Rofye Clothing Reviews – Is It An Affordable Clothing Store For Women or Another Online Scam?

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Rofye Clothing Reviews – Have you ever seen an online shop with all types of clothes and dresses at affordable prices? Are you looking for some fantastic deals on stylish and beautiful dresses? If yes, we have excellent online clothing merchants for all dresses and accessories.

It is that sells blouses, tops, bottoms, two-piece suits, etc., for women. They have been working since 2021. In the digital world, scams are also digital. A detailed overview of different aspects is the only solution to guess the scamming and original web stores. Let’s look at Rofye clothing reviews to determine its legitimacy.

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Rofye Clothing Reviews


Rofye is a famous online brand and merchant that decorates women’s wardrobes with stunning clothing collections. They serve thousands of customers worldwide. On Facebook and Instagram, there are followers in bulk. Everything a woman requires is available on

Rofye is located in England and has been operating online for over a year. Rofye is shipping its products globally free for orders priced more than 79$. If the items are damaged or wrongly delivered, you have seven days to get a return of that item.

Rofye Clothing Products

Following are the main catalogs Rofye is offering to customers:

  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • Tees
  • Blouses
  • Sweaters & Cardigans
  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies
  • Outerwear
  • Casual Dresses
  • Two pieces
  • Shirts
  • Long sleeve dresses
  • Printed Dresses
  • Midi, Maxi, and mini dresses

To find your favorite dresses, you need to explore each category one by one.

Dress the Population Women's Lyla Plunging Sleeveless Fitted Midi Sheath Dress

Dress the Population Women’s Lyla Plunging Sleeveless Fitted Midi Sheath Dress

Rofye Clothing Properties

Is it really so easy to win over thousands of people’s trust so quickly? A lot of effort has gone into the creation of the dresses and compassionate services. Following are some of Rofye’s inclusions to boost the confidence of buyers:

  • Stylish and Stunning Beauty: makes dresses in various styles. They ensure that the color combination and pattern will steal the hearts of every buyer. The same style in different but unique color patterns makes the cloth more adorable. This is the beauty of Rofye, which is less common in other merchants.
  • All in one shop: It would be best if you had a lot of clothes for your family members. For this, you have to visit multiple websites and then order one or two on one, and for other pieces, you need another website; it is plenty of effort that a customer will put in. Rofye provides all types of dresses in one place to relax you. You don’t need to go on multiple sites.
  • Free Shipping and Discount Offers: Many buyers are concerned about the cost of their purchase. But how is it that a famous Rofye will let a buyer down for this reason? They are offering free shipping for items over $79 each. Furthermore, they offer discounts of up to 55%. It is the best thing they are providing.
  • Super Quality Raw Material: Rofye uses suitable raw materials. These material ingredients are not environmentally polluting and are also soft to wear. It is durable and lightweight.
Rofye Clothing Reviews

Is a Legitimate Website or Another Scam?

To save yourself from being scammed, you must analyze different Rofye clothing reviews and other aspects. It is necessary because scammers use only some things on official websites. Here are the most important things that show whether is legitimate or a scam:

  • Contact Details: Rofye has a contact address and phone number shared with the clients. Their address is XBP International Limited, 145–157 St. John Street, London, England, ECIV, 4PW. The phone number is +447482875871. Sharing numbers and addresses point to the legal website.
  • Social Media Accounts: Rofye has two social media links. One is Facebook, and the other is Instagram. On Instagram, they have 1036 followers and 53 posts. The reaction and reviews on Rofye’s Instagram profiles are astonishing. On Facebook, there are 13K followers. In the comments, people have praised it with good words. Likes and hearts are uncountable.
  • Website Content: Rofye’s is using its content on the official website. The pictures and written words are all possessed by them. Rofye’s application of their items is professional behavior, not stealing from others.

Rofye Clothing Reviews By Customers

Each bar has stars and buyer comments on the official posts of We have observed that every dress or piece of clothing is rated at five stars. In comments, people say the words like “comfortable dresses, referring to a friend, will buy again from Rofye, and many more appreciating tweets.

People have reacted with the emojis “like heart and wow,” and that’s amazing on Facebook and Instagram posts. The comments are full of pleasure and satisfaction. That’s why Rofye clothing reviews present an excellent image to new buyers. Furthermore, They have great reviews on Trustpilot.

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Discount Offers

  • Free shipping on orders of $79 or more.
  • Sitewide 40% offer, coupon code SAVE5.
  • Special winter offer: 50% OFF.


  • A complete description of items.
  • Discounts offers are great.
  • Super quality products
  • Beautiful and stylish dresses.
  • Great reviews on trust pilot.


  • Slow shipping delivery.
  • Trust score 1 out of 100
  • Best Value

    Alex Evenings Women’s Tea Length Dress with Rosette Detail (Petite and Regular)

    Alex Evenings Women's Tea Length Dress with Rosette Detail (Petite and Regular)
  • Best Value

    Alex Evenings Women’s Long Sleeveless Cascade Ruffle Detail Dress with Front Slit

    Alex Evenings Women's Long Sleeveless Cascade Ruffle Detail Dress with Front Slit


Where are Rofye clothes manufactured?

Rofye clothes are manufactured by their own company. They have designers and manufacturers that make the dresses.

 After the order placement, how long will it take to deliver the products?

Rofye will deliver the items within 35 business days of placing the order.

Is there a return fee?

No, it is free to return or exchange the items. You can apply for a return within 30 days.

What is the shipping fee?

For orders above 79 dollars, you will not be charged a single penny.

Final Recommendations is an English clothing store with different clothes in different patterns and styles. They are located in London. Shipping is free on orders of more than $79 USD. It takes 35 business days to deliver your items.

You have 30 business days to make a return for damaged items or exchange them. They have shared their contact information and social media links. 

We recommend you research Rofye clothing reviews so you don’t get scammed. Before placing the order, read more reviews and other different aspects.

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Michele Berkey

    Another online scam

  2. Jane Feldman

    I bought a dress and it is cheaply made and doesn’t fit well. I am trying to return it and the company keeps offering me a partial refund to keep it. I keep saying I want a full refund with a return. This is a scam company. Don’t buy from the,

  3. Diana M.

    Buyer beware! I ordered a dress from them for a special occasion wedding. They claim they ship from within the USA. I live in California and 3-1/2 weeks later I still have not received the dress, and now will not have it in time for the wedding. They promise most buyers will receive their product within one to two weeks. Don’t believe them. That is false advertising. My gut feeling is it ships from overseas. Do not plan on having it in less than 4 weeks.

    1. Mary Sullivan

      Buyer beware! Scam company. I tried to return an item that didn’t fit right. Their 1st offer was $2. Their 3rd offer was $20. This, for a $38 item. I wouldn’t return the item now because I don’t believe I’d receive a dime.Their photos of clothes look good but don’t be tempted. Go to a reputable company.

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