Reviews – Is It A Legitimate Online Store or Just Another Scam?

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  • Post last modified:December 8, 2022 Reviews – It becomes irritating while purchasing different things from different online stores. We have to spend hours searching for good quality or legitimate service-providing websites. Due to a hard schedule, we don’t have time to spend on these things today. To avoid this challenge of ordering from numerous online retailers, we are here with an online store review that sells everything you need only on one online store.

This article is about online store reviews in which you will learn about everything that you should know before purchasing anything. There are a lot of internet stores. The fundamental query, though, is their veracity. you need to exercise additional caution because there are so many online scams.

Today, we are here to review different retailers. Customers of Beduvely can choose anything. Let’s list the reviews for to see whether we can trust them or not.

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In the beginning, Beduvely was a USA-located small company that offered electronic devices. After that, they gradually started making some other products. Now they claim to be the very item of daily need providing online store. After visiting their products, we confirm that they now have various categories of products that a customer can buy. 

As per their claim, they have regular interaction with 300,000 fully satisfied customers. They not only sell but also produce things on their own. Their twenty-member team deals with all the customers. According to their terms and conditions, all your personal information will be safe.

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Large Lighted Christmas Deer Family Set 5Ft Outdoor Yard Decoration with 360 LED Lights, Stakes, Zip Ties - Gold

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Large Lighted Christmas Deer Family Set 5Ft Outdoor Yard Decoration with 360 LED Lights, Stakes, Zip Ties – Gold Product Reviews has progressed well from selling electronic devices to selling every day-to-day-need item. Below you can see the list of all products that Beduvely is offering.

  • Automobile Accessories: Beduvely sells various car accessories like hand grabs, car phone holders, umbrellas, etc.
  • Baby Products: in the cart of baby products, there are anti-spill bowl 360 and charismatic baby products.
  • Cosmetics: for women, numerous beauty products like nail extension kits, makeup brushes, handmade lace shapers, panties, etc. are available in multiple colors.
  • Clothes: they don’t sell clothes. But extras of clothes they have in stock. There are different types of masks, women’s Halloween, footpads, etc.
  • Electronic Devices: Magic LCD drawing tabs, non-slip phone pads, hand grabs, electric toys.
  • Garden Gadgets: weeder, blade, gardening gloves, copper rain gauge, garden professional cutter, and a lot more like that.
  • Home Appliances: wireless remote control duplicator, portable cup, cleaning sticks, and many other decorative items.
  • Jewelry Items: Handmade Hummingbird earrings
  • Kitchen Tools: Erasable waterproof apron, automatic can opener, soap dispensing brush, eggshell opener, etc.
  • Outdoor Things: Lace shapers, foot pads.
  • Pet care products and tools: multi-purpose grooming tools, paws, roosters, pet cleaners, and a lot of other products.
  • Toys: Transformable fingertip Gyro, train watching, a remote control car, etc.

Is Legit or a Scam?

If you want to know about a website, whether it is a scam or legit. Then you must check it with different credible tools. Now we have checked this on many reliable and authentic tools to know about the trust score of the website.

  • Customer Reviews: After a complete assessment, we are not able to find any reviews by customers on any website. Not even a single customer review is there. This may make it suspicious.
  • Website Details: we have certain tools that tell how old the website is and its expiry date. According to tools data, the website domain is valid only for one year(till April 15, 2023). The domain was purchased on April 15, 2022. The website owner is also not mentioned.
  • Address and Contact Number: although Bedulvely has mentioned their address and contact number on their website. But the map shows a different result. It is also a red mark on the veracity of
  • Smart-Review: After examining a smart review website, they have warned us that don’t buy anything from them. They have declared Beduvely as Scammer. Their trust score is 2.1 out of 5.
  • Trustpilot Result: After thorough research on the official site and checking on Trustpilot, there are no reviews by customers.
  • HTTP: Although Beduvely website HTTP is looking authentic.
  • Trust Scores: After passing the website via different trust score checking websites, we see the following results:

Trsutscore Checking Website          Trust Scores
Scam Advisor1/100
Scam Detector3.95/100
Is it LegitPotentially Legit


  • Various Products
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent Shipping policy


  • No customer reviews
  • No social media handle
  • Very low trust score and ratings
  • Fake address

Shipping Policy and Return Policy

Beduevely has mentioned its many branches in various cities and countries. They ship your accordion to the place you are placing the order. Normally, they take 2 to 4 days to process the order, and then there will be 7 to15 business days in shipping. They offer free shipping for over 80$ shopping. Due to transportation or related country custom checking, days may exceed 6 weeks in shipping.

Send an email to right once if your order is damaged or contains the incorrect item. They will explain all the procedures to be followed in order to complete the transaction.

You have 30 days extension of return or exchange of products. But certain terms and conditions may apply. Also, the refunded amount will vary according to conditions. For the desired item you want to exchange or return, the item must be unused, tags present, and unworn.

Conclusion ( Reviews) website is an online store that offers a lot of products. They offer products in a variety of categories. They claim to ship everywhere in the world. For orders over $80, they provide free shipping. Before placing an order, you must read various reviews. As you have seen above in the article, Bedulvely has very low ratings and customer reviews. Also, their trust score is not reliable.

They even don’t have any social media accounts. Their mentioned address is also not real. A lot of red marks consider it suspicious.

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  1. John

    I never received the skull masks that i ordered but received the less expensive inner liner that I ordered (which was recommended) with the skull masks. They claimed that everything was delivered despite my Shop app status showing ‘Partially Delivered’. Only responses received were the same, asking me to check with USPS. When disputing the charge with my credit card company, they furnished the original tracking number for the inner liners. They left me without two Halloween masks and with my pants down… I would not trust this site and do not plan to order anything from them again. Beware.

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