Lovetita com Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Women’s Clothing Store Or Another Online Scam?

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Lovetita com Reviews – Do you want elite-style resort parallel linen shirts or blouses? Are you searching for these traditional clothes at reasonable prices? On the internet, there is a junk of clothing stores and websites. These websites have a thousand types of versatile dresses. Some may be real, and others may be designed to scam customers through different deals. is a professional international business shop for only one type of parallel linen dress. They have a few months of experience in the online market. Due to the diversity of the clothing market on the internet, it is challenging to find a legitimate store to place an order and then enjoy the deals realistically. Let’s see the Lovetita reviews below to understand the exact status of

Lovetita com Reviews

About Lovetita is an online retailer of clothes. They sell products like resort parallel linen blouses or tops at very reasonable prices. These clothes are made in Italy. These clothes are made of cotton and linen. The material contribution makes it durable and lovable. Lovetita is offering very reasonable discounts. These clothes have a good appearance. After wearing these tops, women look more awesome and versatile. 

Lovetita has a free shipping policy as well. These tops are available in every size range. You can ask them for the shortest to the largest size and colour combinations. The design and style of the clothes are unique, and they are trying their best to present more versatility and styles.

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Is Lovetita com A Legit Website or Not?

In online stores, clothing stores publish such excellent advertisements that customers get magnetic and intend to buy them at every price. These ads magnet thing is more profitable for the scammers as they run customer attention magnet ads. But still, there are some other ways to determine the website’s legal status.

  • Contact Information: In online or offline business, the business owner’s name, address, and other personal details must be available to customers. This sharing can build up clients’ trust in the business store, increasing customer traffic speedily. But unlucky still needs to publish the website’s owner’s name, address, and other contact details. It’s The Red flag on the authenticity of
  • Website Domain: You can find many hidden details of the website’s domain using various tools and extensions. Firstly, the domain can tell how much the business has experience in this field. Since the domain is only 2 to 3 months old, we can assume that it is very young in this field. There might be chances that these young people may be legal, but most of the time, these are scams. The other point is that the website domain is secure, and the SSL certificates are valid.
  • Website TrustScore: The trust score of the website has a prominent role in customer mind understanding. Scam Advisor is an online tool that checks the toss score of the website. The trust score of is 72 out of 100. The trust for above 50 is resumed as the legit score. The website with 72 + core indicates that they are legit with some negative comments or reviews.
  • Trustpilot: Trust Pilot is an external review system with authentic feedback for online E-Commerce stores. According to trust pilot reports, lovetita com reviews are only available from some. The young domain may be the reason for having no reviews.
  • Plagiarised content: The content of is looking original. There are no complaints of copied content from anyone for this E-Commerce store. The policy looks original and professionally written.

Lovetita com Reviews From Buyers

Customer reviews in the online market act like a magnet of the same or opposite poles. However, the results of this feedback are always opposite to the magnet. If the customer reviews favour the business store, they decide to purchase the product from them.

Still, if they find that the prior customers are not happy with the service or products of that business store, then they propel themselves from that website. But in the following case, Lovetita com reviews are not on the official website or social media accounts. They haven’t published reviews on external review system extensions.

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  • The website has a higher trust score.
  • The products are categorized professionally.
  • The domain is secure and has a valid SSL certificate.


  • The website domain is very young.
  • They have yet to share the business owner’s name, address, and other necessary information.
  • There are no Lovetita internal as well as external review systems.
  • Lovetita has no social media sharing.
  • The website traffics visitors are significantly less.

Final Words (Lovetita com Reviews) is an innovative top-selling merchant. It is still being determined from where they work. They ship the products to Australia, the UK, the USA, and Europe. has yet to reveal the business owner’s identity to the clients. There are no active social media profiles. The website’s trust score is 72, which is good.

The website domain is merely two months old. reviews are not found on any platform. The website visitors need to be more in numbers. We recommend that you avoid buying from them because we haven’t found any positive points about them.


How many days does Lovetita take to deliver products?

Lovetita delivers the products in Australia, the UK, Europe, and the USA within 3 to 7 days following the 12 to 48 hours processing time.

Does Lovetita accept returns for wrong or damaged?

Yes, they do. They accept the return within 14 days after you have received the order. You should fill out some conditions on before sending back the item.

Which payment method can be used to pay for the Lovetita orders?, except for payments via Visa Master card, discover American Express PayPal, and others.

Does Lovetita offer free shipping for any order?

Yes, they offer free shipping. You will enjoy free delivery if the order price is more than 50 Dollars.

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  1. Anna

    This is may be fraud! I made an order two months ago but their support staff keep telling me that the item I picked up from a distant warehouse and i need to wait for a longer time. They don’t offer a specific date and time, and on their site, I don’t see my order’s status any more.

  2. Rita J Lerner

    i also have not received my order placed August 28,2023. The funds came out of my account however i have never received bra and I sent three emails out to customer service and have not received a reply.

  3. Berda

    I too have not received my order which was made in October 2023.
    They debited my account the next day after I placed my order.
    I’m thinking this is a fraud
    I was told the same response from customer service. They told me to be patient.
    They gave me a tracking number & was told it was not a good tracking numberber

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