Lampsoccer Reviews – Is Lampsoccer Legit Store For Women’s Sweaters? Find Out

Are you trying to find trustworthy Lampsoccer reviews? Is this online women’s clothing store the best location to buy sweaters and other winter items? Look nowhere else! Do they provide a large selection of fashionable, toasty sweaters you may wear all winter? Do they use high-quality, comfy, long-lasting fabrics to make their sweaters? Are customers happy with the products they bought from Lampsoccer? Is their website easy to use, and does it make shopping fun? Stay tuned as we examine Lampsoccer reviews in greater detail and reveal everything you need to know!

Lampsoccer Reviews

About Lampsoccer

Lampsoccer is an online store for women’s clothes that sells stylish sweaters and other winter clothes. They have a deep respect for everyone’s passions and interests, which they see as signs of how unique each person is. Lampsoccer’s primary goal is to help people show who they are through their clothes. Knowing that people want goods made just for them, they have formed strong partnerships with professional suppliers and production houses. These relationships undergo a strict selection process to ensure that customers only get the best products.

Lampsoccer wants to give you custom goods that show you who you are, no matter where you live or your tastes. With a wide range of items for different jobs, hobbies, sports, and interests, they try to have something for everyone. If you are still looking for what you want, Lampsoccer wants you to get in touch and tell them what you need. They promise to find or make the best deal for you quickly. Their goal is to be your life partner and meet all your dress needs.

You can email Lampsoccer at to get in touch with them. If you want to send them mail, you can send it to FLAT 1512, 15/F, LUCKY CENTRE NO.165-171 WAN CHAI ROAD, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG. Lampsoccer wants the best customer service possible and is always ready to help. They try to meet your fashion needs by giving you a wide range of custom designs and listening to your words. They want to be your go-to online store for showing your style for the rest of your life.

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Lampsoccer Shipping Policy

Lampsoccer works hard to give customers the best shipping choices, no matter where they live. They have customers worldwide and provide good service to all of them. The order delivery time consists of two parts: we handle the order within a certain timeframe, and then we ship the order within another timeframe. During this time, Lampsoccer gets your order ready to ship, which can take 2 to 5 business days. When it comes to shipping, they give you two choices. The standard shipping method takes between 8 and 14 natural days and costs US$6.99. Customers can also choose the express option, which costs US$12.99 and gets items to customers in 3 to 8 wild days. But it’s important to know that Covid-19 might cause supply delays. Lampsoccer works hard to get your orders to you as soon as possible while putting safety and customer happiness first.

Lampsoccer Return Policy Reviews

Cancellation Policy

Customers who want to cancel an order should call Lampsoccer’s Customer Service to get the return address. They shouldn’t send the item back to the address listed on the website. Canceling an order is possible if the item still needs to be shipped or made. In this case, you will get a total return. But the order can’t be changed if the goods have already been sent out.

Return & Refund Policy

Lampsoccer will take returned a product for up to 14 days after it has been shipped. To be qualified for a return, the item must be unused, in its original packaging, and in the same condition as when it was received. To return something, you need a ticket or other proof that you bought it. Items that are made to order or have been personalized are not eligible for the 14-day return policy.

If the customer wants to send something back, they may have to pay for shipping, based on which express company they choose. But if the goods are broken or wrong because of something Lampsoccer did, the customer doesn’t have to pay for shipping. Once the item is received and reviewed, the refund will be made. The customer will receive an email notifying them whether or not we have approved the refund. If we approve the refund, we will return it to the original method of payment within a specific timeframe. Customers are told to check their bank accounts and get help from Lampsoccer’s Customer Service if there are any delays or problems with the return.

Lampsoccer Reviews

Is A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Looking into how accurate is, you find several things that worry you. Firstly, the website lists the email address, which lends it some credibility. The physical address, FLAT 1512, 15/F, LUCKY CENTRE NO.165-171 WAN CHAI ROAD, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG, raises concerns about its legitimacy as it seems someone duplicated it from other websites. Also, the lack of a strong presence on social media adds to the doubts about Lampsoccer. Lampsoccer created the Facebook page in June 2023, and they have only made a few posts. The page has a small following of 22 people, which is insufficient for a successful online business.

A careful look with Scam Advisor shows that has a low trust score of 47 out of 100. A score like this worries me even more about how accurate the website is and how trustworthy its processes are. When you look into more, the WHOIS information is the most damning: the website was registered on June 16, 2023, and will end on June 15, 2024. This new registration sends many red flags, suggesting that may need to be a more reliable and honest platform. When you look at all of these things together, it’s clear that might be trying to trick customers into giving them money without their knowledge.

Lampsoccer Reviews

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Lampsoccer Reviews By Customers

The situation is sad when it comes to Lampsoccer Reviews. When we looked at the website, we didn’t find any customer reviews, so we don’t have any first-hand information from people who have bought from them. When we went to the Lampsoccer Facebook page, we were just as disappointed to find no customer reviews. This lack of customer comments on both platforms is problematic and makes it hard for potential shoppers to know what others think.

Even when we looked at well-known review sites, we found nothing. Even though we looked on many reliable sites, we were still looking for customer reviews specific to Lampsoccer. is a new online business, so it’s not surprising that there are few reviews yet. Due to the lack of comments and the lack of information, people who are thinking about buying from should be careful. It’s essential to be alert and aware that this website could be trying to trick people who need to pay attention.


  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • A large number of products.


  • Low website trust score.
  • Recently launched website.
  • No customer reviews are available.
  • Low website traffic.
  • The same name is used by a lot of spammers and scammers.

Conclusion (Lampsoccer Reviews)

In the end, a review of Lampsoccer as an online store for women’s clothes raises many questions about its legality and trustworthiness. Even though their goal of letting people follow their passions and making custom goods sounds good, there are a few warning signs. The physical address looks like it was copied from other websites, and the social media presence is negligible. It doesn’t involve customers, and there are no reviews on the official website or reliable review platforms.

Also, the domain was just created and had a low trust score on Scam Advisor, which makes people even more worried about possible scams. may not be an excellent place to buy things online. Customers should be careful and approach this tool with a healthy dose of skepticism. To make sure that buying women’s winter clothes is safe and enjoyable, it is essential to put safety first and look for other well-known places to buy them.

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