Skamx Clothing Reviews – Is It Trustworthy Clothing Store For Men or Just a Scam?

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Skamx Clothing Reviews – Are you looking for fancy, and printed shirts with your desired logos or quotes online? Are you searching for some affordable and hot sale offers you may avail? Several websites provide clothing products online, offering significant discounts. But due to fraudulent incidents, are you afraid of being scammed online? Don’t worry; we will help you in shopping online safely.

Among online web stores, Skamx is an online marketplace for both men and women. They sell all kinds of dresses you want to buy. As mentioned above, it may be a scam website, so read the skamx clothing reviews articles carefully in order to secure yourself.

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Skamx Clothing Reviews

About Skamx is a China-based brand with men’s and women’s outerwear. Whether you like simple dresses or stylish stuff, all collections are available. Skamx has extensive experience in this area. They consistently give high-quality goods and services.

Skamx has many sales offers at this time for new buyers. They ship their products all over the world. Their shipping time ranges from 11 to 28 days. For orders less than 69 dollars, you will have to pay some charges, but for orders over 69 dollars, your products will be delivered free of charge. To return any wrong thing, you have 30 days to get a return or refund for that product.

Mens Fashion Athletic Hoodies Sport Sweatshirt Solid Color Fleece Pullover

Mens Fashion Athletic Hoodies Sport Sweatshirt Solid Color Fleece Pullover

Skamx Clothing

Skamx is offering the following items both for men and women:

  • Hoodies
  • Work Dress
  • Casual Dresses
  • Sleep & Lounge
  • Tees
  • Tops
  • Bottom
  • Pajamas
  • Shorts
  • Accessories

Explore the above catalogs to view more items and find your favorites.

Skamx Products Features

Skamx is putting 120% effort into satisfying the clients, and they are getting more than what they expected before due to the following features of their clothes:

  • Simple but quality stuff: after the complete analysis of the Skamx products, we found the reason for their customer’s attractive attributes. As they manufacture simple-looking dresses, the material and the color combination make them more appealing to viewers. There is no overprinting or designing that distracts the customers’ attention.
  • Eco-friendly Raw Material: Skamx manufacture their clothes from biochemical and environmentally friendly materials. Even after the clothes are over aging, it is not a waste material that destroys the environment.
  • Durable and Bright: Skamx garments last for a long time with you, and their colors or groom don’t disappear. Even after washing, its brightness and glow remain the same.
  • Customer Support: for any queries related to their cloth stuff, services, shipping, and return policy, you may contact them at Their support team will answer your email within 24 hours.
  • Discount Offers: Skamx offers many discounts on the eve of the new year to get more customers on this glorious occasion. Like they offer free shipping for orders above 69$ items, and if the order price exceeds 99$, you will get 20% more on the dress’s cost. On email subscription, Skamx will add the 15% new year sale offer to your account.

Is Skamx a Legit Website or Another Scam to Buyers?

Due to the millions of websites on Google, it is challenging to differentiate between scamming and actual stores. But some common points will determine the real one from scammers.

  • Contact Details: It is a vital part of online business that they share their contact number and address. The Skamx contact number is not available on the official website, but the bad thing is that the mentioned address is also fake.
  • Social Media Presence: Social presence has become a compulsory part of online business in this digital era. Skamx has two social media accounts. One is on Instagram, and the other is on Facebook. They have 1K followers on each invoice. But the feedback on the social media posts could be more favorable.
  • Website Content: Every professional and original brand introduces its products and content. The website is well organized. But the worst thing is that most of the data is copied from other websites. It is a habit of existing sites.
  • Trust score: After checking on various trust-checking tools and skamx clothing reviews, we concluded that the trust score of Skamcx needs to be improved. Due to this, customer traffic is decreasing to You may further explore the trust score of Skamx using google extensions.

Skamx Clothing Reviews by Customers

When a customer buys a product online, he can give ratings and feedback to that particular website. If customers favor that specific website, it will eventually increase their traffic. Customer feedback has a significant role in customers deciding whether they should buy from that web store or restrict themselves.

The same is the case with They have two social media accounts and one official website to check the skamx reviews. On the official websites, there are no skamx clothing reviews. Now, only a few comments are seen on social media posts. And most of them tag it as a scam, and some are complaining about its quality and services. So, as you have seen, the comments by buyers are not in favor of Skamx.


  • Variety of stuff
  • Address and social media accounts are present.
  • Fashionable and simple dresses are available.


  • No contact number is available.
  • There are no social media accounts.
  • The buyer’s feedback is negative to Skamx.

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Last Words

Skamx has its office in China and has clothing for men. You may buy from them all dress types of accessories that are matchable. They have shared their address and social media profiles. The social media accounts have a sufficient number of followers. The negative comments are found on social profiles.

They deliver the items between 11 and 28 days after placing the order. The shipping is accessible all over the world for items above 69$. In case of returning faulty items, the buyer would have 30 days to claim for return. Skamx accepts payments via PayPal and debit/credit cards as well.

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  1. Jennifer

    Their clothes are not as advertised. Their pictures appear to be tight-fitting for athletic body types. What I received was the opposite of that… a really wide and baggy, and kinda short, really big neckline even though it looked small in the pictures. And they refuse to pay for me to send it back or give me a full refund. Would not recommend this company.

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