Blocksupercc com Reviews – Is It A Legit Website For Purchasing Solar Lights Or Another Online Scam?

Blocksupercc com Reviews – Do you want to light up your home’s interior and exterior costlessly? Are you searching for solar lighting systems with beautiful designs and floral colors? If you’ve ever heard of, it sells various super cool and beautiful solar lighting and home decoration items. Seemingly, looks fantastic and legit, but whether facts about prove its authenticity or not is a matter of discussion.

When we want to purchase anything online, we must have enough information about online shopping so that the scammers get less benefit. We show’s authenticity below through real and credible checks.

Blocksupercc com Reviews

About is an international market for solar lighting items and garden decorating products. They are present in China, and from there, they deliver the products worldwide. Nova Limited regulates this website. sells products like solar lights, outdoor garden lights, butterfly globe lights, solar curtains, tire pack bike wheels, solar star moon string lights, etc.

If you want to decorate your home at a very reasonable price, these solar lights are cheap and don’t consume electricity for burning or lighting. In the below section, we will give you the status of

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Is Blocksupercc com A Legitimate Website Or A Scam?

When we see, it looks like a legitimate store with legitimate photos and an interface. We must analyze more things in depth when we check the backend. The following are the crucial things that made this website more suspicious:

  • Scamming Network Part: When we analyzed its domain and hosting companies, it was revealed that they are part of the scammer network. Their primary purpose in creating such e-commerce websites is to commit fraud using various tactics.
  • Anonymous Contact Information: For a legitimate website, information about the business must be shared with the customers. Although has shared information about the company, it has nothing to do with this website. The company name is plagiarized, and the address is suspicious as well. The company working from China is very suspicious because of its track record.
  • Plagiarized Content: has copied the terms and conditions from the other scamming websites. They do so to appear legitimate and professional, but checking this via different extensions is possible. Policies are copied, and the photos are also taken from the other web store.
  • Inorganic Discounts: has offered huge discounts. It can only be offered if the products are of inferior quality or you are a scammer. This is another red flag about the authenticity of
  • Active Social Media Profiles: Social media accounts are crucial to getting audience traffic to the website. Few scammers use ads and social media handles to get traffic in bulk. has no social media handles. If these accounts were present, there might be a chance of Blocksupercc com reviews in the comments.
  • Domain: The website’s domain is essential in determining the website’s authenticity. The domain is very old, older than a few months. Its domain will end in 2024 as well. It is different from a legitimate website when we see the domain criteria. The domain trust score is only 37, below the average trust score.

Blocksupercc is a scam website that steals personal information and delivers incorrect or inferior goods. So, we do not recommend using this website.

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Blocksupercc com Reviews By Customers

Everyone who does online shopping has their own opinion about their shopping experience. It doesn’t matter whether you shop online or offline. Customer feedback must be present. It is disappointing to see the reviews on the official website or social media sites as there are no Blocksupercc reviews.

Many people have written on their websites about According to their Blocksupercc com reviews, it is a fraudulent website with malware and scamming intentions. They take the order, copy the client’s information, take their money, and run away. They have explained all the tactics they are using for scamming.


  • has a realistic interface.
  • The domain is secure.
  • The company name and address are mentioned.


  • has a low trust score.
  • The website has mentioned the anonymous address and company name.
  • The policies and content are copied.
  • The website domain is young.
  • There are no social media accounts active for
  • Blocksupercc com reviews are not published.
  • The website registrar is part of the scam network.

Final Verdict is an online business store for home decoration and lighting items. They sell products that run only on solar. The prices of the products are low and discounted. has yet to mention the real name and address of the company. They must share their social media handles with customers to increase their reach.’s domain is secure but very young.

They are offering unrealistic discounts that are not genuine at all. has copied the policies and content from the other website. The website’s trust needs to be high. Blocksupercc com reviews are not available on the official channels. The website domain is very young. The website links to the scamming network

After assessing the above red flags and flaws, we have concluded that the website is a scam. Please refrain from placing any orders with them.

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