Peackfoather Reviews – Is It a Scam Or Legit? All You Need to Know Before Order Clothes

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Are you looking for the newest styles and good clothes online? Want to know more about Peackfoather reviews? Don’t look any further! Do the T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, sweatpants, coats, hats, and unique jewelry for women on look good and last as long as they say they do? Are the people really happy with what they bought?

Discover first-hand accounts from shoppers who have looked through the many clothing choices at Do these goods live up to the hype and are they worth the money? Let’s look into Peackfoather reviews to see if this online clothes store is the best place for people who care about fashion.

Peackfoather Reviews

About used to make clothes for well-known fashion brands. For the past ten years, They have provided stylish and affordable clothing to millions of women. They prioritize sustainability and good business practices while also supporting up-and-coming designers. Manufacturing their goods in the USA helps local businesses and ensures faster shipping worldwide.

In addition, they donate some of their yearly profits to combat poverty globally. If you have any questions, you can contact their help team at Peackfeather’s direct-to-consumer model produces high-quality clothing that aligns with ethical and environmentally friendly ideals, making it accessible to everyone at a reasonable price.

Is Peackfoather A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

  • Owner Details Not Provided: People may doubt if is a legitimate company because they do not provide information about the owner. To establish trust and transparency, companies need to disclose information about themselves. Customers should exercise caution when considering a purchase from this website if they do not have this crucial information, as it could be a sign of untrustworthiness and lack of accountability.
  • Missing Contact Number: I wonder if I can trust Peackfoather’s website since they don’t provide a phone number for direct customer contact. Building a connection based on trust and openness with customers involves having such contact channels. Customers may doubt its authenticity and reliability if a company doesn’t offer this.
  • No Physical Address Given: Peackfeather’s website raises suspicion among potential customers because it lacks a physical address. Providing a physical address reassures customers and builds trust by allowing them to verify the company’s presence on platforms like Google Maps. When important information like this is missing, it can make people wary since scam websites often hide their contact information. It’s important to approach any website without a real address with caution and consider the possibility of it being a scam.
  • Copied Content: Peackfoather’s website copying content is a major issue. Scam websites often use this tactic to trick visitors into purchasing without realizing it. So, it’s crucial to exercise caution and consider the possibility of a scam. Legitimate businesses value original content and uphold intellectual property rights.
  • Limited Social Media Presence: Peackfeather’s Facebook page has 5,000 followers and 5.2k likes, which might make potential buyers cautious. Customers should consider whether these followers were purchased, as genuine businesses value natural growth and engagement. It’s important to take note of these warning signs when assessing the legitimacy of an online organization. Please don’t ignore them.
  • Very Low Trust Score: ScamAdvisor gave a trust score of only 1 out of 100, indicating that the website cannot be trusted. It is highly recommended that users exercise caution when making purchases or interacting with others on this platform due to its extremely low rating.
  • Authentic Email Address: The business name and purpose match with the email address, making it seem genuine and indicating expertise. However, don’t rely only on the email address. Look for other warning signs on the website to make a well-informed decision about its reliability.
  • Domain Registration Details: They recently registered on September 7, 2022. However, there are concerns about its reliability since it will only be available until September 7, 2024, which is a very short time. These details about the domain registration are big red flags, so customers should be careful and pay attention to other possible signs of legitimacy.

Peackfoather Reviews By Customers

Establishing trust and shaping a company’s reputation is crucial for customers who rely heavily on reviews. However, customers who read the reviews on Peackfeather’s website are concerned about the company’s dependability, as they may have implemented an internal peackfoather reviews system.

Moreover, checking trustworthy websites such as Trustpilot and TrustedReviews revealed no reviews, indicating that Peackfoather reviews may not be reliable.

Therefore, buyers must exercise caution and consider these warning signs when evaluating its trustworthiness.


  • The SSL check says that the certificate is verified.
  • They provide a wide range of clothes


  • The website trust score is very poor.
  • Poor social media presence.
  • No legit peackfoather reviews available.
  • The website owner hides his WHOIS identity with a premium service.
Peackfoather Reviews

Final Opinions

In summary, Peackfoather is a questionable online clothing store. Despite claiming to offer trendy clothes at affordable prices, several aspects of their website raise suspicion. They lack information about their owner, contact numbers, and physical address, and their content appears to be copied.

Furthermore, they have little presence on social media and a very low trust score on ScamAdvisor. Their domain name is also set to expire soon, and there are concerns about them using an internal peackfoather reviews system.

Customers should exert warning when considering doing business with Peackfoather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peackfoather a trustworthy online clothing store?

Several red flags indicate that the website is not legitimate, including missing owner details and a low trust score.

Do they provide a contact number for customer support?

They do not offer a contact number, which may affect their credibility and openness.

Is Peackfoather’s website content original?

There are signs of plagiarized content, a common strategy scam websites use.

What is the significance of their low trust score on ScamAdvisor?

A trust score of 1 out of 100 indicates an untrustworthy website, requiring caution.

Is their email address,, genuine?

Customers should be careful when considering email legitimacy, even if it appears to align with the business name.

Peackfoather Reviews

Guidelines on How To Save From Scam Websites

Protecting yourself from online scam websites is crucial in today’s digital world. Here are some guidelines and suggestions to help you stay safe:

  • Research the Website: Before making any purchases, it’s important to study the website to ensure it’s trustworthy. Checking out reviews and scores from past customers can help with this. Be careful if there are many negative comments or the website seems untrustworthy.
  • Secure Payment Methods: It’s best to use safe online payment methods, such as credit cards or trusted services like PayPal. Scammers usually prefer untraceable methods of payment like wire transfers.
  • Look for HTTPS: Ensure that the website you are visiting has an HTTPS URL and that the address bar displays a lock symbol. So, this indicates that the link is secure and encrypted, which is important for protecting your personal and financial information.
  • Beware of Too-Good-to-Be-True Deals: Be cautious when a website offers goods or services at significantly lower prices than its competitors or when the deal appears too good to be true. Scammers frequently utilize these types of offers to deceive people.
  • Trust Your Instinct: If a website seems strange or suspicious. Watch out for unsolicited emails and pop-up ads leading to unfamiliar websites. If you need help deciding what to purchase, seek advice from friends or family.

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  1. Jany

    This site appears to be untrustworthy, I’ve looked up lots of websites, most reviews on review sites warn on this website as scams, do not purchase any products from this site.

  2. James Biggers

    It is not a trustworthy site. I know by first hand experience. The clothing is extremely cheap made clothing, and I received the wrong products. Basically the company told me they would not do anything about it. When I left negative reviews, they did not show up on the advertisements. Facebook should be ashamed for not making it easy to report these scam companies as I bought items from Peackfoather through a Facebook advertisement.

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