Holykity Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Women’s Clothes or Another Online Scam?

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Are you getting married or going to attend any special wedding ceremony or event, and do you need some particular type of elegant and gorgeous dress? Do you want trendy clothes for formal dressing or a unique, stylish look? Although millions of online websites usually offer clothes and other accessories, these websites are scams or provide poor-quality products or incorrect sizes due to improper information. So, the Holykity is an e-commerce store to buy clothes for you or your siblings. After completing the research and analysis, we have written the Holykity reviews for your assistance. Let’s see whether they are legit and whether they deliver good quality products or not.

Holykity Reviews

About Holykity.com

Holykity is a famous fashion-selling merchant for women. They have the best dresses that add more beauty and a gorgeous look for women. Furthermore, they have various floral and fancy designs that make the dresses more charming. It is a one-stop shop for clothes. Their shipment areas are all over the world. They ship some orders for free. Interestingly, Holykity gives you 45 days to experience the products. 

After observing the Holykity clothing reviews, we found some amazing facts about Holykity.com products and services that will be shared in detail later. The website owner’s identity has yet to be discovered. Holykity has Facebook and Instagram accounts with incredible followers and engagement on posts.

Holykity Products

The following are the main products of Holykity.com:

Holykity Products Features Reviews

Holykity products have the following special and unique qualities:

Holykity Reviews
  • Floral Designs: The midi, bottoms, and one-piece suits have the particular type of craving floral designs with a stunning look. Compared to other brands’ floral products, it looks different in design and patterns, making it more unique.
  • Complete Size Guide: The big flaw of online websites is that they must disclose the size chart and guide, which often misguides the buyers and then delivers the wrong size products. Holykity has the complete guidance and size chart for each product, and the size measuring process is described well.
  • Trendy Dress: It is challenging for the commercial website to stay well-informed about the newest designs and trends. Holykity offers the latest dresses so that customers can find trendy outfits.
  • One STop-Shop: Holykity has a diverse variety of products for buyers from all over the world. You may buy dresses of any type in any size and design.

Who are Holykity Products For?

People who want to look elegant, and gorgeous at special events will love Holykity dresses. You’ll find your favorite Dress, whether your size is small or the largest. If you like fancy dresses, then Holykity dresses are for you.

Is Holykity a Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Holykity was registered on August 14, 2021, and updated in 2022. It has passed more than one year. Holykity.com has hidden the owner’s details. It may be due to spamming chances. The commercial website must share the contact details that Holykity still needs to fulfill. 

 According to the Tarnco reports, Holykity needs more traffic on its website. It means that the website needs help attracting customers. However, the website has an SSL certificate to encrypt the data between you and the website. But it is easy for scammers to install SSL certificates.

Alexa ranks this website at 8857042, which is not a good ranking number for a website with more than one-year-old domain age. Scam Advisor reports a 51 trust score, a medium average. There are 12 Holykity com reviews on Trust Pilot. Overall ratings of the products are only two, indicating that Holykity has no customer trust.

We found a mixture of reactions on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Holykity. Some people believe in an extraordinarily loving response, but an angry reaction is in the same post. We have concerns about the social media pages; despite having thousands of followers, they have received very few responses.

The Holykity reviews of the products reflect that the quality of Holykity clothes is inferior. That’s why customers have complaints about not getting a refund or exchange.

Discount Offers

  • You’ll enjoy a 5% discount on the first order and free shipping for orders over 69 dollars. By using the code HK18 to buy three items, you’ll get 18% off.

Holykity Reviews by Customers

On the official website, Holykity reviews are not found. But on different Chrome extensions, people have given feedback to the customers. Twelve Holykity Clothing Reviews are discovered, but unfortunately, they are not good. People are complaining about the shipping, dress quality, and refund policies.

On the social media account posts, Holykity has received angry reactions along with love and like reactions. Overall, customer feedback could be more favorable.


  • Average trust score.
  • Social meida accounts craetd.
  • Size chart defined.


  • The owner’s name and address are hidden.
  • Customer feedback could be better.
  • The rating is low.
  • Alexa’s rank could be better.
  • Social media posts have less engagement.

Wrap-Up (Holykity Reviews)

Holykity is a trendy and beautiful dress-selling marketplace. This website has fashion outfits for women. This website owner’s identity is not revealed, and contact information is not shared. Technically, they have a valid SSL certificate. The website ranking is very high, and the trust score is average. Overall, the website’s product rating is only 2 out of 5. The Holykity reviews are not favorable to Holykity.com. We recommend you wait to place an order because of the low trust score and terrible feedback.

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  1. Steven Labbe

    DO NOT buy from this company. They are so dishonest. I purchased an outfit for my wife and they sent me something completely different than what I ordered. When I explained this to them. They apologized for THEIR mistake and told me it would be way too expensive for ME to pay for shipping to return what they sent me so they would take 8% off my next order and they would NOT refund my money. Total crooks here.

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