Kilpaa Reviews – Is It The Best Clothing Store For Women Or Another Online Scam?

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Kilpaa Reviews – Your daily life depends heavily on your sense of style. By using the perfect accessories, you can dress up to look better than everyone else. Your gut will tell you how those outfits will look when you wear them. Without using a formula, you may state that you need to dress properly. Always be aware of what to buy and where to get it. There are numerous companies out there that sell a variety of dress styles. Only a few, nevertheless, deliver genuine clothing and are dependable.

People now prefer to purchase clothing and other accessories online while lounging in their favorite chairs. As a result, we present to you Kilpaa reviews, a clothing company that provides its devoted consumers with a wide selection of clothing online.

Kilpaa is an online e-commerce store that sells clothing for women. It has a comprehensive array of diversified blouses, sleeveless tees, midis, leg jeans, etc. In other words, it meets all the demands of modern women’s fashion.

This review will go through the merchandise, delivery, prices, and other aspects of the brand. Here, we put a lot of emphasis on user reviews because they help market the goods.

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About Kilpaa is an e-commerce store that ships clothes in the US and UK only. They sell blouses, sleeve tees, pullovers, leg jeans, midi skirts, etc. They are directly connected to the design company. Kiplaa has a diversified quality of products. They offer fresh and trendy dresses and multiple-colored clothes.

But is a legit or a scam website?

J Kara Women's Plus Size Caplet Short Cocktail Beaded Dress

J Kara Women’s Plus Size Caplet Short Cocktail Beaded Dress

Is Kiplaa Legit or a Scam?

As you know, in this digital era, all businesses have transferred online. Also, online scams happen multiple times a year, and people are always worried about whether they should buy from a particular online site or not. The same case is with Read the below parameters from which you can decide whether you should buy from the Kilpaa eCommerce store.

  • Contact Details: Contact details are the basic information of a business. If it’s not available on the business platforms, then how will a customer be able to connect with you and trust your product or services? Kilpaa has mentioned their contact number on their website. Their contact number is: +1 786 980 3226.
  • Physical Address: Secondly, we always search for an address where we can send emails or make communication physically if any requirement or mishap occurs. Kilpaa has published their address, which is: 21 East 119th Place, Chicago, Illinois 60628, United States.
  • SSL Certificates and HTTP: Kilpaa’s HTTP and SSL certificates are valid and authentic.
  • Email Address:  You can contact Kilpaa’s support team via email for any queries. The email address is:
  • Social Media Accounts Engagement: in this social era, every business or brand uses social media to communicate with their audience and increase their customer numbers. On their website, unfortunately does not have any social media accounts.

Kilpaa Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on any online store play a significant role in convincing the client non-verbally. Customer feedback is the best proof of the service or product quality of a specific brand or business. After doing massive research, the website has not a single review or rating on it. It’s a red mark on the authenticity of

New customers always prefer to see the people who have made purchases from the website where they wanted to buy something, and what they have commented about the quality or service of that e-commerce store.


  • Affordable Prices
  • Contact Information
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple Designs Products


  • No social media accounts
  • Customer’s feedback absence
  • Discounts offer unavailable
  • Shipping only in the US and UK

Shipping Details (Kilpaa Reviews)

Kilpaa clothing online stores offer shipping only in the United States and the United Kingdom. They offer free shipping in these countries. When an order is placed, it takes 0–3 days to process. After that, for United States shipments, it will take 5-8 days to hand over the package to your door. For the United Kingdom package order, the order will take 6–12 days to ship.

Exchange or Return Policy (Kilpaa Reviews)

If you order something from Kilpaa, and you receive it damaged, or the wrong product, then you want an exchange. This clothing store has a procedure of exchange. You can contact the support team via email and then they will tell you every single detail about the exchange process.

On the other hand, if you want a refund for an order you have received wrongly, Then contact the support team of Kilpaa and apply for the refund. If you are eligible, you will be allocated a tracking number. Then you can send them the package back. They will refund you the amount in your original fund in 10 days. You can claim an exchange or refund within 30 days after you receive it.

FAQs of Kilpaa

Can I alter my address after placing an order?

You can alter your address only 24 hours after the placement order. After an order has been processed, you can’t change the address.

In which countries does Kilpaa offer shipping services?

Kilpaa only offers shipping in two countries. These countries are the United States and the United Kingdom.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel orders only before shipment. If the order has been processed and is on the way, you can’t cancel the order anymore.

Final Recommendations (Kilpaa Reviews)

Kilpaa is a United States-based online store that has a diversity of dress products. in these items, sleeve, midi, basic tank, blouses, leg jeans, etc in multiple sizes. Their products are only available in US and UK. They offer a 30-day exchange or refund policy.

With the concern, you must have to check whether your payment will be safe or not once you have paid for the order. After reading this Kilpaa reviews article, you have got the idea that they have no social presence or customer engagement. Also, on their website, not a single review is given by a customer. Do more research on your own before placing an order.

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  1. Eva

    Kilpaa is a scam. Too bad I realized it too late after reading your review. I purchased something from them 2 weeks ago – still no shipping info.
    Emails to the their are returned by server. Their number is not working (forever busy signal). After doing some of my own research – phone is Florida area code for an Illinois address?! And ádrese corresponds to a 1 bedroom home! THIS IS INDEED A SCAM!

  2. K Scammed

    Run as fast as you can from this so called company**it is a SCAM. Once they receive your funds you will never receive your order, never be able to contact them at 786-980-3226 (# on website) or get a reply via eMail from their bogus eMail account. I’m out my $$ but hope you will not fall victim too after reading this.

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