Tluly Clothing Reviews – Is Tluly Legit Clothing Store For Women or Another Online Scam Store?

Tluly Clothing Reviews – Do you like to wear gorgeous long sweaters or cardigans? Are you searching the internet for the best deals on women’s clothes? As you know, Google has millions of e-commerce stores, most of which are about clothes. Usually, women like to go shopping and buy new dresses. Earlier in the history of digital shopping, all was well, and there were no scamming incidents. But as time passed, fraud increased.

Tluly is one of the famous brands that manufacture and supply women’s dresses and accessories all over the world. But as mentioned earlier, scamming incidents have spread fear in buyers’ minds. There are many methods to determine the actual and scamming website. Some of these are described below in Tluly clothing reviews.

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Tluly Clothing Reviews

About Tluly

Tluly is an English brand with more than eight years of experience in women’s dress selling and manufacturing. was created in 2015. The main categories of Tluly are women’s tops, bottoms, sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. On the official website, many Tluly reviews by customers are found.

They have a high number of fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram. Tluly delivers products in 35 business days. If the dress is damaged or you have received the wrong size, Tluly will accept a refund complaint within 30 days after the order’s receipt. You may pay the tluly women’s fashion stuff charges in multiple ways.

Tluly Clothing Products

Tluly is striving to introduce new designs and patterns in the main categories. Their main items are:

  • Tops
  • Sweater & Cardigans
  • Casual Dresses
  • Mini Dresses
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Midi Dresses
  • Long Sleeve Dress
  • Two pieces set
  • Blouses & shirts
  • Sweatshirts & hoodies
  • Tees
  • Cami & Tanks

Until you reach your desired color and pattern design, explore all the categories.

Tluly Clothing Features

Tluly, as a manufacturer and supplier, has kept in mind all the essential things to satisfy the clients. The buyers love their products and then recommend them to friends and relatives. It is because of the Tluly super quality products and material. The unique features have made Tluly dresses more popular and wearable globally.

  • Soft and Adjustable: unlike other brands and suppliers, Tluly produces dresses that fit over the body. Whichever size you buy, it will be very smooth and adjustable due to its flexibility.
  • Fashionable and Beautiful: Tluly women’s fashion dresses are outstanding. As the designs and color patterns are perfect, the buyer likes and gives Tluly reviews in favor. It is because Tluly made dresses with passion and heart.
  • Guaranteed clothes and policies: Tluly fulfills the things claimed on the official website. Either it is dress stuff or policies devised. They give a warranty on clothes and, if unsatisfied, offer returns. They deliver fast and accept easy returns.
  • Facebook Certified: due to social media accounts strict policies, scammers don’t get a blue tick on their Facebook accounts. Only real accounts get certified; the most unique and tremendous feature of Tluly is that its Facebook account is verified and certified.

Is Tluly Legit Website or a Fraudulent E-Commerce Store?

At the start of the Tluly reviews, we informed you about the scam issues. Now we will give you some points to check the legitimacy character of

  • Contact Information: The contact information of an online business or its owner must be shared with the buyers, as they have some factual information to be accessed during any mishap. The contact number and address are shared on the official website.
  • Social Media Accounts: It is the era of socialization. Everyone has social media access. Even now, people have started buying things through social media campaigns. A brand must introduce itself on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to suit that business’s health. It is good that Tluly has Facebook and Instagram pages and good fan engagement.
  • Domain Age: The Tluly domain is about eight years old. It was created in 2015. The benefit of experienced domain age is that you find many reviews and professional behavior that can help determine the website’s status.

Discount offers

  • The hot sale offer is 40%, and the code is Save5.
  • On website email signup, 10% extra off will be awarded.
  • Free shipping for orders above 79$.

Tluly Clothing Reviews

The buyers love to express their feelings about the dresses or other items they buy. It is the responsibility of digital shopping stores to develop feedback mechanisms on online platforms. On the official website, buyers may react via star ratings or leave some comments. On social media accounts, people get more freedom of reaction. People react using emojis and written words.

While scrolling over the Tluly women’s fashion dresses and social media posts, we found the Tluly clothing reviews more favorable to the brand. There are many reviews available for every product. People have also indicated satisfaction with their purchases from the Tluly store in these reviews, which is encouraging.

The store must also have reviews on well-known websites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot.


  • A complete description of products and policies.
  • Customer reviews are in favor.
  • Social media handles are accessible to clients.
  • Contact information is shared.


  • Shipping is very slow and requires an extended period.
  • Payment methods are not visible.
  • Trust Score 1% out of 100.

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Final Recommmendations

Tluly is an international women’s merchant and brand that sells fancy, designed, and other beautiful stuff to customers. Tluly has its office in London; the dresses are manufactured and supplied from the USA. There are two branches in the USA where women’s fashion dresses are made.

Tluly delivers items in 35 business days, whether standard shipping or express. They ship free for 79$ order. Tluly only offers a refund or exchange for broken or defective items if you notify them within 30 days of receiving your order.

Tluly shared the contact information, social media handles, and manufacturing details with buyers. The Tluly clothing reviews by customers are favorable. If you buy something from Tluly, do more research at your own risk.

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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Barbara Ceniga

    Still have not received my order. No contact information and no shipping information. I think this company is a scam.

    1. Kate

      Hi, have you received the order yet? They say delivery in 2 weeks, but that doesn’t seem the case. I’m worried that the company is a scam. Thanks, Kate

  2. Liz

    My order took over a month. They charged me $15 USD for shipping, but then USPS left me a notice that the seller used fraudulent postage and they would not deliver until I paid for the full amount of postage due. So I put the cash in an envelope, taped it to my front door and arranged for a redelivery. Finally received my dress today, about a week after the event I wanted to wear it to. So disappointed overall that I haven’t even tried it on. I regret doing business with this company.

  3. Marnie Hinkle

    Tluly has terrible and does not accept returns for the full amount paid. Not a standup company.

  4. Wendy porter

    I received 2 out of 3 items in wrong size and was unable to return for full refund. They start out with a low ball refund and if you keep pursuing will go up to maybe 40%. The fabric I’d weird as well. I would never use this company again. I also do not believe they are made in SC.

  5. Melanie

    Took several weeks to get the 4 dresses I ordered. Very thin material and sizing is very inconsistent. Poor quality—super thin fabric. Their website claims that the clothes are manufactured in U.S, but this is a false statement. All the dresses had “made in China” labels and the package I received had been shipped from China…to a middleman in California and then on to me. Returning items is not straightforward and I am awaiting to hear back from customer service.

  6. Helen Greffard

    Do not buy from Tully!
    The fabric is super cheap and very thin. Sizing is not uniform. Pictures of clothing on the website look nice but my experience is much different and very, very disappointing! The over $40 tops are terrible and a supposedly cute little dress looks like some poorly fitted nightshirt! Apparently it’s next to impossible to get a refund… what kind of company is this?? Guess love learned a lesson. In the future, I won’t be ordering from China. What a rip off!

  7. Melanie

    BEWARE! Nightmare Company. I believe this is a bogus “official review” above by
    I purchased 4 dresses recently, and the fabric was very thin and sizes inconsistent (the Larges fit me and the XL’s were too small!). False advertising on their website (and in the “official review” above. Clothing is made in China (And marked as such)–despite their website saying it is made in USA and the above review saying England! The package I received with dresses clearly came from China. Website states “easy returns.” While their customer service did respond to me (in broken English)…..they refused to tell me how to return or exchange and instead began a series of “offers.” First—“you can keep the dresses and we will give you $50, and so on, I paid $192 for the merchandise. Finally I got so frustrated with them, I got paypal involved (and fortunately I purchased through paypal). Paypal was able to get a full refund, however I had to return the items to China (which was $45 out of my pocket).
    I do not believe they would have issued a full refund without paypal’s intervention. There is no “scamming website,” as they state. And they actually have other website/ same clothes under other names. AVOID at all costs.

  8. Christine Sievers

    Where is my order

    1. Kate

      Have you received it yet? I placed an order and haven’t heard from them, even though they took my money.

  9. Sheryl

    DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM TLULY !!!! I ordered 2 dresses that took at least 3 weeks
    to recieve them , and when i tried them on they were to tight in the chest area. I always take a
    XL so i presumed they would fit. Upon trying to return them i was told they would only credit
    me with half of my purchase but would re send me a larger size but just keep the smaller ones.
    I find out that their shipping outlet is in Dubai and they do NOT do any returns.

  10. Lyndy

    My experience was horrible. Items were slow to arrive. Materials very thin (one dress was see through). There are no clothing tags showing material, country of origin, size or care instructions. Sizes ran smaller than normal. Despite what the website claims, these are NOT made in the USA!
    Package arrived with original label and our name from China underneath but local NY based senders address label on top. According to the Tluly website Returns/Exchanges page – defects are the only reason they will provide a refund. Wrong size is not reason for a return. Tried to return according to their instructions but never heard back from the service email address listed on the website. Because I paid via PayPal, the PayPal receipt showed seller as and not Tluly. These products are sold on multiple websites under multiple names. Did hear back from Sara – Manager of the customer care team. I was offered $30 refund (out of $150 purchase) and to keep the merchandise. Buyer beware. This is not a business you should trust!

  11. Michele

    My experience is the same as everyone else. I placed an order for 3 dresses on the Tluly site and never heard from them and when I emailed them 3 times, they never responded..
    I will now try to get a refund from my credit card company. It makes me sick that they’re website looks so legit but they’re a bunch of frauds! I need Harvey Specter!!

  12. Clara

    SCAM / RiOFF artists. The product that I received did not even match the picture posted. The quality was something unacceptable that I wouldn’t even wear to bed.

  13. H.M.

    My experience echos all the comments above. Tully’s advertising and guarantee is false. They do not honor returns and try to bargain by offering a fraction of the cost I paid. And what’s with saying I have to pay for returns to Dubai? Delivery took 6 weeks and the return address on the package was Jamaica NY. I wish I had read these reviews before buying – the reviews on their FB page are bogus! I will NEVER but from this company (beware they use many different names) and rate them “zero”! Beware.

  14. Annette

    This is a total scam. They r not made in USA come from Dubai. Tried to return and can’t get my money back paid 65.00 for the order and would cost 30.00 to shop back to them. I highly do not recommend ordering from them. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  15. Mableswartz

    Awesome post.

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