Homrain Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Prom Dresses Or Another Online Scam?

Do you have to attend a wedding party or other event and look for shiny apparel? Do you need bridal dresses for you, your siblings, or your friends? The Homrain is a fantasy clothing brand that provides prom dresses to women. They claim to have been working since 2017. Let’s have a look at the Homrain reviews to see whether they are legit or not.

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Homrain Reviews

About Homrain.com

Homrain is a clothing store with various clothes to wear at wedding parties. Homrain dresses are shining, beautiful, sexy, and stylish enough to enjoy while wearing them. They have been working since 2017. Their trademark and registration were also established in 2017.

Homrain.com takes 6 to 10 days for shipping and offers 14 business days for returns. They charge shipping costs according to the delivery destination and the shipping method. It has four social media accounts.

Homrain Main Products

The Homrain Store has the following items for sale:

Homrain Characteristics

As Homrain sells wedding dresses, there must be unique qualities to be loved by everyone:

  • Shining and Stunning: Homrain dresses are made from shiny stuff. It glitters all day and night. This radiant look adds beauty to the women’s looks.
  • Floral and Bridal Dresses: Homrain dresses are specially made for brides, and the brides need special dresses like floral prints that show happiness and good fragrances.
  • Free Mystery Gift: none of the other clothes and dress stores has uniqueness regarding gifts. Homrain presents the mystery gifts if you buy the items collectively, pricing 99$+.
  • Affordable Rates: while viewing the Homrain reviews, we were surprised to see the comments about the prices of Homrain. As they have claimed that their prices are in control. Customers with a tight budget can access Homrain clothes because of their affordable rates.

Discount Offers

  • Free mystery gift over 99$+ Order.

Is Homrain A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Homrain has been working since 2017. A lot of customers have had experience with the store. There are various ways to verify a website. Among them, we have checked the following:

  • Contact Details: Homrain Store has hidden its identity from the customers. It has yet to reveal the official website’s contact number, owner name, or address. Sharing the contact details is a red flag for Homrain’s legitimacy.
  • Social Media Handles: Homrain’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channel links are incorporated on the official website. Facebook has more than 100 followers. None of the FB posts has Homrain com reviews. Although other social media handles haven’t been reviewed, the reaction to posts is good.
  • Trust Score: Homrain’s trust score is only one out of 100 on the scam advisor. The overall rating on Trustpilot is 2.8 out of 5. It is the worst per the trust score criteria, as only one trust score warns you to stay away from the store.
  • Domain Age: Homrain was created in 2017, according to Whois.com. It means that they have almost five years of experience. Web stores that have business experience of more than one year are deemed legitimate, but it is the last criterion.

After seeing all these crucial points, we conclude that there is a mixture of good and bad reviews. To know the final decision, connect with us at the end of the post.

Homrain Reviews By Customers

On the official website, Homrain reviews are absent. None of its products has received any reviews. On Trustpilot, there are 2.8-star ratings for Homrain.com. Sixty-seven reviews were found. Most of them appreciate the homrain products and policies. Some have complaints about not getting a return or response.

The homrain social media accounts have reactions but not comments on the posts. The followers are few. The engagements of these followers on social media accounts are insignificant.


  • Social Media Accounts presence.
  • Reviews are available on various platforms.
  • Shining and stunning prom dresses.


  • Low trust score.
  • Contact details absence.
  • Social media engagement is a little.

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FAQs of Homrain

Where is the Homrain store located?

Homrain has yet to share the address of its stores on the official website. But the domain is registered in Arizona, USA. It is only a website domain registration address, not the company or returning address.

What are the Homrain return policy reviews?

They try their best to provide the best products. Still, they give you 14 days to get satisfied. If you’re unhappy, you may return the items within 14 days of getting the Order.

Are there any Homrain phone number reviews?

There needs to be a contact number listed by Homrain.com. The way to contact them is through email or social media accounts chat boxes.

What about the shipping policy of Homrain reviews?

Homrain doesn’t ship freely. They calculate the shipping cost according to the destination of the products and the order price. They take 2 to 3 days for processing and 6 to 10 days for delivery. Expedited delivery is quick, but the fee is more.

How does Homrain accept payment?

You may pay the Homrain bill by the following methods: PayPal, Amex, JCB, Master Card, and Visa Card.

Conclusion(Homrain Reviews)

Homrain is an international prom and bridal dress-selling merchant. They manufacture and retail stunning dresses to clients worldwide. Their products are shiny, pretty, and durable.

Homrain ships products in 6 to 10 days globally. Further, their shipping cost is to be paid by buyers. But the orders of more than 99$, they offer free mystery gifts. For returning the items, you have 14 business days for appeal.

Homrain has not shared the contact number and owner’s identity. Social media accounts need a better response. The trust score is meager. The overall Homrain store product rating is only 2.8. Homrain reviews are fewer.

We advise you to wait to place an order until you are delighted with the Homrain legality. Do more research about the Homarin store and read reviews so that you will know the fact.

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