Swimshy.com Reviews – Best Place To Buy Swimwear or Waste of Money?

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Swimshy.com Reviews – Are you looking for a retail website offering swimwear dresses? Do you like one-pieces or bikinis? Then you must have searched different online websites to place an order. Thousands of websites on Google are presently offering all types of dresses. But along with the real one, scamming websites are also developed.

Swimshy.com is an online swimwear retail shop. They have bikinis, swimsuits, and one-piece dresses in the main categories. They have ultimately shared all the essential details with the buyers. On further exploring the Swimshy.com reviews, customers may access the necessary information about the quality of Swimshy clothes. Indeed, you must be conscious of the legality of Swimsy.com and read the post carefully; we have shared all the information thoroughly.

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Swimshy.com Reviews

About Swimshy.com

Swimshy.com is an online market that has quality dresses in different styles. They commit to the buyers to introduce optimizing dresses. As you know, updating the clothes over time is a challenging task. But the commitment is clear.

Swimshy.com was developed on February 11, 2022, and will expire in 2024. To regulate the business, they may update the domain time. They have many discount offers and free shipping for large orders. Swimshy has 15 days to return items.

Swimshy.com Products

They have the following main categories having sub-items also.

  • Bikinis
  • Swimsuits
  • One Piece
  • Cover-ups
  • Accessories

Specifications of Swimshy.Com

  • Website Name: www.swimshy.com
  • Main menu: Swimwear and Accessories
  • Email: service@swimshy.com
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Klarna, JCB, etc.
  • Shipping Time: 10-15 days for delivery and 1-3 days for processing the order.
  • Shipment Fee: 9.99$ for items less than 59$ order. Free for items above 59$.
  • Social Media Accounts: there are no social media accounts.
  • Return or Exchange days: 15 Days
  • Website Age: about 11 months
  • SSL and HTTPS: Valid SSL certificates and secure HTTPS.

Is Swimshy.com a Legit Website or Another Scam With Customers?

In the world of positivity, negativity is always present. It is a custom that no matter how transparent one is, there will always be a chance of scams. We must allow ourselves to shop online, as it has become the more popular and proper way to buy something. But scammers, as you know, are still looking for ways to defraud buyers using different methods. So, there are always some guidelines to be followed so that one can be secure from these fraudulent websites:

  • Domain Age: Domain age is the essential element we have to check. You may check the website’s domain age easily. Search on google about  “Domain Age Checker”, and hundreds of websites will appear. Click on any website; there will be a prompt to paste the domain URL, copy the target website’s URL and paste it into the domain age-checking website option. According to “dupe checker”, Swimshy’s domain age was created on February 11, 2022. It is about 11 months old.
  • Trust Score: same as domain age checking websites, there are trust scores corresponding websites in hundreds. Copy the website URL, you will check the trust score, and paste it into any trust score checking the website, and they will represent the website’s trust score. On “scam advisor”, swimshy’s trust score is only one.
  • Contact Information: contact information of a business or its owner must be shared with the clients on all portals, whether physical or digital. On the official website, the Swimshy contact number is shard which is +125855648. But the address of the business owner or store is not accessible to buyers, which is not a good thing.
  • Social Presence: swimshy needs to create some social accounts so that customers have more platforms to give Swimshy reviews openly. Due to easy access, people write comments and provide feedback to specific brands. Unfortunately, the swimshy social media accounts are not created.


Discount Offers

  • On your first order, get 10% Off. (Code: GIFT)
  • If you buy three items, then the fourth item will be free.
  • Free shipping for 59$ order.

Swimshy.com Reviews By Customers

The feedback from buyers after purchasing any item online has an impressive impact on the intent of new customers. If the experienced clients are happy and leave positive comments, the curiosity of new buyers will increase. The opposite will happen if the customer is not satisfied with the quality or quantity of the business. If online companies have social media accounts, they will have more ways to write comments.

In the current scenario, Swimshy.com reviews are not found on the official website, and due to the unavailability of social media accounts, Swimshy reviews are in fewer numbers.


  • The contact number is written.
  • The website is secure.
  • A complete description of items and policies.


  • No social media accounts.
  • Low trust score.
  • Domain age is less than one year.

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FAQs (Swimshy.com Reviews)

How does Swimshy ship items?

Swimshy uses the following methods to deliver items.

  • USPS
  • DHL,
  • E-Packet,
  • EMS,
  • FedEx,
  • Aramex,
  • JAX

How long will it take to receive the Swimshy order?

The Swimshy shipment policy is different for different countries. But they usually deliver items in 10–15 business days.

Is there any shipping fee for Swimshy?

Yes, for items less than 59$, swimshy costs about 9.99$ shipping fee for standard shipping. For express shipping, the buyer will pay 26$, and the order above 198$ will be shipped free of charge.

Do I return the Swimshy items?

Yes, you can. If you receive partial delivery or the wrong items, then you may contact the support team with proof within 15 days of delivery.

Final Recommendations (Swimshy.com Reviews)

Swimshy is an online retail shop with swimwear stuff. They have worldwide recognition. The website was developed on February 11, 2022. From the creation of the website to now, no Swimshy.com reviews have been found.

The website could be more trustworthy, as its trust score is only 1. And the domain age is less than one year old. We found no social media accounts. If you have loved any dress and want to place an order, do more investigation and proper research.

This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Christy

    This website is indeed a scam. I ordered (3) suits with matching wraps; after a few days of not hearing from them I emailed them about my order and it went unanswered. The number listed “cannot be completed as dialed”. Fortunately I had paid through PayPal so I reported an issue on swishy.com and within a few days of PayPal investigating my order, I received a full refund. I am getting my review out to as many platforms online as possible.

    1. Lynda

      Thanks Christy! You just saved me $150. Appreciate the effort you’re going to to warn others.

  2. Carla

    Total scam. Quality/sizing awful. Asked for refund for $75 of poor quality goods and was sent this email, then a second offering a $9 refund “Would you like to sell them on second-hand websites or give them to your relatives and friends?

    We are willing to offer a $10 off coupon as compensation if you keep them”

    1. Shae

      I got the same reply, but then insisted on them processing a return. They responded with an address and that I have to pay for shipping and any taxes and import duties, plus they will only process the refund if they determine the returned items are resalable. After reading these reviews, I’m feeling I won’t get my money back, so I’d rather keep the swimsuits than risk that. Dangit!!!

  3. Nancy

    Scam!!! .ordered two swimmers and two wraps. Never received. 3 months later. Cannot get any response nor refund


    Swimshy is a business; however, BEWARE!. I ordered 16 items, 8 bathing suits and 8 wraps. As the web-site state, you have to order the matching pieces separately.

    Swimshy sent me 10 items, only (3) were matching sets, (4) without the wrap and/or swimsuit. My order was missing (6) pieces.

    I reached out to them everyday for over a week, I kept getting sickening apologizes, a $10 coupon, and/or a replacement.

    I finally asked on multiple occasions for a Return Address/Authorization, not one time was it provided to me and I spent $350. They repeated the same apolopy, coupon, and replacement.

    On last evening, their response was we sent the remainder of your order and we will refund you for the (2) out of stock items.





    1. Brinda

      Carol, I should have looked at your review. Before I made the same mistake. Trying to stop payment with the bank but it has to “hard post” before you can dispute it!😡😡😡

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