Pure Feel Shop Reviews – Is It The Best Online Store For Women’s Clothing Or Another Scam With Buyers?

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Are you looking for high-quality clothes for women that are both comfortable and stylish? Is Pure Feel Shop the place to go for all your dress needs? Can this online store give you the modern and up-to-date clothes you want in a world where fashion is always changing? There are a lot of options out there. Read Pure Feel Shop reviews to find out what style secrets it holds for smart women.

Pure Feel Shop Reviews

About Pure Feel Shop

They work hard to create a unique shopping experience with beautiful gowns. Their team stays current on the latest styles and fabrics, and their creatives even take you behind the scenes of top designers’ showrooms.

Their programmers make it easy for you to find the perfect dress. Pure Feel Shop is passionate about high fashion, and we’re dedicated to making it more approachable. That’s why we offer personalized help from our stylists by chat, phone, or email.

They can give you fashion tips, help you choose the perfect color, and suggest accessories. And if you want to hear from other happy customers, we have plenty of pure feel shop reviews.

At NewYorkDress.com, we believe that good information is always in style. Contact us by email at info@purefeelshop.com or call 442086385417. Our address is 372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC1B SHJ, United Kingdom.

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Is Pure Feel Shop A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

  • Absence of Owner Details: The owners of Pure Feel Shop are not mentioned on their website, which raises doubts about its genuineness. Customers should exercise caution before making purchases, as knowing the owners of a business is crucial for building trust and accountability. Smart shoppers prefer websites that disclose ownership information, as it enhances the safety and reliability of the buying process.
  • Invalid Contact Number: After doing further research, it turns out that the phone number listed does not belong to Purefeelshop.com. Instead, it appears to have come from another website. So, This raises concerns about the website’s trustworthiness, and customers should be cautious of this discrepancy. It is crucial to verify all information to guarantee a safe and secure shopping experience.
  • Wrong Physical Address: Pure Feel Shop is not located at 372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC1B SHJ, United Kingdom. The website used a fake address, which raises a red flag about their credibility. We strongly encourage people to be cautious and vigilant when considering purchases from this source.
  • Social Media Absence: Be careful when shopping on Purefeelshop.com as they only have a Facebook page with 4.4k fans and rarely post updates. So, This suggests that they purchased their followers to appear trustworthy, which could lead to doubts about the legitimacy of their website. It’s important to research and verify websites before making a purchase.
  • Insufficient Trust Score: Purefeelshop.com has received a trust score of only 1 out of 100 from Scam Advisor. So, This should serve as a warning to customers to exercise caution before purchasing on the website.
  • Registered Email ID: The business name is registered under “info@purefeelshop.com,” proving its authenticity. So, This establishes a genuine connection with the company, increasing the website’s trustworthiness and making it more appealing to potential customers. This is a positive indication for those considering doing business with Pure Feel Shop.
  • New Domain Registration: Pure Feel Shop registered their domain on July 11, 2023, and will expire on July 11, 2024. Registering a domain for only one year may raise doubts about the website’s credibility and trustworthiness.

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Pure Feel Shop Reviews By Customers

Permanent buyers depend heavily on customer reviews to make informed decisions. The absence of pure feel shop reviews for Tops and Dresses on Pure Feel Shop is concerning and suggests that either customers do not frequently visit the website or that shoppers lack confidence in sharing their experiences.

The website may not be trustworthy because well-known review sites like Trustpilot and Scamadvisor do not have any pure feel shop reviews. If you are a knowledgeable customer, you should be careful about purchasing on this website due to the lack of purefeelshop.com reviews, which could lead to doubts about its credibility and trustworthiness.


  • They have verified the SSL certificate.
  • Flashstart didn’t find any malware or email scams.
  • The website looks attractive.


  • The website trust score is low.
  • No pure feel shop reviews reviews available on the main website.
  • This page was just recently made official.
  • Trend Micro doesn’t trust this page.
  • The pure feel shop domain authority is only 3.
  • The website traffic is low.


Is Pure Feel Shop a reliable store for fashionable clothing?

Be careful of Pure Feel Shop – there are red flags about its legitimacy, like no owner details and a low trust score.

Is the provided contact number for Pure Feel Shop valid?

The contact number listed does not belong to Purefeelshop.com, which raises concerns about their trustworthiness and the accuracy of their information.

Is Pure Feel Shop a trusted website according to Scam Advisor?

Purefeelshop.com has a trust score of only 1 out of 100 on Scam Advisor, indicating low trustworthiness.

Wrap Up

Pure Feel Shop faces several issues that may cause potential buyers to hesitate. The lack of owner information, an invalid phone number, and an address that seems non-existent all contribute to doubts about the website’s reliability.

Additionally, the website’s low social media following and trust score, as well as its recent registration as a domain, further add to customer skepticism. Customers are left without the necessary information to make informed decisions without pure feel shop reviews, exacerbating these concerns.

Although the registered email address provides some hope, the other signs suggest greater potential risks. We strongly advise customers to exercise caution and carefully consider these factors before purchasing on the website.

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    Scam, Scam, Scam….ordered from them, they took my money and I never received anything and now the email doesn’t work!!!


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