Fervoir.com Reviews – Is It A Legit Clothing Store For Women Or Another Online Scam With Customers?

Are you looking for printed kaftan dresses on Fervoir.com? Are their swimsuits comfortable and fashionable? Do they have a variety of cool shoes to choose from? Should you spend money on the women’s items at Fervoir? These are some of the questions you might have as you look around the online store at Fervoir.com. With all of their goods, it’s interesting to consider whether they live up to their claims of quality and stylish designs. Let’s look more closely at Fervoir.com reviews of interests to find out the truth.

Fervoir.com Reviews

About Fervoir.com

Fervoir.com is the world’s biggest online store for tops, bottoms, and dresses. It has a dedicated team of fashion buyers who have worked there for over ten years. Because they are good at spotting trends, they can choose the most beautiful and appealing styles for their customers.

Customers can look through many clothes online and select the ones they like best. Fervoir is proud to have excellent customer service, fast shipping, easy refunds, and low prices. Customers can email them at fervoir@restition.com with any questions. Their business address, Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP, shows they are committed to offering high-quality fashion and service.

In the competitive online fashion world, Fervoir has become a leader thanks to its wide selection of tops, bottoms, and dresses. Their experienced fashion sellers keep a close eye on the always-changing trends to stay ahead of the curve and bring their valued customers the newest and most stylish clothes.

Because their online selection is so extensive, customers have the freedom to look around and find the perfect things for them. Fervoir is dedicated to giving customers the best shopping experience possible. It is known for its excellent customer service, which includes fast shipping, easy refunds, and low prices. Fervoir is ready to meet the fashion needs of customers worldwide thanks to its central position at Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP.

Products of Fervoir.com

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Shipping Policy

Shipping costs at Fervoir depend on where the order is going and how many things are in it. Customers can quickly get an estimate of the exact shipping costs by adding items to their cart, confirming the order, and entering their mailing address. The shipping cost will be updated instantly and shown in the total price.

Fervoir ships worldwide, so people from all over the world can buy their goods. But it’s important to know that items from a single order can only be sent to one address. Customers who want items sent to more than one address must place separate orders for each address. For customers ‘ ease, Fervoir com modifies shipping to PO Boxes and Military APO/FPO addresses.

Fervoir uses Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) when sending things outside the US. This means that they do not charge VAT (Value Added Tax). The person who gets the package is responsible for all taxes, fines, and customs fees that come with it.

Depending on the country where the box is going, there may be VAT or local customs fees. Customers are encouraged to call their local customs office to learn about the customs policies in their country. Fervoir says that even though they try to provide timely logistics, weather, holidays, etc., can affect delivery times, so they can only promise a partial delivery date.

Fervoir.com Reviews

Is Fervoir.com A Legit Website Or Another Scam?

We determine if fervoir.com is genuine by looking at its website owner and contact information. The main website doesn’t say anything about who owns it, which is worrying. The email address given, fervoir@restition.com, is not a registered business address, which adds to the questions. Also, the company address provided by fervoir.com is fake and linked to other websites, which makes it seem even less likely that the company is genuine.

As we continue our research, we look at fervoir.com’s presence on social media. Even though we looked at the website carefully, we couldn’t find any social media icons, which means there aren’t any social media accounts. The fact that these platforms don’t have any social features is disappointing and makes it seem like fervoir might need to be more reliable.

In this part, we look at the trust score of fervoir.com on different sites. First, we look at the scam advisor’s trust score, which is only 1 out of 100. Next, we look at the website’s trust number on Scamdoc, which is a disappointing 2%. Both of these trustworthy studies show that fervoir.com is not an actual website. We highly suggest that you don’t buy anything from this platform.

Lastly, we look at the domain information for fervoir.com on WHOIS. WHOIS says the website was created on April 25, 2023, and will end on April 25, 2024. The fact that these signup dates are so recent shows that fervoir is a new website. This further information goes against the website’s claim that it is a top online retailer, which shows how important it is to be careful. Before doing business with fervoir, it is best to wait until the platform demonstrates accuracy.

Fervoir.com Reviews

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Fervoir.com Reviews By Customers

Next, we’ll review the fervoir.com reviews on the site’s main page. After going through the website, we found a major red flag: we need help finding customer reviews. This lack of feedback makes me worry and question fervoir’s credibility as an online shop.

As we continue our research, we try to find fervoir clothing reviews on their social media accounts. But, much to our disappointment, we can’t find any social media accounts for fervoir. This is another red flag, which makes it harder to trust this online shop. When dealing with fervoir, you should be careful.

In the next step, we look at fervoir.com reviews on several well-known sites. We looked carefully and found only one review of fervoir on the Scamdoc website. Unfortunately, the customer’s experience is far from good.

The complaint against fervoir.com makes it hard to believe that the store can be trusted as an excellent place to buy clothes. It’s best to be careful and think twice before doing business with fervoir.com.


  • Attractive website design.
  • Verified SSL certificate.
  • Trending designs
  • A wide range of styles


  • Low website trust score.
  • They are using free email addresses for customer support.
  • According to Moz low website traffic.
  • No social media accounts.
  • No customer reviews on the official website.

FAQs of Fervoir

What is fervoir.com’s shipping policy?

Shipping costs depend on where the package goes and how many items are sent. Customers can know how much shipping will cost if they put things in their shopping cart and enter their mailing address. The website can send packages anywhere in the world, including to PO Boxes and APO/FPO military addresses.

Does fervoir.com have a reliable customer review system?

Unfortunately, fervoir.com doesn’t have any customer reviews on its main website. This makes it hard to know how honest and reliable the platform is. Also, the website doesn’t have any social media pages, which makes it even harder to get customer feedback.

Can fervoir.com be trusted as a reliable clothing store?

Given that there are few customer reviews, some of the website information needs to be clarified, and there are negative comments on well-known review sites, it’s hard to know if fervoir.com can be trusted as a clothing shop. You should be very careful if you want to buy something from this site.

Is there anything that makes you suspicious about fervoir.com?

There are many red flags, yes. The website doesn’t give any information about who owns it, and the company address is fake and links to other websites. Also, the contact email looks like a professional still needs to do it. Even more worrying is the low trust scores on well-known review sites.

Final Opinion

Finally, our detailed research into fervoir.com makes us very worried about whether or not it is a genuine online store. The lack of information about the website’s owner, the fake company address, and the poor contact email all make it harder to believe that the website is genuine. Also, there are no customer reviews on the main website, and there are no social media accounts. This is another sign that the company might need to be more reliable.

Also, the one customer review on a well-known review site paints a bad picture of the buying experience, showing that you should be careful if you want to buy from fervoir.com. Based on these results, it would be best to stay away from this platform until its legitimacy can be proven beyond all questions.

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  1. Pfeio

    Made and order never received.
    I’m sending emails back and forth and did not return my money
    I think I was scammed.

  2. Paul Foskett

    Fervoir are the biggest scammers worldwide along with Contrdils, both run by the same crooks, both take money off old disabled people for something they have not even got, clothing, my arse, they are a scam as are Contrdils, both based in Goa and both have stated for 10 weeks that i will get a refund of my 39.99, yet nothing, and the police etc do nothing about it, and people wonder why we are anti police in the UK when they allow this shit to continue. May everyone involved in this scam die a slow painful death.

  3. Maribel Fuentes

    Never received my order emailed back and forth never received my money back and I have tried to track order and I am not able to track it anymore last time it said it was delivered and I emailed them and emailed back and forth and now they ignore my emails.

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