Dashing Soul Reviews – Is It A Legit Website For Purchasing Fashionable Clothes or Another Online Scam?

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Are their t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies as good as they say they are? Are most of the reviews for Dashing Soul good, or are they mixed? When fashion-forward women think about going on an online shopping spree, these are the things they want to know. Let’s look at the Dashing Soul Reviews to see if this online store for women’s clothes does offer great style, comfort, and quality for the winter.

Dashing Soul Reviews

About Dashing Soul

Dashingsoul.com started its journey with the motto “Cool Items for Cool Person.” Their team of young street art enthusiasts worked hard to establish Dashingsoul despite having yet to gain prior experience in running a clothing brand. Our commitment and attention to detail shine through in the unique quality of our products. Their hard work paid off as Dashingsoul.com has experienced rapid growth.

Dashingsoul has always created clothes inspired by phrases, graffiti, tattoos, hip-hop, and street art. They are dedicated to artistic freedom and constantly searching for comfortable materials. Contact us at contact@mail.dashingsoul.com to stay true to yourself and your wild side and live forever!

Products of Dashingsoul.com

  • Hoodies
  • T-Shirts
  • Bottoms
  • Jewelry
  • Clips
  • Bags
Dashing Soul Reviews

Is Dashing Soul A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

  • Missing Website Owner Details: People are suspicious because Dashingsoul.com’s company information is unavailable. Trustworthy businesses usually share their history to build trust, so the lack of transparency could indicate possible problems.
  • No Physical Address: Dashing Soul lacks a physical address, which raises doubts about the website’s legitimacy. Legal businesses often provide a physical address, making this absence questionable.
  • Limited Contact Information: Don’t hesitate to contact Dashing Soul via email (contact@mail.dashingsoul.com). Trustworthy companies typically provide a phone number for customer service.
  • Unrealistic Discounts: The website gives discounts of up to 49% on their items, which may be too good to be true. Scammers often use big discounts like these to lure people into buying things that may be fake.
  • Lack of Social Media Presence: It’s concerning that Dashingsoul.com doesn’t have any social media accounts. Most trustworthy online stores use social networks to build customer trust and increase sales, but this website doesn’t do this well.
  • Copied Content: Many of the content and product images on Dashingsoul.com have been taken from other, more established online stores. So, this creates doubts about the website’s authenticity and reliability.
  • Most Recently Created Website: The website’s September 13, 2023 registration date is similar to a common quality of scam websites that are only meant to trick people for a short time.

Dashing Soul Reviews By Customers

Customers rely heavily on product reviews to build trust in an online business. However, after a thorough website search, we couldn’t find any real customer reviews for Dashingsoul.com. This lack of dashing soul reviews raises concerns about the quality of Dashing Soul’s products. We recommend refraining from making purchases until the website’s trustworthiness is established.

We examined Dashing Soul reviews on reliable sites like “Trust Pilot” as part of our further research. Two reviews resulted in a 3.3-star rating. A dissatisfied customer complained about Dashing Soul’s shipping method and overall service.

Because there are so many red flags, these results suggest that Dashing Soul may not be a reliable website.


  • Verified SSL certificate.
  • High trust score on Scam Advisor.


  • The dashingsoul.com social media accounts are missing.
  • Negative Dashing Soul Reviews on Trust Pilot.
  • The dashingsoul.com was recently launched.
Dashing Soul Reviews

Wrap Up

Our in-depth research shows that Dashingsoul.com lacks crucial information, such as a physical address and multiple ways to get in touch, which raises concerns about its legitimacy and dependability.

The unrealistic prices on their website also add to these concerns. Moreover, the absence of product reviews on their website and negative dashing soul reviews on external sites like “Trust Pilot” are significant red flags.

The encouraging date of the website’s creation only adds to these suspicions. In conclusion, we advise caution and recommend waiting for solid proof of the website’s authenticity and the quality of its products before making any purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dashingsoul.com a reputable online store?

No owner details, physical address, or reliable contact. Dashingsoul.com seems untrustworthy.

Do they offer legitimate product discounts?

Dashingsoul.com offers discounts of up to 49%, which may indicate fake products or scams.

Are there any customer reviews on their website?

No dashing soul reviews on the official website suggest newness and raise product quality concerns.

What is the customer feedback on external review platforms like “Trust Pilot”?

“TrustPilot” reviews for Dashingsoul.com show a 3.3-star rating based on two reviews. One customer complained about shipping and service quality.

Should I make purchases from Dashingsoul.com?

It’s better not to buy anything from Dashingsoul.com until we have proof that it’s a safe and reliable website because there are many signs that it might not be.

Tips to Keep Your Online Shopping Safe

To shop online without risk:

  • Find out about the website’s reviews and images.
  • Ensure the link is safe (HTTPS) and has a padlock icon.
  • Check to see how reliable customer feedback is.
  • Learn about the rules for returns and refunds.
  • Use safe ways to pay that protect the buyer.
  • Share only the information that is needed when you check out.

When you shop online, put safety first and avoid scams like dashing soul. Your happiness and safety come first.

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