Cilool Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit Place To Buy Comfy Shoes Or Another Online Scam?

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Cilool Shoes Reviews – Footwear is the identity of a person. Shoes define the personality of a woman or man and what type of nature he/she owns. Suppose you are searching for a well-reputed brand or business market with all kinds of shoe varieties. Then you are at the right post.

We introduce you to the famous online market with all types of shoes for the seasons. We are talking about the Cilool shoes. Whether you want simple causal shoes or fancy footwear, whether about low heel sandals or long boots, you will find every kind of shoe stuff on a single website. Because we have experience with Cilool, sharing some essential things about this brand in this Cilool shoes reviews article is better.

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Cilool Shoes Reviews

About is an online web store located in China and linked with Firsple Limited. Around the world, Cool offers shoes and accessories for purchase. They claim to provide top-notch quality shoes to each customer.

The Cilool company was founded on April 2019. They have been working nonstop since then. The official page mentions cilool shipping, return, and payment methods. After reading the Cilool shoes reviews, you’ll be well-informed about the pros and cons of Cilool fashion shoes.

Skechers Women's Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker

Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning Elite Sneaker

Cilool Shoes

They have the following items in stock:

  • Cilool Sandals
  • Cilool Sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Flat
  • Boots
  • Rhinestone
  • Accessories

Cilool Shoes Features

The following are the best thing about Cilool sneakers and shoes that make them unique from other shoe brands:

  • Soft and Comfortable Shoes: Cilool sneakers and sandals are made up of soft material. And their design is so comfortable that even after wearing the footwear, no one feels discomfort like tightening or hurting the feet. No hard material is used in the manufacturing of Cilool shoes.
  • Fashionable and Variety Stuff: Cilool has listed the items on the official site in thousands. It means they have various cilool fashion shoes and casual footwear. Whether you need shoes for home use or office work, whether you want to buy running cilool sneakers or other formal shoes, it is the right place to buy them.
  • Durable: Cilool shoes are made up of excellent quality material that will only vanish slowly. You may buy footwear and can use it for years. It is good that you don’t need shoes again and again.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Cilool has a support team ready to help you all the time. If you have any queries, then email the Cilool staff team at The support staff will reasonably facilitate all your questions

Is Cilool a Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Online scamming is very common since online shopping and other money-related online works. If you are going to buy something online, first ensure that whether they are original merchants or scammers or they only use this online shopping as an opportunity to commit fraud with people. It is the same case in this Cilool, so reduce your effort; we have judged this website from different angles to find its legal character. Below are the points to analyze a website’s authenticity:

  • Owner name: Firsple Limited
  • Email:
  • Ph.No: +86 13306810786
  • Address: RM1402. 14/F BLDG 3, Wanda Plaza, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CN
  • Domain Age: The website’s domain age plays a significant role in analyzing the website. An old and experienced website means that many customers have dealt with them. It will be a golden chance to see the Cilool shoes reviews in Bulk quantity. is showing as two years and four months old. That’s good!
  • Website Design and Content: Professional business stores represent their original products, and their website is developed and designed professionally. However, has a good structure and is designed beautifully. But the issue is that their images are copied from other websites. It is not at all suitable for Cilool.
  • Contact Details include the contact number, business owner’s name, and address. And the above are all mentioned in the official website contact us section.
  • Social Media Profiles: in this era of the digital world, how is it possible that an online business has no social media account? These days it has become an essential part of checking the website’s credibility. It is because the online shop’s social profiles give more exposure to customers and give feedback on the quality and services of Cilool fashion shoes. cilool has Instagram and Facebook profiles having 2-3K followers. After checking the posts’ reactions, it revealed that most people are angry about Cilool.

Cilool Discount Offers and Promo Codes

  • Free shipping for orders more than 59$.
  • Buy one get 20% off for the 2nd item. Code:ci20
  • Buy two items, and get 40% off for the 3rd item. Code:ci40
  • Buy three things, and get 60% off for the 4th item. Code:ci60


  • Variety Stuff.
  • Beautiful and Bulk quantity in one place.
  • Durable, fashionable, and stylish


  • Bad quality material.
  • Customers have negative feelings about cilool.

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Cilool Shoes Reviews By Customers

Customer appreciation or depreciation encourages or discourages the seller, respectively. If you are selling a thing well and the customer is satisfied with your quality and service, it is a blessing for your business. But if the scenario is vice versa, the online shop will be in trouble.

Cilool has attained thousands of reviews. But the bad thing is that most customer feedback could be more favorable with the cilool services and shoe quality. Overall the star rating for cilool is only 1.9, which is very poor. It means people are dissatisfied with whatever Cilool is providing.

Final Words

Cilool is an online web shoe store operated by Fireplace. It is located in China. Cilool has boots, sandals, casual shoes, and formal shoes with accessories. They have set different shipping policies for other countries; one thing in common is they have free shipping for orders above 59$. If you get some faulty, partial, or wrong-sized shoes, you will return them or get a refund in 60 days.

They have many pros about their website, but the most significant con is that customers need to favor the Cilool shoe quality. We recommend that you do more research on the Cilool shoes reviews and, if satisfied, place the order.

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