Charix Shoes Reviews – Is It A Legit Brand That You Can Trust or Another Online Scam?

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Charix Shoes Reviews – Do you want some classic and soft leather shoes online? Are you searching for shoes at affordable prices? On the online market, thousands of shoe merchants are selling their products. Due to digital scams, people are scared of shopping for shoes online.

Charix is one of the online markets with simple but stunning shoes made of natural leather. Shoes are an essential part of a personality. For some people, it is a personality judgment parameter, as it is vital to research each online store’s legality. Read carefully about Charix shoes reviews.

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Charix Shoes Reviews

About Charix is a ready-made leather shoe for all over the world. They have only one type of shoe with different designs. Customers may pay Charix payments using other methods. They are offering multiple discounts on each item.

In the US, the order is delivered within 2–3 days, while international delivery requires 7–21 days. All items are shipped free of charge. If the order is damaged or incomplete when you receive it, you may ask for a return within 30 days after the order is delivered.

Charix Shoes Products

Charix is selling the following products:

  • Bordeaux
  • Espresso
  • Pistachio
  • Classics
  • Mules

These are available in different colors.

MUSSHOE Flats Shoes Women Comfortable Round Toe Memory Foam Women's Flats

MUSSHOE Flats Shoes Women Comfortable Round Toe Memory Foam Women’s Flats

Charix Shoes Features

Your personality is defined by what you like and wear in your footwear. If you wear some soft shoes, your character is excellent and gentle. If your shoes are made up of some stylish but rugged material, then you are an owner of an inelastic nature personality. But why people love Charix shoes is something different. Charix shoes are being loved due to the following unique features:

  • Material Used: Charix uses pure leather in the manufacturing of the shoes. But this leather is very soft. It does not harm your feet’ skin. It represents your body and personality like a demanding man.
  • Comfortable Shoes: These shoes have soft foam soles. So they are super comfortable to wear. You will love every step you walk when you buy and wear this footwear.
  • Durable: Charix shoes are made up of leather. And you know that any factors like water do not harm the leather. Often, you buy clothes from an online store, and the shoes lose their glow and shine within a few days. But it is not with Charix. The Charix shoes reviews show that these have been wearable for years.
  • Extraordinary Ratings: It is often seen that customers love the brand, which experienced customers appreciate. It is easy to see people’s reactions online on a web store. There are two ways of reacting. One is writing comments, and the other is giving star ratings. On the official website, the average rating of Charix shoes is 4.9 out of 5. That’s more than mind-blowing.
Charix Shoes Reviews
  • Best Value

    UIN Women’s Walking Shoes Slip On Casual Loafers Lightweight Comfort Fashion Sneaker Toledo II

    UIN Women's Walking Shoes Slip On Casual Loafers Lightweight Comfort Fashion Sneaker Toledo II
  • Best Value

    MARC JOSEPH NEW YORK Women’s Leather Made in Brazil Classic Broad Street Pump

    MARC JOSEPH NEW YORK Women's Leather Made in Brazil Classic Broad Street Pump

Is Charix Shoes a Legit Website or Another Scam With Customers?

Charix has been working for many years. It has gained many significant green signals. People love it. But it may be a fake one. To determine the website legality character of Charix, check the following points:

  • Contact Details: Contact address, phone number, and owner name are the primary details a buyer will search out. If these are shared, it is well & good, but if they are not, then a significant red flag will be marked on the web store’s legality character. Luckily, Charix has shared its primary details with the audience.
  • Social Media Links: Charix has shared the Instagram and Facebook profile links. These profiles have a sufficient amount of fan engagement. The followers are increasing and reacting to the shared posts. Also, the email account is available for asking questions.
  • Domain Age: The domain was created on 22nd April 2016. It means that they have been officially working in the market for over six years. Scamming websites only exist for a short time. It is another tick for Charix.

Discount Offers

  • Free shipping for all orders.
  • 15% Off on email subscription.



  • Simple but attractive designs.
  • Social media accounts
  • Contact information.
  • Free shipping
  • Thirty days are returning policy.
  • Trust score 82% out of 100.


  • A bit expensive.

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Charix Shoes Reviews By Customers

In online shopping, we have to depend on the clients’ reviews, as buyers leave reviews on official websites and social media accounts. Concerning Charix, there are only a few reviews by buyers. If we look at the official website, they have a massive number of customer reviews.

87% of people have given Charix shoes 5-star ratings. It’s amazing. While in the comment section, the buyer’s statement is worth reading. According to them, they are loving the Charix shoes. On social media accounts, there are several posts and viewer engagements. They have given heart reactions on every post and shoe piece. In brief, Charix shoes reviews are outstanding.


How much does Charix charge for shipping?

Charix charges nothing for shipping. Whether you want standard shipping or express shipping, they’ll deliver it for free.

Does Charix accept PayPal payments?

Yes, they accept PayPal payments. You also have the option of paying via your bank cards.

Can I return Charix’s shoes?

Charix is trying its best to deliver perfect items. But if you receive an incomplete or damaged package, then they offer you 30 days to ask them for a return or refund.

Where are Charix shoes made?

Charix shoes are made in the Istanbul Atelier, where they have exceptional and expert craftsmen who make them.

Sum Up

Charix is an online brand that has simple leather-made shoes. These are sold around the entire world. Charix loves to ship their shoes for free. In the US, the package takes 2–3 days for delivery; internationally, 7–21 days are required.

Charix shoes are manufactured at the Istanbul Atelier. Unique designers and manufacturers made it with passion and love. Charix introduces a thirty-day return policy for incomplete items. The social media accounts and official websites have many reviews of Charix shoes. Contact information is also available for buyers.

If you buy shoes from Charix, do more research on Charix Shoes reviews.

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