Hallopeeps Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Store Or Another Online Scam?

Hallopeeps Reviews – Do you want to offer a beautiful gift to your mother on the special occasion of Mother’s Day? Are you in search of the perfect website for gifts for special occasions? Do you want special floral gifts and platters with special quotes and pictures? If an invitation for the party or event has been given to you and you need some gifts, then Hallopeeps.com is for you. They are an international gift and product manufacturer and reseller.

From Hallopeeps, you may find different items like utensils, gift cards, Mother’s Day cards, portraits, etc. It is very hard to find gift websites that also accept customized orders. But Hallopeeps accepts customized orders. We have written exclusive Hellopeeps reviews to assist you in genuinely understanding the nature of Hellopeeps.com.

Hallopeeps Reviews

About Hellopeeps.com

Hellopeeps.com is a famous gift seller. On Hallopeeps, They have its main office in Los Angeles. They design and manufacture their products at their headquarters in Hong Kong. They make mugs and pots on which flowers and birthdays are engraved. Additionally, for gifts, you may get platters and floral pillows. Hellopeeps.com has various warehouses in different locations. Hallopeeps have a secure HTTP protocol, and no malware content is uploaded on the official website. So, They ship quickly their shipment period is only 4 to 6 days. They offer a 60-day return policy. They offer free shipping on big orders. You can order customized orders, giving you a gift with your personalized quotes or a loved one’s name.

Hallopeeps Products

Hallopeeps.com sells the following products to customers worldwide:

Is Hallopeeps A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam With Customers? 

Hallopeeps.com has a secure HTTP protocol, which means a valid SSL certificate protects your information. But many online websites offer free and self-made SSL certificates and HTTPS to deceive people. You can check the website’s domain SSL and HTTPs on different tools for verification.

They have no owner details or contact number mentioned. They don’t want to reveal their identities, like scammers. Legitimate and professional digital stores have their identity and contact information to be confident and boost their trust score. It is a red flag for the integrity of Hallopeeps.com.

Hellopeeps.com has only Facebook profiles where they have more than a thousand followers. 1.4K people have liked the Hellopeeps page. Based on 79 reviews on Facebook, Hellopeeps.com has only 1.1 ratings. It is not a good rating at all. In the comments, we only see complaints about the shop. That means people are unhappy with where they deliver and how they deal.

 On Scam Advisor, this website has a 72 trust score, more than the average. They are tagging it as a little risky. Hellopeeps.com is more than one year old. Scamming websites haven’t existed for more than a few months due to receiving so many complaints. On Sacm Advisor and Trust Pilot, there are no Hellopeeps.com reviews found. But you’ll be surprised that we found thousands of Hallopeeps.com reviews on each item in this store. Such a large amount of customer feedback means they have good traffic on their official website and satisfied customers. Overall, we observed 5/5 star ratings. That’s incredible.

Discount Offers

Hallopeeps offers multiple options for you to get a 5$ discount on 49$ shopping, an 8$ discount on 89$ shopping, and a 12$ discount on 129$ shopping by applying the promo codes G5, G8, and G12, respectively. Additionally, they are giving you free delivery for over 89 dollars.

Hallopeeps Reviews

Hallopeeps Reviews By Customers

While checking the internal reviews of Hallopeeps means analyzing website reviews on the official platform, we were amazed as there are tons of good Hallopeeps reviews. Customers have been shopping and are satisfied with Hallopeeps products and customer service. There need to be more Hallopeeps.com reviews on Scam Advisor and Trust Pilot. Still, they have a 72 trust score on Scam Advisor. On Facebook, buyers are unhappy with the shipping. They have rated Hallopeeps only 1.1. There are 79 reviews on Facebook.


  • Very high trust score.
  • Good traffic.
  • Secure HTTPS and a valid SSL certificate.
  • Website reviews are available in thousands of numbers.


  • The owner’s details are kept secret.
  • A few bad comments were found on Facebook.

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Wrap Up

Hallopeeps.com is a professional gift and home goods, seller. They have flowers, gifts, home and living, personalized platters, birthday flower pots, and mugs. They manufacture, design, and control their dealings and important factors with their team. Although they only work virtually. They hide the owner’s name, address, and phone number. The website’s trust score is very high. They have thousands of satisfied customers’ feedback on their official website.

Still, they need help getting customer responses on ScamAdviser and Trust Pilot. We recommend that you use them because they seem original and legal. Do more research before you place any order.

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  1. Brittany

    This company is overseas. Product arrived late, damaged, and customer service was extremely unhelpful. I went back and forth with them for months over a ruined Mother’s Day present. They lied to me about where the product was originating from and didn’t offer any solutions to the issue or my expression of unsatisfactory service on their part. They try to mask that they are not located in the US and run around questions when they finally do reply to emails.

  2. Nancy

    This company’s website states they are in Los Angeles. This is not true. From China and the products look cheap and are not accurate from the website description. They won’t refund unless you ship back to China which costs more than the product. Please report them to FTC. And watch out for name changes to the company.

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