Glamibra Reviews – Is It The Best Bra That Gives You Comfort or Another Online Scam?

Glamibra Reviews – Choosing the ideal bra is more complicated than it sounds. To begin with, various styles are available, each with unique variations in padding, shape, and support.

Finding one that will satisfy your requirements, fit you adequately, and be comfortable enough to wear all day may seem complicated. Moreover, bras can be expensive, so you should be careful to spend your money on a high-quality bra that will feel well, look good, and endure well over time.

If you want a supportive and shaping bra, head to GlamibraGlamibra is an online bra store selling supportive bras available in small to large sizes. But hold on a minute. Do you know for sure that it’s a real website? If you want to know more about Glamibra, read this Glamibra reviews carefully.

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Glamibra Reviews

About GlamiBra

Every female needs comfort in her daily life. But because of a garment they typically can’t live without, ladies frequently deal with various problems. The next step in the evolution of bras is now necessary. GlamiBra is made to solve the most typical bra-related issues that women have, such as poor shaping, lack of support, and back and shoulder pain. This is made possible by several thoughtful design elements, including wide, non-slip straps, an X-shaped back for support, and a sturdy front clasp.

To eliminate women’s bra-related issues, such as poor fitting and support, buy high-quality, comfortable glamibra.

Glamibra takes 5 to 12 business days to deliver your order. If the item doesn’t arrive in 20 calendar days and you can no longer find its location using their tracking system, you can easily contact them and they will solve your problem.

They provide a refund or exchange option to their customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it in the same condition as you received it within 30 calendar days of delivery.

Features of Glamibra Bras

Many women are concerned that their breasts may lose shape as they age. GlamiBra, though, won’t permit it to happen. GlamiBra keeps its supportive shape over the years thanks to the front fastening and specially-woven elastic material.

The delicate stitching on the bra cups also adds the required support and shape without extra padding or wires, which has been shown to reduce the suppleness of the breast tissue and prevent stretch marks from drooping in the future.

Also, by appropriately supporting the breasts and distributing the weight equally across the back, the unique X-Shaped racerback design helps minimize slouching and back strain.

Glamibra Reviews
  • Front-End Closure: With a front-end closure, you can quickly close the clasp with less arm movement because it fastens in the middle of your chest. This might greatly assist anyone with arm or shoulder mobility issues who has a giant breast and finds it difficult to reach their back.
  • Wireless Bras: Bras without wires can provide many of the same wonderful advantages as bras with wires. You should be able to experience light support and maximum comfort as long as it has an accommodating band and soft, stretchy fabric. These wireless bras are best for females with small breast sizes and for females who want to give their breasts a more natural look.
  • Non-padded Bra: The most significant benefit of the Glamibra non-padded bra is its adaptability; it provides adequate bust support for both ladies with more extensive and smaller breasts. As non-padded bras are lighter and won’t interfere with your breasts’ natural form, give them the perfect shape.
  • Provides Better Shape: Many modern women lack confidence in their breasts, including their size, gap, and form. This leads some women to choose further cosmetic procedures that are typically unnecessary. One of the numerous benefits of Glamibra bras is that they can help you accept your shortcomings and provide the perfect shape for your bras. Your breasts will stay in better condition if you choose the correct size of glamibra to wear. These bras can help you feel better about your physical appearance.

Is Glamibra a Legit Or Another Online Scam?

Online shopping is far superior to offline shopping. However, online purchasing is riskier when it comes to losing money and private information. The legal status of these commercial websites is, however, determined by numerous review websites. 

Regarding legibility, we used Trustpilot & scam advisor platforms to check whether this was legit or a scam. 

On Trustpilot, it shows zero Glamibra Reviews, and there was no rating that can show us that this website is trustable or legit. This puts us in doubt about whether to buy from this online store or not.

Glamibra has mentioned their contact details and email on their official website, so you can quickly contact them.

But, on scam advisors, the trust score of glamibra is 1 out of 100, which indicates that the website may be a scam. Another verification from Whois for the domain age, the website is recently launched according to Whois analysis 2023-02-02 to 2024-02-02. But one thing that masks all these doubts is that all the necessary contact info is provided on their website.

Glamibra Reviews By Customers

You will see only three customer reviews on their official websites. According to a customer, GlamiBra helps alleviate the pressure on the back and shoulders, giving an incredible shape. Customer who has purchased Glamibras highly recommend it to try.

According to my research, no reviews are available on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.


  • Bras are available in four colors.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Bras are available in various sizes.


  • Only three reviews on the official website.
  • Scam advisor score only 1 out of 100.
  • There are no reviews visible on Trustpilot.
  • The website is recently launched.
  • No social media accounts.

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FAQs (Glamibra Reviews)

What materials are used in the bra?

The highly breathable spandex-nylon material used to make GlamiBra bras stops excessive perspiration and rashes from other materials.

How do I select my size(Glamibra Reviews)?

Consult the sizing chart shown at the checkout. GlamiBra is available in sizes 28A to 48J. (S-6XL).

Are the seams visible through thinner fabrics?

No. Regular unpadded bras can produce bumps and bunching, but the GlamiBra cups are carefully sewn to prevent these problems.

Will the Glamibra bra eventually lose its shape?

No, the fabric used in GlamiBra is precisely made to withstand years of daily use. The bra can accommodate all physical changes without it losing its suppleness.

How should my Glamibra be maintained?

On the bra’s label, you can find the washing directions. The lack of wires and padding allows for compact storage of the garment in shelves and drawers without losing shape.

Final Words (Glamibra Reviews)

We did a lot of research on Glamibra and concluded that it was just recently launched. Buyers have given positive feedback on their products. They also provide exchange and refund policies, which draw clients. 

But according to my analysis, and results given by Trustpilot and Scam advisor, it has a zero rating. This is a red flag, according to us. But again, this store launches, and you can’t gain a lot of positive reviews or ratings at the very start. So, it falls on the buyers to trust this or not. 

To conclude this Glamibra reviews, we recommend not trusting the Glamibra while purchasing expensive items. But if you like their products so much, it’s up to you to buy some economical items and check your luck. 

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  1. Debra Jones

    Need to know how to return bras

    1. Carmen

      I returned mine. Played hell getting an address to return them to.

  2. Debra Jones

    No invoice in bag with bras. How to get in touch for returns. Thank you

  3. Laura

    don’t bother trying to return these. I spent $70.96 (3) bras and shipping on March 10th. Finally got them, called them next day to return. Unless you pay your own shipping costs they will not give you a refund. Of course you have to return in 30 days. But it took them 4 weeks to actually get them to me. They offered me 50% of the cost back, then charged me again for that $50 of the original cost. Now I am out a total of $106.44. Just throw the bras out.

    1. Mis

      Contact your credit card and file a dispute. You shouldn’t be out any money at all.

    2. Carmen

      They won’t post this but they wanted me to make a deal also. I want my money back.

  4. Bert

    I agree there is no point in trying to return the bras. There are multiple advisements on the website Glamibra website stating 100% money back guarantee but when I contacted the company to return my order for a refund I was told that they do not accept undergarment returns. All they sell are undergarments!!

  5. Pat

    No returns allowed. “Customer satisfaction” is a myth. Do not trust this company. Website is full of lies. I regret that I did not look at to the company further. The bra did not fit and I was not offered an exchange just told, No returns”. (I would not want another one, it is cheap stretchy nylon and lace. Not even well sewn. Useless.)
    Lesson learned.

  6. Bert

    Follow up to my previous comment: after Glamibra replied to my request for a refund advising they would not accept any returns or give any refunds, I called them out as scammers. Their reply was they would make an exception; I could keep the bras they send and they would refund half my money. Even though I said “Great. I can keep the bras that don’t fit and I get back half of what I paid you?” they did still return half the money. I think they have to be scammers. There is no way the bras they sent me would fit anyone properly.

  7. Diane H.

    This company is a scam! Like others have said before, I received 3 bras that were cheaply made and had a weird fit, for which I paid $70.96. The site boasts 100 percent guarantee if items are returned within 30 days. The next day, I contacted the company by email requesting instructions on how to return the items for refund and received a response that they do not accept returns on undergarments. Talk about false advertising! Anyway, I called them out on being scammers and informed them that I would pursue the matter further with PayPal and was reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I filed a dispute with PayPal regarding their false advertisement and unwillingness to refund my money and have since received an email from PayPal that a refund would be processed. If you have been scammed like I was, address this issue with PayPal or your credit card, as they offer purchase protection!

  8. Rose

    This bra product and website is a total scam. Total waste of honestry and not worth your money or attention. Check out trust pilot site for further complaints. They are piling up fast. Everyone, get a full refund, settle for nothing else. File complaints with ag, credit card used and others. Run away from this company

  9. Rose

    Second post I too got ripped off. They denied taking it back.. website is one total scam. They offered 50 percent off like other people, and then I suspect they had my review removed from another site. I want a total refund and nothing else.

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