Applyatic Clothing Reviews – Is It A Legit Place To Buy Trending Clothes Or Another Online Scam?

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Do you want to look more fashionable wearing ready-to-wear dresses and matching accessories? Do you need help getting beautiful and affordable clothes with matching accessories from online marketplaces? If you are facing any difficulty and need help finding the desired dress, then you must check it out on mark it place name as Their main menu is unending because they manufacture the commodities in their factory. That’s why there are over 20000 rights added to the shop collection. Their dresses are easy to wear and durable. If you visit the website, you will dive into it for hours. To determine the website status and the product’s quality, you must visit Applyatic Clothing reviews.

Applyatic Clothing Reviews

About Applyatic is an international shipper of fashion apparel and versatile design accessories at very cheap rates. Aimark Ltd owns this website, and they upload outfits in large numbers daily. They use different materials like nylon, silk, polyester linen, cotton, and spandex to manufacture the attires. They can easily make dresses in different colors, designs, and prints. People who work at other places where women live at home always try to wear various outfits to look more attractive and fashionable. But are they still trustworthy about the quality and legality? Let us know these queries in the article below.

Applyatic Clothing Collections

  • Applyatic sells outfits and accessories both for men and women. Let’s look at what they sell to men and women:
  • Cotton Linen
  • Leisure suits
  • Dresses(summer dress, kaftan dress, casual dress, elegant dress, spring dress, printed dress, party dress, maxi, mini, midi, long sleeve, vacation dress, ethnic style, bohemian style)
  • Boutique (tops, dress, extenders, bottoms, shoes, accessories)
  • Western style
  • Hippie shirts
  • Casual jumpsuits
  • Holiday trends
  • Vacation (dress, shoes, belts, accessories)
  • Jumpsuits
  • Underwear (pajamas)
  • Swimsuit
  • Men(shirts, Vikings, suits, sets, linen trousers, jackets)

Applyatic Clothing Features 

The Applyatic clothes contain the following unique specifications:

Applyatic Clothing Reviews
  • Day-to-day Variety addition: Applyatic adds over 20000 new dresses and clean varieties and designs in their fashion collection. They repeat the old fashion because they want something innovative and unique. That’s why you will not feel any boredom while visiting the cloth varieties on their website because, on every click, a different outfit bill appears.
  • Material diversity: Applyatic use various materials in outfits manufacturing. They use silk nylon polyester linen spandex, elastane cotton, and other valuable blendings, as you know that every customer’s choice is from others. That’s why Applyatic manufactures clothes using different materials so every customer can get the desired product.
  • Fashion Store: is a hub of fashion and design. Every customer has a different taste in fashion. It isSurprisingly, fashion stores can meet all the preferences of fashion in one shop. That’s why they have attracted an adequate number of buyers quickly.
  • Durability: Applyatic dresses are durable, using cotton silk or blended material. Due to the blending of different materials, the durability of the dresses always increases several times. If you want cheap and durable dresses, Applyatic dresses are waiting for you.

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Is A Legit Website Or Another Scam? 

Before placing an order on, let us check whether they are legit. First, it is good that they have shared the contact information with the clients. The website’s name is also shown, and which company owns it is disclosed. But the appointing point is that the company they claim ownership of its name, registration number, and address is copied from another website since they needed their ownership details.

They still need to create a single social media profile. These days it is a checkpoint for digital marketplaces.

This website has the worst trust score of only one. According to the scam advisor, it is likely unsafe. According to their report, there are reviews on many websites. There are only Applyatic reviews on scam advisor and trust pilot which have an overall rating of only 2.6, which is considered a poor rating for any online platform. The website was created only two months ago, meaning they are very new in the market and have very low traffic. The website’s HTTPS is secure, and an SSL certificate is valid.

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Applyatic Clothing Reviews

Applyatic Clothing Reviews By Customers

Customer feedback is a nonverbal communication of the product’s quality and quantity. There should be some positive points about the online marketplace. If you see the official website, there are no reviews on the official web, and it is the poor performance response they have received from the customers.

As there are no social media accounts, there is no availability of Applyatic clothing reviews on social sites. On the trust pilot and scam advisor, there are four views on which the rating of the Applyatic is 2.6, which is considered over quality. According to scam advisors, they have analyzed mostly negative Applyatic clothing reviews on different portals.


  • Thousands of fashion and design dresses are available.
  • The owner’s name is disclosed.
  • Daily new addition offered designs
  • Durable and soft dresses are offered on their website.


  • The fake ownership is shared.
  • There are no social media accounts.
  • The website trust score is very low.
  •  The website domain is young.
  • There are no positive reviews found.
  • No availability of customer reviews on the official site.

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FAQs of Applyatic Clothing

How many days does Applyatic take for shipment?

The shipping time is from destination to destination and from order to order. It will take 2 to 3 days to process, and shipping time can only be found when the order is placed.

How many days did they offer to return?

They have a 30-day return policy with some conditions like the items must be used and in the same condition as it was delivered. Usually, their shipment time is 3 to 7 days. 

Which payment method they used to accept payments?

Applyatic accepts payments through Amex, MasterCard, visa, and other cards.

Final Recommendations is a fashion hub for women and men. Applyatic sell a wide variety of clothes and dresses are said worldwide. They offer free shipping for large items. They have a 30 days return policy. Their clothes are in the white fashion range and in all sizes. The website domain is very young, with only one trust score. According to scam advisors, they are likely to be illegal and fake. There needs to be better ratings for Applyatic clothing reviews. They still need to create social media profiles. We require you to refrain from placing any order on their website as they don’t have the same legal and excellent quality products providers.

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  1. NiNi

    Applyatic com is a scam. Fraudulent site, please don’t waste your money. Your order will never get delivered. After placing an order they will send you a tracking number; keep tracking that number for a month and suddenly it will show delivered but no delivery will actually be made.

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