Placeplant Reviews – Best Place To Buy Artificial Plants & Birds Or Another Online Scam?

Placeplant Reviews – Do you want to decorate your homes with artificial statues of plants or birds? Are you searching for the best website to buy unique, beautiful flowers with lights? The stylish and natural phenomena of lightning are hard to map in the houses. You must have heard about, an online retailer of decorating items at very reasonable rates.

Searching for beautiful and stylish things offline is difficult due to scarce availability. Online shopping provides a vast selection of products and enables you to filter by budget and preferences. You don’t need to put in an arduous effort to get the desired products. These are only one click away from you. If you are a newbie in digital shopping, you must read the reviews to get an idea of this website’s legality.

Placeplant Reviews

About Placeplant

Placement is an international brand that sells artificial-made decorations products that pop up like natural scene films. They sell products like forever tree lamps, Resin Parrot statues, garden statue items, Koala statues, turtle yoga statues, Solar garden butterfly lights, flower garden stakes, etc.. not only are the products mentioned above are the products mentioned above available, but more numerous items can surprise you. 

The items of are available at 50% discounts these days. It is hot time to buy the decorations, so your house may be the nucleus of eye concentration. Sahyi International Co, Limited is the owner of the website. They run their business from England. If you are worried about their legal status, then have a look at the below description:

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Is A Legitimitae Website or Another Online Scam?

Let’s know about’s original status with some realistic stats.

  • Owner’s Details: It is a plus point and necessary thing to share the business owner’s name and address. Not only should businesses share their information, but these should also be valid and actual. Many scammers share the anonymous business company’s name and address to deceive customers. Like scammers, has shared the fake business owner’s name and address to get positive points from buyers, which is impossible.
  • Social Media Handles: These days, every business wants to grab the attention of buyers through social media channels. These social media channels can be optimized to rank up and get more traffic so your business grows. But disappointingly, placeplant has no such active social media accounts.
  • Website Traffic and Trust Score: If the e-commerce website gets a sufficient number of users, there might be chances of it being legal. According to Scam Advisor and Scam Doc, the website traffic is low. According to Scam Adviosr, the placeplant’s trust score is 50, which is moderate. The website is determined as suspicious.
  • Domain Stats: The website’s domain is two months old. The website with less than six months or one year is deemed not legit. That’s why it should spend more time to determine its exact status. The registrar has hidden the owner’s identity. The website domain is secure and valid SSL certificates.
  • Copied Content: The business may be professional and accurate if the website’s content and policies are genuine. The placeplant’s policies are copied from other websites. Scammers often copy the content of professionals to look professional.

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Placeplant Reviews By Customers

Customer feedback has a crucial role in promoting businesses and attracting customer attention. That’s why online businesses pay more attention to getting positive reviews. Online, there is more freedom to publish their opinion. On the official platform of, there are no place plant com reviews from any buyers. They need placeplant reviews from buyers on official platforms like websites, social media handles, etc.

Various extensions and third parties have published their opinions on their sites. According to the scam advisor, the place plant reviews are unavailable, but they warned the users to avoid the website as it is suspicious. On TrustPilot, the reviews are not available. Only some others have published placeplant reviews online, indicating the website’s illegality.


  • domain is secure. 
  • This website has valid SSL certificates.
  • The website trust score is moderate.
  • The website has shared the company name and address.


  • has a young domain. 
  • The website’s traffic is low.
  • The website rank is lower, as per Tranco reports.
  • The website’s owner’s identity is anonymous. 
  • The registrar of this website is included in the highest percentage of spam.
  • The website offers the highest discounts.
  • There are no active social media accounts.

FAQs (Placeplant Reviews)

From where is located?

As they have mentioned, the company is located at 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, England, CB2, 8DL.

How does Placeplant accept payments?

Placeplant pays through VISA, Mastercard, Amex America, JCB, and Discover. They accept payments in various currencies.

How many days does it take to deliver the order?

After the order placement, they take 2 to 5 processing days and then 8 to 14 natural days for shipment, and if you demand expedited delivery, then placeplant takes 3 to 8 days.

Do placeplants offer free shipping?

No, they don’t offer free shipping.

Do retrun the damamged orders?

You can get a refund or return for damaged or incorrect products. But you have to follow some terms and conditions. You can only return within 14 days after receipt.

Wrap up (Placeplant Reviews) is an international retailer that sells decorating products. These things include natural flower statues, birds, and lamps. They sell products at 50% Off. The website owner’s name and address are anonymous. The website traffic is low, and the domain is young. They don’t offer free shipping. They accept returns within 14 days. 

Placeplant’s trust score is 50, which is medium. The website’s rank could be higher. They don’t have created any active social media professional accounts. As approved above, is a scamming website. It would help if you refrained from this website.

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