Certainearnus com Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Website Or Another Online Scam?

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Certainearnus com Reviews – Do you have a party or wedding invitation and you are confused about where to buy fashionable and decent clothes for that event match? You are a housewife and don’t have much time to purchase the special dress of your choice? To resolve that issue, nowadays online shopping is preferred.

With the ease of shopping of your own preferences, online scamming rates are also high. We are here with an e-commerce store that has a variety of trendy and fancy costumes. The web store has different types of dresses with essential accessories. If you are worried about being scammed, then read these Certainearnus Com reviews carefully. After reading this you’ll be able to decide whether you should buy from them or not.

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Certainearnus com Reviews

About Certainearnus com

Certainearnus.com is an online clothing shop that has a women’s clothes collection. They have different types of stylish and fancy dresses at reasonable prices. Also, they have dress-compatible accessories. Their shipment policy is worldwide.

Unluckily, their information about who they are, from where they are, is not shared with the audience. There are many red flags on this website. See below which are the red flags that make this website fraudulent.

Alex Evenings Women's Plus Size Lace Jacket Dress

Alex Evenings Women’s Plus Size Lace Jacket Dress

  • Zipper closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Two Piece Set includes Dress and Matching Jacket
  • Sequin Lace Open Jacket

Certainearnus Products

Certainearnus has the following products in stock that a customer can buy from them.

  • Mini Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bohemian Beach Party Dress
  • Backless Blouse
  • Maxi Dress
  • Multiway Lacing Dress
  • 2-piece
  • Palazzo Pants
  • Long Dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Footwears

Because of the many designs and patterns available, you have to explore further the whole website. You will see many colors in your favorite design. According to your liking, you may select among them.

Specifications of Certainearnus com

  • Website Name: www.certainearnus.com
  • Main Menu: Clothes and shoes
  • Email: Certainearnus@gmail.com
  • Payment Methods: Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal
  • Shipping and Delivery Time: 8-14 days for shipment and 2-5 days for processing.
  • Shipment Fee: Normal delivery charges are 6$ while the express shipment fee is 12$.
  • Social Media Accounts: No social media accounts
  • Return or exchange days: 14 Days
  • Website age: The website’s age is less than one month.

Is Certainearnus com A Legit Website or Another Scam?

As you know, scamming websites have some common tactics that they usually use to do fraud with people. Their common techniques are:

  • Hide Contact Information:  As you know that a scammer wouldn’t want to be caught by anyone. So he will try to hide as much as possible. It is the same case with the certainearnus website. They have to hide their information. It is a Red flag to this website’s integrity. Not only the business information is hidden but the business owner is not exposed to the clients.
  • Domain Age: There are many scamming websites that are created new and do scams with people using different tactics. And after they have completed their scamming task, they delete the website or leave it useless. This website is registered in November 2022. So you should keep a close eye on this point.
  • Social Media Platforms: it is the custom of professional business websites that they have multiple accounts on social media platforms in order to do marketing of their business and expand the revenue of that business or brand. Unfortunately, this website has not a single social media handle. This tactic is also considered to be a red sign on The authenticity of this website.
  • Plagiarized content: Professional websites don’t use other websites’ data whether it is related to pictures or text. But this Certainearnus contains most of the data copied from other websites. It’s not the habit of genuine web stores.


Certainearnus has no discount offers on all products but some other products that have a little discount. Also, on signing up, you will get extra discounts that will appear after signing up.


  • Variety of collection
  • Good quality stuff
  • Express delivery facility


  • No social media handles
  • No customer reviews
  • No free shipping
  • Incomplete description of items
  • No contact information

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Certainearnus com Reviews By Customers

As a new customer, the reviews of previous old clients will be a blessing for the newbie to believe in the mentioned online store. Because if there are good reviews, then it must be up to a professional and actual product provider. In negative reviews, we will see that this is the main issue that is faced by experienced clients.

In the case of certainearnus, we have not found any reviews on whether it is a good website or bad. It is more alarming than negative reviews. As a newly registered website, it may be authentic and have no reviews. It might also be possible that it is a scamming alert. We recommend you that more about certainearnus com reviews.

Certainearnus com Shipping and Return Policy

Certainearnus com has no free shipping for any product. After the placement of the order, 2 to 5 days in processing. In natural delivery time, they require 8-14 days to deliver your package. They will charge $6 for the usual shipment.

For Express delivery it will take 3 to 8 days for delivery charging $18 extra.

As return policies are concerned, you must contact them within 14 days via email. In the email, you have to conclude the issue and the image of the defective item. They will consider it to be refunded or returned, they will take action accordingly and text you in 2 or 3 days. If they don’t text you, again ask them to return the item or further process.

Final Recommendations

Certainearnus com is an online cloth-selling store that has a variety of summer and winter collections with matching accessories. As we have researched a lot on this website about its authenticity, we suggest that you search more about certainearnus com reviews before placing an order.

As there is no essential information shared, this website is considered to be UN professional and illegal. They normally deliver their orders within 14 days. For a return exchange of defective items, you must contact them within 14 days. They ship worldwide for a charging fee.

If you are going to place an order, then research more about certainearnus clothing reviews.

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