Hlelu Clothing Reviews – Is It The Best Clothing Store For Women or Another Online Scam?

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Hlelu Clothing Reviews – Are you looking for something which is simple but is in trend? Or Are you anxious to look for unique party wears online? As you know, The season is full of events such as weddings and parties, and everyone wants to look good and want to make their event memorable. Every brand works hard to make your event successful. For selling Merchants, Different brands offer various discounts on various products to compete with each other.

We are sure you have to attend different parties and events nowadays. To enhance your personality and look different, everyone, especially women, needs fancy and versatile clothing to grab other’s attention. To grab various opportunities for affordable, beautiful dresses, we are sharing our thoughts about Hlelu Clothing reviews, a famous brand serving Customers. This article will help you whether to purchase items from Hlelu.com or not.

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Hlelu Clothing Reviews

About Hlelu

Hlelu is a website that sells tops and sweaters/cardigans and vacation and casual dresses. Hlelu clothes provide a variety of dresses, including casual and party wears. According to the whois record, this website was registered on 5th December 2021. It will expire on 5th December 2023. This site has a trust score of 1%.

Hlelu Clothing Product

Hlelu clothing has exciting quality fancy dresses. This includes various categories described below;

  • Tops
  • Sweater
  • Cardigans
  • Party Wear

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Features of Hlelu Clothing

Hlelu.com has a variety of product such as Cardigan, sweaters, formal dresses, and party wears and have many following features:

  • Quality: Hlelu clothes will be made of cotton, Polyester, and fibrous materials. The color of any item will not fade off. Even after washing cloth, the quality remains to save, and the brightness remains the same.
  • Durable: It is not easy to buy clothes repeatedly, and finding a quality product is challenging. Hlelu provides you with durable garments.
  • Affordable: This website offer quality and cheap dress for people who don’t want to buy expensive dresses.

Specifications of Hlelu.com

Hlelu Clothing Reviews

The specification section of hlelu reviews is worth reading for the customer who wants to buy Hlelu clothes. Before making any decision read these specifications carefully. Before purchasing anything, it is a golden rule to research the brand on google and various social media websites.

  • Website Link: https://www.hlelu.com/
  • Email: Service@Hlelu.com
  • Contact Address: International LTD,145-157 STJIHN STREET, Landon, England, EC1V4PM
  • Contact number: +447482875871
  • Delivery Time: Shipping depends on the method you choose to buy a product. This website provides free shipping for orders above INR 6435.18. Final shipping costs depend on country and region.
  • Return Policy: After receiving your product, the buyer has to contact you within 30 days. Customer service must be notified before we will accept any packages.
  • Social Media links: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora.

These points will help you whether you have purchased something or not.

Discount Offers

  • This website offers a 40% discount.

Is Hlelu Clothing Legit or Another Online Scam?

In Ancient times there was the custom of online shopping. People went to the market and bought the product of their choice. But it took a lot of work to visit the market find a shop and get your desired outcome. The only positive aspect of physical shopping is no scamming. Nowadays, online shopping is in trend.

The risk of scams is enhanced when you talk about online shopping. Scammers found another opportunity to get rich by doing scams with people. We suggest you online shopping by focusing on crucial points such as Domain Age, Trust score, Contact list, Social Presence, Payment method, Delivery time, and social media links.

As per the description, Hlelu clothing offers discounts on formal dresses, but the main problem is payment. Hlelu.com doesn’t accept payment on delivery. The following point, such as Website creation date, Unrealistic prices, and trust index, will allow you to learn more about hlelu clothing or Hlelu.com.


  • Valid HTTPS and SSL Certificate
  • This website offers different payment options for their customer.


  • Trust score is 1% out of 100.
  • On different sites have negative reviews about the website.
  • The content is copied from another website.
  • This website does not have any social presence.

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Hlelu Clothing Reviews By Customer

Hlelu clothing is a brand, especially for women, to enhance their personality and grab attention at parties or events. The only method to verify an online shop’s quality and shipment, whether scams or not, is by offering a discount.

Customer reviews are the main point on which customers focus before purchasing anything. Bad customer image shows the very bad image of the brand.


We found this website very suspicious because it has a 1% trust score.No reviews of clients are available on the website. It means that this website has fewer users. It is also present in the scammer list.No Social existence is the main thing to worry about in online websites or brands. To avoid and save yourself from being scammed, We recommend you read reviews of any brand or website.

This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Harika

    I recently ordered two pairs of expensive dresses from Hlelu’s website, and unfortunately, my experience with the company was incredibly disappointing. The dresses that arrived were of terrible quality and looked nothing like the rich and textured garments advertised on their website.

    To make matters worse, the dresses did not come with a return receipt or invoice as promised, which made it challenging for me to process my return. Although I decided to keep one of the dresses, I wanted to return the other one. However, their return policy was not as easy as advertised, and I found myself having to negotiate with them to receive a full refund.

    Initially, they offered me only a small fraction of the dress’s cost to keep it, which left me feeling upset and frustrated. I had to repeatedly request a full refund, and even then, they continued to offer me only small amounts of money or suggested that I return the dress to their receiving warehouse in Dubai, which would have been more expensive than the dress itself!

    Overall, my experience with Hlelu was a complete nightmare. I regret my decision to shop with them, and I would strongly advise others to avoid this company at all costs. Their business practices are deceptive and unethical, and they prioritize sales over customer satisfaction. Based on my experience, I would rate Hlelu poorly, perhaps giving them only one star or a thumbs down.

  2. Susan Ripley

    Thanks for that information I was just going to place a large order, but will not based on your

  3. Margaret

    I was thinking of ordering a dress, but having read this, I most definitely won’t now. What’s with their address? It’s noted as Landon!!! Is this a typo or is it deliberate?? Don’t think it’s a valid address.

  4. InnocentBuyer

    SCAM! (0 STAR) Do Not Buy from the Company. They go by many names. I purchased a sweater from Hlelu: They sent me a sweater made to look similar like the sweater advertised, but was totally different. Material and Style. Something I would NEVER buy. I sent them a pix of the sweater advertised on their website and I also sent them a photo of the sweater they sent me. TWO DIFFERENT SWEATERS!!
    I requested a refund. Asking for Buyer’s Protection. These are ‘2’ different sweaters. They refused to refund my entire payment $67.29 (including shipping). Stating they are sorry I didn’t like the sweater. They offered me $20 as compensation and for me to keep the sweater. I don’t want this sweater. SCAMMERS!

  5. Shauna

    VERY disappointed in Hlelu’s product and service. I order a “rose red” long, ruffled dress that looked like a cotton blend. It cost $79 with shipping and handling…it turned out to be the cheapest polyester and neon pink!!! The waist band is neither high nor low…truly nothing like the picture shown. The buttons were unravelling. When I reached out to the service line was told you’d refund $11. Appalling!


    This company is a SCAM a FRAUD, I purchased few items worth $92 and I requested to rerurn the items immediately and requesting refund. They are refunding me $18, I have sent them several messages requesting rembursement per their return/refund policy, they are refusing, I have filed a claim with my bank. DO NOT SHOP ON THIS WEBSITE.

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