Kendally Bra Reviews – Is It A Legit Bra Store or Waste of Money?

Are you searching for kendally bra reviews? Want to know more about their Comfy Corset Bra? Does it live up to its name? Does it give you the comfort and support it says it does? Want to know what other people think about this product? Want honest thoughts and experiences? We look into Kendally’s Comfy Corset Bra and hear what buyers say, so you don’t have to!

Kendally Bra Reviews

About is an online store that sells “Comfy Corset Bra Front Cross Side Buckle Lace Bras” as its best-selling item. Customers can call +1 (302)751-6800 or email The store is open from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday. The store operates during the weekends, specifically from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. So, if you have questions about their products or need customer service during work hours, Kendally is ready to help.

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Kendally Payment Method

They give you more than one way to pay for your ease. You can pay with a Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or your bank or credit card through PayPal in a safe way. When you select PayPal, the system will redirect you to their payment page, where you can log in using your login details.

If your cash isn’t accepted, you must pay in US dollars. Check your card details, account amount, and the number of transactions you can make. To resolve a rejected payment, refresh the page, initiate a new order, or seek assistance from your bank by calling them. Also, PayPal accounts may have limits on the number of transactions and may require that the shipping and payment addresses match.

Don’t worry if your payment fails. Several things could have caused this problem. Contact our Customer Service Team at with the subject “Failed Payment.” Give us the information we need or a picture of the problem, and we’ll immediately help you.

About Kendally Bra

The front buckles bra provides more comfort and support than standard options. No more dealing with clipping systems that don’t work or hooks that dig into your skin. You’ll never waste time again, thanks to the easy front buckle. 

This bra has the support of a pushup bra and the comfort and shape of a bralette. It doesn’t have any wires and is light and airy. You can adjust the pads to improve the fit. 

Move it from side to side for a balanced look, and appreciate the lovely lace trim. The manufacturer crafted it from Nylon/Spandex in another country, and you can easily wash it in a machine.

With kendally front buckles bra, you can say goodbye to pain and hello to the right mix of style and function. With its front buckles, this bra makes getting dressed hassle-free. 

This bra gives you the ease and shape of a bralette and the support of a pushup bra. It is made of light, flexible materials and has no wires, which makes it even more convenient. 

The bra’s changeable pads allow for easy adjustment to achieve the perfect fit, while its ability to be balanced side to side ensures a flattering appearance. It’s a closet essential with a lovely lace trim and is machine washable.

Kendally Bra Reviews

Features of Kendally Bra

  • Improve Posture: Pull your shoulders back and advance your chest to improve posture.
  • Adjustable Design: The sexy lace front cross hook and eye straps give you a secure fit and a steady push-up effect.
  • Cleavage Boost: The Font Buckles Bra lifts and stabilizes your breasts, making them look perkier and giving you a deeper cleavage. It lessens the bounce so that the fit is more relaxed.
  • No Back Fat: The Front Buckles Bra offers wireless support and is stretchy enough not to dig in. This garment stops annoying back and crotch fat while smoothing outside boobs, bulges, and unsightly bra lines.
  • Silky Soft: Feel soft, air-permeable cloth that keeps your girls from having to dig for wire. Pullover style with a loose band makes it easy to put on.
  • Light and Breathable: Stay dry and comfy with fabric that lets air in and removes sweat. The unique lacey pattern creates excellent airflow for maximum ventilation, making it comfortable and less likely to make you sweat.

Discount Offers

Kendally offers a 70% discount on the Comfy Corset Bra Front Cross Side Buckle Lace Bras, reducing the original price from $39.99 to $16.99.

Is Kendally A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

  • Website Contact Information:’s website has a phone number and an email address for people to use to get in touch. It looks like the email is actual, but someone probably made up the phone number by copying it from another site.
  • Social Media footprint: Kendally doesn’t have an impression on any social media sites, which may make customers wonder if they can trust the business and if it’s real.
  • Kendally Trust Score: “Scam Advisor” gives a trust score of 63 out of 100, which is about average. But more than this number is needed to prove the website’s authenticity.
  • Kendally Domain Information: The domain kendally. com was registered on 2022-06-26 and will expire on 2024-06-26, making it a relatively old website. The website has been changed or improved since the June 26, 2023 update.

It’s better to be careful and not buy anything from this online store until we can confirm its reliability. We must investigate more because there are no social media accounts, and some things must be corrected.

Kendally Bra Reviews

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Kendally Bra Reviews By Customers

First, we looked at the kendally bra reviews on their main website. There were only ten reviews, and all of them were good. But they might be using an internal review system, which makes people suspicious. This could be a sign of trustworthiness, but other things make it wise to be careful. It is best to wait until Kendally can prove it is real.

Next, we looked for kendally bra reviews on social media, but they don’t have any, which is a red flag.

We looked for kendally bra reviews on well-known review sites to build more trust. On these reputable sites, we were unable to locate any Kendally reviews. This lack of reviews from outside sources makes me wonder if I can trust Kendally as a website.


  • We found an SSL certificate that works.
  • This site is marked as safe by DNSFilter.
  • Big discounts for customers.
  • Average trust score.


  • The website is recently launched.
  • On WHOIS, the name of the site’s owner is kept secret.
  • The traffic rank for Tranco isn’t very high.

Final Determination

In the end, customer reviews are a vital part of how online shops like kendally build trust. Even though their website has good reviews from insiders, the fact that they don’t have social media accounts makes me suspicious. 

Also, there are no kendally bra reviews on reputable sites, making people even more suspicious. Another reason to be careful is that the website has been updated recently and has an average trust score. 

Because of these warning signs, it’s best to wait until there’s more proof that kendally is real before buying anything from their online shop. Being careful is the only way to ensure shopping is safe and reliable.

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  1. Anonymous

    As someone in the cyber security field, I would class them as a scam. The site loads to a short time left sale page with less than fifteen minutes left. Nothing happens when the timer runs out, and if you reload it just resets the timer. Seen too many scam sites like this to believe there is any chance it is legit.

  2. Sharon Wilburn

    Bought Kendally bra what a piece of cheap crap. SHAME ON SELLERS

  3. Budsgirl

    Such a scam. The “size chart” is so far off that it would be impossible for a larger woman to order and receive the correct size. Of course, even though I never saw access to their return policy at the time I placed the order, it states “We typically do not accept returns due to the user errors such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc”. AND they never responde to emails and NEVER have a representative available to answer a phone call or return a call if you leave a message. Lesson learned. Shame on them and anyone who represents the company.

    1. Susan

      On the Facebook ad I thought it said 100% satisfaction guarantied. I opened them and immediately tried to return them. Now is says defective ones only What a scam

    2. Patty M

      Agreed! I got the same BS. Very cheaply made and not supportive at all.

  4. Judy Roberts

    These bras are worthless. I ordered the correct size from their sizing chart and it was a joke. Also did not realize these come fr China, would not have ordered if I had known. Don’t buy.

  5. Michelle Stewart

    I received my order of 3 bras today from a Chinese vendor that represented itself as being from the UK or California, U.S. I should have done a deeper background check before ordering, but a cursory search in late July looked legitimate.

    As is typical of Chinese scam companies, the company processed my transaction without shipping product until I requested a refund for non-delivery. Of course, my product was “on the way”, but took 2 more weeks to arrive.

    Quality is non-existent. This bra’s silky, breathable fabric is actually the cheap synthetic blend that discount knit sleep bras are made from. The crossing adjustable under-cup supports are so short that they’re stretched into ribbons, while the body of the bra is enormous.

    I’m probably going to suffer a $50 loss from this bogus deal, but I’ll try submitting a return request ticket. My secondary recourse will be to request a refund request from PayPal because of product misrepresentation.

  6. Susan

    I agree These are horrible bras that couldn’t be used as a training bra yet a support bra. I did put in a claim with PayPal yesterday I will see how it goes This company is a total and complete scam!

  7. Valerie

    I bought mine on Amazon and just received. Poor poor quality. Pads are defective and have lumps in them and the bra is not sized properly. Definitely a scam- but as always Amazon is good with refunds. They did not even require me to return it since it was defective. A definite scam.

  8. Jane

    I completely agree with all the bad reviews. Doesn’t support the girls. Wish I had read these reviews. Sorry to say I used my credit card. Out $50.00!

  9. Carla

    Scam. No support. Cheap fabric. Total waste of money. I didn’t go thru amazon. Trying to work with company to get refund.

  10. Kathleen Waldow

    An absolute scam. dufficult to return since no info was sent back to me when ordered. Cheap Cheap.

  11. Eve Kirch

    Tired of waiting, I haven’t even received my bra’s but they were sure to charge my card very fast!! Wish I had done some research on the bra’s! I would not have ordered them! I will post this SCAM on Facebook!!

  12. Mary Ann

    Now they are selling them for $16.99 which is still at least $10 too much. However, the cotton was very soft. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Btw. I started getting repeating charges on my debit card. Had to cancel that card. I’m usually very careful looking out for scams. Learned my lesson.

  13. Judy

    This looks s crap and I hope people read the reviews and do not give them their money like so many of us have

  14. Kaykay

    Please please please do not fall for this scam . If I had known they were coming from China , I would never have ordered them. I ordered two bras and finally got them in. They are cheap, not as described at all. I thought the would slip on and hook around in the front. You have to skip them over your head and then hook. There is no way to adjust the straps, does not hold your back fat in as described , does not help with posture as described. I would not give fifty cents for these bras. There is no kind of paperwork to send back. If you want to throw your money away just go put in garbage

  15. Kathy

    This is the worst bra ever. It does nothing that the advertisement says. I too thought this was an American company until I started to track. There is no customer service and you are stuck with this poorly made cheap bra that adds no support.

  16. Virginia

    Terrible bra! I ordered size medium based on my actual bra size, but there was LOTS of side boob spilling out, which was the opposite of what they advertised. The customer service phone number immediately disconnected when dialed, so I am very concerned that there is no way to return the bra for a refund. I will see if PayPay will be able to help. Do NOT order from this company!

  17. Beth

    This is a terrible bra. It is thin it doesn’t support anything. The pads in the bra are not even in the right place. You cannot get a refund. They do not return calls or emails. This bra is a scam and they should be ashamed. If I would have known it was coming from CHINA I would never had ordered it. Guess when they say things are to good to be believed it this is a perfect example. I am so pissed, but a lesson learned although an expensive one.

  18. Angela

    Wish I would have read these comments before I ordered. Waste of money. I agree with all the previous comments. Never again without reading reviews.

  19. Edith

    I just realized this is a scam. I placed my order on September 2nd and still have not received it. I sent 3 messages and I they just do not respond. The phone number is not accepting phone calls. Where could we report this business.

  20. Patricia from Texas

    Shame on me for purchasing this garbage without first seeking reviews from others who also bought this sorry excuse for bras!! I’m sure I won’t get my money back but I’m sure going to try. This company is trying to pass itself off as an American company! NO … China all the way!!

  21. Cecile Donnamarie Newkirk

    Well it’s been a month and so what I should have done is investigate them more before my purchase. I really needed something supportive and I see from reading these reviews that I along with many others have been scammed
    Shame on you

  22. Robert Strike

    Bras were ordered a month ago. Not received yet. Shipping says waiting to be exported yet (from China). Four emails were sent with NO replies, we also phoned for three days solid and only get a busy signal.

    This company is a scam. Contacted our credit company to get $$$ back.

  23. Kristen

    I can’t get thru to them..anyone have a number I should try?

  24. Penny

    Trash!, I only paid about $17 but these bras are worth zero. I agree – the sizing chart should have been my first clue that this was a Chinese product – Temu is pretty much the same quality stuff. Looks nice in the photo but never the same when u get it. Very slow in arriving. Tight to put over the head and too loose once you get it on. Pads are tiny and lumpy, material is TOO stretchy to offer any support and there is major spillage in the underarm area. Not even gonna try to return for a refund as I don’t want to spend the time it sounds like it will take. Just accept it’s another scam as I think a lot of ads you see on FB are.

  25. L Carter

    I fell for the scam and am here to warn others DO NOT BUY! Absolutely agree with all the reviews about these bra’s! Nothing but fabric and does nothing for support! The “front closure” is on the side and hard to reach if your large breasted. You have to put it over your head and it fits like a sports bra that is 3 times Too Big! I threw away $50+ dollars because I bought 3! I have learned my lesson and we never buy another item advertised on Facebook again!

  26. Louise

    Absolutely a scam!! First I never got the items in a timely manner. They actually said they were shipping a new package. The items didn’t fit as portrayed. Now they want picture of shipping label ( cause no invoice included ) a picture of the items needed also! And then they will determine if a refund is justified!!!

  27. Buyer

    The bra came damaged (missing a closure hook) and was in a poor quality. Cheap fabric, poor quality stitches, doesn’t work as advertised. The size is a way 3 sizes smaller than I wear and ordered. There was absolutely NO support from the custom support. After 3 weeks of messaging and pictures they offered me a compensation of 15% of $21.97 I paid for it. Is it a joke?! For the item that is not wearable to get 15% of the total cost compensation?! This is a complete scam! Be aware!

    1. Stevie

      If the price is really low I suspect maybe China. If there’s any typo or grammar error, I’m almost positive it’s China. I don’t want their crap. They don’t have regulations on their industries the way we do.
      And, they’re buying up American farmland – over 200,000 acres already. with money that we have sent them😡🤬

  28. Anne Butler

    Joining everyone else in the poor review of this company and their practices. What a joke these bras are. Unless you are in a B cup or smaller, there is no support whatsoever. My mistake is not reading the return policy!! They want $30 to return a $30 purchase OR they will give me a 20% refund on my next purchase – why would I purchase something worthless to me? If you are into saggy boobs, buy this. But if you were looking for something with support and comfort as advertised DO NOT BE FOOLED like I was. I bought directly from the company but they don’t let negative reviews appear!!

  29. Jenny

    It’s a complete and utter scam. Just like many others, I asked for a refund after a month of waiting and my order still had not left China. I have no problem ordering from other countries and have received immediate and great customer service – not from here! They say the product was delivered with no defects so they CANNOT refund my money (but we will over a nice Christmas gift instead). The bras were 2-3 sizes too small and in no way matched their size chart. They are absolutely deplorable and need to be shut down!

    1. Darlene Elesky

      100% Agree with this review! This product doesn’t at all represent the marketing ad or video. The size chart is incorrect, and the material of this is so thin it couldn’t possibly offer any kind of support at all, nothing like a standard sports bra. The wrap around lace that hooks to give added support doesn’t even cover half the cup size so the once hooked it doesn’t do anything. POOR QUALITY – POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Won’t take refund unless the poorly made item is damaged. They don’t care about FALSE ADVERTISEMENT – Hook Line and Sinker – don’t buy products shipped from China!!

  30. Donna

    I wish I had read the comments before I purchased. What a scam! Bra is not even close to what the video shows. Shame on this company! Chinese garbage.

  31. Sue

    I am in absolute agreement with all the above reviews. Absolutely worthless piece of crap. Run as fast as you can away from this total scam. Shame on me for not doing due diligence, but shame, shame on them. Hope there is a way to shut them down. Horrible company.

  32. Cameo Kruse

    Apparently these bras are made to fit flat-chested women, of which I am not. The straps were too long and I CAN’T RETURN IT!. THIS SITE IS A SCAM and I’m sure all their products are CRAP! I’ve tossed it in the garbage where it belongs! Do not buy this cheap bra. I will continue to let people know what a sham this is.

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