Shorts Kelinia Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Women’s Shorts Or Another Online Scam?

Shorts Kelinia Reviews – Finding an e-commerce store with soft pocket patch shorts is challenging. Very few websites have the shorts collection, which has pockets and is smooth. Good quality and durability are always concerning factors for customers. That’s why online shopping needs special attention to product material in descriptions and reviews.

Kelinia Shorts is a professional store for shorts and one-piece items. These shorts are made of multiple item percentages. If you love to wear sexy and romantic shorts, then you must visit We have compiled the Kelinia Shorts reviews from different resources for your assistance. Let’s read these reviews carefully.

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Shorts Kelinia Reviews

About Kelinia

Kelinia is located in Singapore. They sell different types of shorts in various styles. You can see that they are selling only a few dresses. They have limited stock for resale. After the buyer places the order, the shipment takes 7-14 days. After that, they take 1-3 days to process the shorts. doesn’t offer free shipping. In the US, they charge $5 for every delivery. They receive payments via different methods. If you want to cancel or make changes to the order, please cancel or change the order terms within 12 hours. You may only apply for the return within 14 days.

Kelinia Products

Kelinia Shorts Specifications

The Kelinia shorts are super soft pocket patch shorts with a pull-on design and hidden tummy-shaping features. Along with the above qualities, you will enjoy the following specifications:

Shorts Kelinia Reviews
  • Flexibility: Kelinia shorts have no zipper or button on the shorts. This design makes it more flexible than other traditional shorts. In addition, these shorts are based on a pull-on design, so they fit better due to the additional flexibility feature.
  • Perfect Pockets: Shorts have two pockets in front. Due to these pockets, you get the ultimate booty lift. Also, you’ll enjoy the elegant look by putting your hands in your pockets.
  • Dry Easily: Due to polyester use, these shorts get dried quickly. If your body gets sweaty, then these shorts are for you. It retains its shape for a longer time due to the polyester. It is stain-resistant, too.
  • Durable: Kelinia shorts are blended with cotton and polyester, which makes the shorts more durable. In addition, it makes it more robust. Due to this, these shorts can be worn and washed again and again without getting color fade or shape distortion.

Is A Legit Website Or Another Scam?

It is now time to determine the website’s legal nature. Although there are no hard and fast rules for the website’s legality, checking some unique and significant factors may help. The website’s status will be in front of us after we analyze crucial points like crystal water. 

Commercial websites should always disclose the owner’s identity and confidential information. has shared the address, indicating that this website is based in Singapore. The website phone number indicates that they are working from the US. They need clarity about the owner’s address and company offices.

On the Facebook site, there is one page named Kelinia Store USA. It is a clothing brand page. On this page, Shorts kelinia pictures are shared. 0 followers are present on still needs to create a business profile. These must be created for business and professional profiles on various social sites.

On Trustpilot, there are zero reviews found. On Scam Advisor, the website’swebsite’s trust score index is only one, which is the worst one. There must be a good trust score and other reviews to tag the website with good legal status. This website needs to be younger to be reviewed. They are only two months old. Their registration is in March 2023.

Shorts Kelinia Reviews

Shorts Kelinia Reviews By Customers

Shorts Kelinia Reviews from customers are absent on the official website. For any website, it is welcome if they have good reviews. However, on Trustpilot, if the website is young, they don’tdon’t show any customer reviews. That’s why TrustPilot does not have any reviews for

While on scam advisor, the website’s trust score is only one. Even more disappointing is that Scam Advisor does not have any reviews for either. Of course, we are always happy when we see good comments on Facebook, but our disappointment grows as we find that no professional page has been created on Facebook or other platforms.

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  • The shorts are durable and of good quality.
  • Flexibility in shorts.
  • The address is mentioned.


  • The owner’s owner’s details must be shared clearly.
  • No social profiles are created.
  • The website’swebsite’s trust score is very low.
  • Zero reviews on TrustPilot and Scam Advisor.
  • A vague address of the website on various platforms was found.
  • Not durable due to the rayon used in shorts.

Sum Up is an online clothing store that sells only shorts. These shorts are available in various styles and designs. They use polyester, rayon, cotton, and lining in their shorts manufacturing. They have a 14 days return policy and a 12 hours cancellation period. has shared the address, but many locations are shown, which means they are deceiving the customers. They have no professional profile on any social media site. The website’s trust score is very low. There are no reviews on any platforms. We recommend that you don’t place orders or share confidential information on this website.

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