Zoademo com Reviews – Is It A Legit Place To Buy Women Clothes or Another Scam?

Zoademo com Reviews – Do you want to buy outfits designed with modern and fashionable materials? Do you want to add the fantastic floral printed attire collection to your wardrobe? Is it challenging to trace the matching accessories online due to online shops’ enormous, disorderly arrangements? But we’re here to make your life easier and more comfortable with our little review effort. 

Zoademo.com is a unique dress brand with thousands of products in multiple designs and styles. Depending on your choice, these designs belong to the modern and the older. They have almost 900 plus clothing stores as per 2022 reports. But still, you wonder about their legitimacy. Then, you should have a complete and careful look at the Zoademo com reviews passages online that will clear your queries efficiently.

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Zoademo com Reviews

About Zoademo.com

Zoademo is a women’s fashion online shop that adds beauty. They have more than 900 branches, from which they provide facilities to their customers. Zoademo works in more than 62 countries. 

Their processing and shipping times conclude in 10 to 16 days. They primarily ship from UK, US, Australian, and Canadian warehouses. The shipment is for orders above $39 in price. The limitation of this brand is that you can stay within the range of your buying power above 70 dollars. A 14-day return policy is devised. They accept payments from multiple sources. 

Zoademo Products

It are displayed the following main categories on its website:

Zoademo Products Features

The Zoademo promises the following exceptional qualities to its buyers:

  • Beautiful Patterns and Designs: Designing and making different types of patterns is not a cup of tea. To make it able to be liked by every viewer, make it more challenging. But Zoademo has devised the latest lovable designs and patterns. These designs are so simple but stunning.
  • Loose and Comfortable Dress: Women often like wearing loose, comfortable dresses. Zoademo clothes look open, but these are comfortable to wear, and also, you will feel in a light environment after weaning. With comfortable, these clothes add a gorgeous look to your personality.
  • Suitable Material: The dresses have to be washed again and again. Also, the outside environment fades the dress’s quality and charm. But Zoademo uses organic Material that doesn’t get any thrash or fade while washing.
  • Discounts and Free Shipping: They deliver products worldwide to gain more customer traffic and attention. Zoademo has various other discount offers. Like on a website subscription, you’ll get a 10% discount. Additionally, each item will provide you with more deals on every purchase.

Is Zoademo.com A Legit Website or Another Scam?

Complete research and observation are required to judge the website’s trustworthiness. Several ways and factors are assessed, and then the outcome we get. Our technical team strived our best to make sure the assessment of all these factors and reach the results:

  • Zoademo Primary Details: Primary details of a business shop include a contact number, business address, and other essential factors. Zoademo has hidden the owner’s name, contact number, and business address from the clients—a big red flag on Zoademo’s authenticity.
  • Social Media Profiles: There are no Zoademo social media profiles. In this socialization and digital era, every business store creates business profiles to get people’s feedback about their business. However, Zoademo, like other scammers, still needs to create a social media account.
  • Trust Score: Checking on three trust score checkers’ chrome extensions, we got three results. On “Scam Detector”, the trust score is 58.7, above average. On “scam advisor” and “Scamdoc”, the trust score of Zoademo.com is the only one that is terrible trust score.
  • Domain Age: Most scamming websites are fired by google within one year of their existence. Websites of more than one year are trustable if the trust score is not a concern. Zoademo has less than one year of domain registration. It can’t be trustworthy at this time.

Zoademo com Reviews By Buyers

Zoademo com reviews should be added to the official website. Zoademo’s products have yet to receive buyer feedback, which is terrible for this website. 

Even Trustpilot is not rating it or giving any feedback about Zoademo.com. People have written negative points about Zoadeom com reviews because of its shallow trust score, which is only 1% out of 100.


  • Variety of dresses.
  • Soft, comfortable, and easy-to-wash clothes.
  • The website outlook is exceptional.


  • No social media account
  • The owner’s identity is hidden.
  • Low trust score.
  • Zoademo com reviews are missing.
  • You can’t place an order for more than 70$.

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Zoademo is a California dressing e-commerce store with many clothes varieties in one place. They sell summer and winter clothes. You may purchase beautiful, stylish, soft, and comfortable dresses for special events. 

They have not accessed any contact number, address, owner’s identity and social media accounts. Even Zoademo com reviews still need to be included. The website’s trust score could be better.

Concluded with this, we advise you to refrain from shopping from Zoademo.com.

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  1. Betty arbuckle

    Zoedemo is a rip off I ordered and they took my money they should be investigated.

  2. Joyce Papaneri

    Still waiting for my order..tHey got my money on 2/18..never received confirmation but its on my credit card

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