar accepts payments via credit and debit cards.

How do I return the Rokediyar dresses?

If you want a refund or return for any defective or incorrect items, contact them first to get a return address. You must apply for a return or refund 14 days after receiving the order. They will process your return order, and then in a week; they will refund you.

Final Verdict is a professional, newly launched website retailer shop. There are a variety of outfits for casual wear or party dressing. They are versatile in manufacturing and designing innovative styles. The website owner’s name is shared, but the phone number is still needed.

The website trust score is low. Rokediyar clothing reviews are absent from all the relevant platforms. This website needs to be younger to judge. They need higher rankings and customer traffic. Social media absences have a red mark on their trustworthiness. They are not legit, as per our recommendations.

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Lindy

    unfortunately they have just told me my order has been delivered which is not true. I have asked them to investigate so I am a little suspiscious of this company

  2. R

    Rokediyar is definitely a scam ! They send you emails and tracking from Amber Customer Service to state that your items have been delivered, but they never reach you. Amber Customer Service then email trying to negotiate by refunding 60% of the amount taken! They are extremely quick in taking the money though, but they do not refund the full amount even through the items have not been delivered. Thank goodness my first order was only a minimal amount, but this is still not an excuse for not refunding the full amount. Totally intend to take further action on this and place a nasty review on all rokediyar and Amber Customer Service websites. The matter has already been reported to the police who have assured me that they will look into this matter.

  3. Veronica white-abbott

    I too was told my order was delivered they refused to give me my refund back. And when I investigated they were living no delivered was intended to come to me .they also accused me of it going to my neighbours which no neighbours was at my company then they say the courier stole it.

  4. Jean

    Hi I haven’t revisited my clothes yet the money had been taken out of bsnk

  5. Walkes

    The exact thing has happened to me. They sent me an email claiming to be a trustworthy company! I have not received 1 thing and they claim it was delivered! How is this allowed to happen? They advertise on YouTube. It is disgusting. Something needs to be put in place to protect us consumers from scams like this. Can you imagine how much money they are pocketing without proper legitimate monitoring. I feel absolutely disappointed that consumers have no help/support from dishonest people who steal from trusting customers, and appear to get away with it on the back of platforms such as YouTube.

  6. Danuta

    I also did not receive my order, I sent a few emails to them and received no response I think that this store is a scam and a scam on internet forums, unfortunately there are more and more scammers and we customers get fooled because the prices are low and the clothes are quite nice and that there is consumer abuse, the police should take care of it

  7. Vida Amos

    I ordered cloths of 68£ I never received it. After 33 days the tracking says delivered. Webcam has not captured anything. They are complete scam. They write back with long story. I am going to sue their company. Scammers

  8. Dora

    Same thing happened to me, was told delivered, then when asked for refund have gotten nothing but the run around.
    This is a scam website that should be taken down

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