Zekev Clothing Reviews – Best Place To Buy Fashionable Clothes Or Another Online Scam?

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Is Zekev.com the best place for women who love fashion to shop for clothes? Are their sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and tops for everyday wear as stylish and well-made as they say they are? Is Zekev Clothing different from other web stores because it has unique products and excellent customer service? Is it worth your time to read Zekev Clothing reviews to discover the truth about their goods and services before buying something new? Please look at Zekev.com, its fashion collection, and the stories of customers who have purchased and worn Zekev’s clothes. Are you ready to discover if Zekev Clothing lives up to the hype?

Zekev Clothing Reviews

About Zekev Clothing

Zekev.com used to supply clothes to famous fashion brands before becoming an independent online business. They offer cheap and high-quality clothes directly from their warehouses, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing costs.

Zekev takes pride in featuring trendy clothes created by new and independent designers. They ensure workers are treated and paid fairly while supporting the environment through recycled fabrics.

Additionally, they donate a portion of their annual profits to charities that aim to eradicate poverty. Zekev.com operates two factories in the United States, allowing for fast shipping and contributing to the economy.

You can contact them at service@zekev.com, +447482875871, or partnerships@zekev.com. Their physical address is located at 145–157 St. John Street, London, England, ECIV 4PW. Zekev.com welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

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Products of Zekev.com

Is Zekev Clothing A Legit Website Or An Online Scam?

  • Information About the Owner: People usually wonder about the honesty and reliability of Zekev.com because it doesn’t provide any information about its owners. Customers frequently ask for this information as it shows a loyalty to responsibility and customer involvement. Disclosing the owner’s information can enhance the company’s reputation and reassure potential buyers.
  • Fake Contact Information: People become suspicious of Zekev’s website when they see the phone number +447482875871, which appears to have been taken from a potential scammer’s website. So, this raises concerns about the site’s reliability and decreases trust in the business’s contact information. The difference may cause potential customers to hesitate, as it raises a red flag about the company’s trustworthiness.
  • Physical Location: Their website displays an address for XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD as “145-157 ST. JOHN STREET, LONDON, ENGLAND, ECIV 4PW” which appears to be copied from another website. So, this raises concerns for potential business partners who question the accuracy of the information provided, damaging the company’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Social Media Presence: Zekev.com has accounts on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Despite having 1,300 likes and 1,400 friends on Facebook, their posts receive little engagement. They may have purchased followers to boost their online presence, which could be viewed as inauthentic and harm their credibility. On Instagram, they only have 11 posts and 208 followers, suggesting they could be more active on the platform.
  • Check Website Trust Score: Scam Advisor gave Zekev.com a trust score of only 54 out of 100, indicating some doubts about its reliability. While it’s not confirmed to be a scam, potential customers should be cautious and alert when using the site.
  • Email Address: The company’s name has a genuine email address service@zekev.com, that can make customers happy. It demonstrates your commitment to honesty and professionalism, building trust among potential buyers.
  • Domain Registration: Someone registered Zekev.com on January 4, 2022, which will expire on January 4, 2025. Since it’s a new domain, some people may doubt its credibility. Established websites usually have a better reputation. The website hasn’t been updated much since September 6, 2023, which may require additional research to determine its legitimacy.

Top-Rated Products on Amazon

Zekev Clothing Reviews By Customers

Reading reviews before making a purchase can help you build trust and make you happier as a customer. When we looked at Zekev Clothing’s website, we noticed that they use an internal review system to keep customers engaged. However, some people may question its reliability because it may not provide a fair representation.

Zekev Clothing has received many reviews on sites like Trustpilot, giving us a better understanding of the company. According to Trustpilot, the company has an average rating of 3.3 based on 93 Zekev Clothing Reviews, with both positive and negative feedback.

Positive comments mostly focus on the company’s excellent customer service, while negative ones talk about issues with the quality of their products. Due to this mixed feedback, we consider Zekev Clothing’s trustworthiness to be average, as we are uncertain about its overall reliability.

Customer reviews on Zekev Clothing’s website and other platforms provide a complex picture, making determining the company’s trustworthiness challenging.


  • The SSL check says that the certificate is verified.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods.
  • The website is very attractive.
  • They sell fashionable clothes.


  • The Zekev.com is a new website.
  • Low website trust score.
  • The MOZ results show that the website domain authority is only one.
  • Insufficient social media presence and customer engagement


Is Zekev Clothing’s website trustworthy?

Zekev.com trustworthiness could be better due to a lack of owner info, inconsistent contact details, and recent domain registration.

Are Zekev Clothing’s social media followers genuine?

Zekev social media may have purchased followers, as engagement is low on Facebook and Instagram.

Is Zekev.com a reputable online clothing store?

Zekev claims to offer affordable, high-quality clothing and ethical production, but doubts arise due to red flags in their credibility and legitimacy.

Are Zekev Clothing’s products of high quality?

Zekev Clothing Reviews on Trustpilot mix happiness with the service but also express concerns about product quality and defects.

Final Judgement

Be cautious when considering Zekev Clothing for your dress needs. Although they claim to sells cheap, high-quality clothes made ethically and donates to charity, there are some red flags to consider. It’s concerning because there’s no information about the owner, the contact information might not be accurate, and someone recently registered the domain.

These issues raise concerns about transparency and trustworthiness. Additionally, their use of social media and an internal review system may suggest they are trying to manipulate their online presence. Evaluating Zekev Clothing Reviews from external sources, including positive and negative feedback on service and quality, can make the decision even more challenging.

Keep in mind these potential warning signs before purchasing from Zekev Clothing.

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