Mostelo Shoes Reviews – Are They Offering Comfortable Shoes Or Another Online Scam?

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Mostelo Shoes Reviews – Do you have difficulty choosing and purchasing trendy seasonal shoes? Also, are you wearing durable shoes? Are you in search of waterproof handmade shoes? If you are experiencing such problems and are looking for a solution, here is the best and most recent shoe collection for you to admire.

A lot of brands are available on the internet. When we have many choices, we become more confused. So, if you are fond of handmade shoes, then this article is for you. is an online shopping store that has handmade shoes and accessories for sale. They sell online worldwide. But if you are confused about their credibility, read these Mostelo shoes reviews carefully.

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Mostelo Shoes Reviews

About Mostelo Shoes is a famous shoe store that has a variety of hand-made shoes for the summer and winter seasons. They make products according to the latest trends. Their stylish footwear is durable and captivating. The prices are reasonable for the item’s quality. You can ask them to create a new design or color for you.

They take 3–7 days for processing, and in the USA, they require 11–20 days, while in other countries, they deliver products in 17–30 days. For more essential information, you may contact them. Mostelo has a 14-day return policy. Please read Mostelo shoes reviews before purchasing anything from them to ensure their legality and character.

Merrell Men's Moab Adventure Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole

Mostelo Products

The web store has shown all its products on its website homepage. And the main products you can get from them are:

  • Handmade Shoes
  • Handmade Boots
  • Handmade Sandals
  • Water Shoes
  • Shoe Accessories

In subcategories, you have the chance for a customized order.

Is Mostelo com a Legit Website or a Scam?

To enjoy online shipping, you should also be careful about scams. As you are already aware, digital scams have threatened new customers. And they don’t take the risk of buying something online. The percentage of fraud has increased in the last year. It is necessary to find the original website before placing an order. Keep these tricks in mind to protect yourself from a fraudulent online store:

  • Web UI/UX: the website interface should be professional and formal. If there are some odd grammar mistakes or useless design. The mostelo has a simple but professional web interface.
  • Contact and About Pages: a legal website should have basic pages like “Contact us” and “About Us”. Also, these must contain the necessary information. Although, mostelo has both pages information is incomplete.
  • Social Media Handles: Now a days, almost every business wants to expand. Social media channels are the prime channel to boost your social media engagement. On social media campaign, people comments on social media posts. That catch more confidence in the brand.
  • Domain Names: often, scam websites use domain names identical to real ones. That is a way of getting traffic and spoiling the audience.
  • Payment Methods: it also has been observed that fraudulent websites have no clear payment method. You have to use the transaction channel that you believe to be real. Otherwise, avoid it if you can.

By applying all the above tricks, Mostelo doesn’t fulfill even one of them. It is a red flag for the validity of these shoe websites.

Mostelo Shoes Reviews By Customers

You will earn more revenue if you spread your business across as many online platforms as you have access to. Because of social media sites, people have a greater chance of seeing online reviews on multiple sites. It has benefits and disadvantages as well.

If the reviews and ratings are positive, then it’s good for your business. However, if you have a negative audience, it will be difficult for a brand to thrive. Beyond this, if you have no reviews, it is even more dangerous for the online retailer. Because Mostelo shoes reviews demonstrate your level of expertise and value in brand exploration, It’s the case at According to our research, it has no reviews. Again, this raises a red flag about Mostelo’s credibility.

Discount offers

Although they have not mentioned their discount offers directly on the website, the prices have been cut by almost half of the actual prices.

Note: Unnecessary discount offers may direct you to a scam site.


  • Durable
  • Trendy and Beautiful
  • Handmade stuff
  • Customized order facility.


  • No Customer reviews
  • Limited Items
  • Expensive Items

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How much time does Mostelo take to deliver products worldwide?

Mostelo has different shipping policies for different countries. For USA customers, the order will be delivered in 11-20 days following the 3-7 processing days. But for other countries, the package will be delivered in 17-30 days depending on your location.

How much does Mostelo Shoe charge for shipping?

Mostelo has a free shipping offer worldwide.

Can I order a custom design on

Yes, you can. Because they have handmade items. So, it will be easy for them to accept custom-design orders. Surely, they will take more time to create.

Does Mostelo accept PayPal payments?

Yes, they do. You can also pay with a MasterCard, Visa, or another credit or debit card.

Can I return the damaged item to Mostelo?

Yes, you can. But you must return the item within 14 days. Send the desired item to their address. Firstly, you have to inform them via email ( The email should contain an image of that item.

How can I trace my order?

After the order has been processed, you will be given a tracking order number when you place the order. They’ll send you via email.

Final Words has the latest and most modern stuff that is handmade. All types of shoes are available. But their legality flag is red due to the unavailability of certain requirements.

Basic information about a business is not published. Mostelo has no contact number shown. There are no Mostelo shoes reviews by customers on any platform. They have not mentioned any social media handles.

We recommend that you conduct additional research before placing any orders.

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    The shoes I received wrong size I ordered 12.5w got size 47size looked at there size chart 47 converts to a size 11 USA the address on the shipping label is: JANE 371 LITTLE FALLS RD STE 4 CEDAR GROVE NJ 07009 they sent the wrong size there mistake no help I consider this fraud

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